8.4034.     AR AR

Too happy man too sad.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.3600.     AR AR

What is sadness?  Depression?

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.6008.     AR AR

The fact that everything goes away is very sad when you're doing well...

תרגם: NeuronNet


9.8240. Immoral brutal murder sadness.     AR AR

Do not be sorry, do not be sad, do not cry, but rather rejoice, but rejoice consciously and only to cruelly kill sadness.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.1465.     AR AR

The end, of course, justifies the means, but the same goal can be achieved in different ways, not necessarily to choose the most expensive and sad consequences.

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10.3074.     AR AR

You have everything but yourself.  It's sad.  The bigger you are outside, the bigger the emptiness inside you.  You must be a balloon...  That's right, you're a balloon.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.5957.     AR AR

The main art of love is to love so as not to turn the object of your love into an idol and idol.  Idols make the lives of their slaves hell.  And that, of course, is sad.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.6221.     AR AR


Movement is life.  Running teaches us to love life.  Running is a joy.  Stopping is sadness and death.  But you needn't be afraid of death, after running seven kilometers and stopping, you'll understand what I'm talking about.


תרגם: NeuronNet


2253. About a mousetrap.     AR AR

In  order  to  resist  a  temptation,  it's  not  necessary  to  have  great  will  power  as  many  people  think. 
It  only  takes  sensibility  and  understanding  towards  the  fact  that  a  temptation  is  a  worm  on  the  hook.  And  if  you  try  to  swallow  it,  your  life  may  never  be  happy  again. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie


2241.     AR AR

They  are  often  sad  about  some  things  but  only  sometimes  about  something  important. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie


427.   AR AR

I am consumed with sadness, it is difficult for me to fight the imperfection of this world.

תרגם: NeuronNet


9.5592.     AR AR

Inattention hurts. After all, if a person is inattentive to you, he clearly does not love you and this, of course, sad.

תרגם: NeuronNet


36.   AR AR

Sad fate of sardines in the Bank
they'll be eaten soon...

תרגם: NeuronNet


9.9210.     AR AR

The invisible is usually seen by those who do not see the visible. The dark, sad, fantasy, happy.

תרגם: NeuronNet


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