4.129.     AR AR

The realization that there is no one and nothing to envy will save you from many of your vices. Trust me, you'll feel better. No more jealousy, no more fear.

תרגם: NeuronNet


5.347.     AR AR

How would people work if it weren't for envy? People work out of envy. People want so terribly to be jealous for the sake of this mountain ready to roll people. Vanity is the desire of envy. Just envious conceited.

תרגם: NeuronNet


3917.     AR AR

Whenever  I  feel  envious,  I  remember  that  the  bigger  the  carrot  the  bigger  the  stick. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie

אמנות על ידי Olesy Zaharova



3.537.     AR AR

Envy   is   one   of   the   forms   of   fear,   vanity   and   stupidity.   The   worm   of   envy   kills   love   and   faith.   Man   cannot   love   whom   he   envies.   The   main   sins   of   the   jealous   are   mendacity,   betrayal,   subversion   and   so   on.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


3.721.     AR AR

I   have   noticed   that   true   joy   and   pleasure   is   work   and   serving   your   dream.   All   other   pleasures   and   joys   are   just   masks   hiding   infernal   pain.   He   who   envies   other   people’s   pleasures   envies   the   flames   of   hell.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


3.106. Petrol.     AR AR

Turn envy into hope, hope into faith, faith in the power of movement. 

תרגם: NeuronNet


3.111. The illusion of the squirrels.     AR AR

The   squirrel   is   jealous   of   itself.    More   precisely,   the   self   that   she   wanted   to   be.    Jealousy   makes   her   escape   from   himself   real   to   itself   illusory.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.131.     AR AR

Envy is the fear that I am worse than others. Envy is a reflection of the inferiority complex. Strong people who respect and love themselves do not envy anyone.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.133.     AR AR

- What is the easiest way to find happiness? - To realize that there is no one to envy, nothing to fear.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.160.     AR AR

Freedom is the realization that there is nothing to envy, nothing to fear, nothing to desire. Only serving one's own mission in life makes sense.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.251.     AR AR

Rich   and   poor   are   alike.   The   rich   clung   to   the   wealth   he   has,   and   the   poor   clung   to   the   wealth   he   does   not   have.   The   sin   of   the   poor   is   greed   and   envy,   he   literally   goes   crazy   about   what   he   does   not   have,   and   he   is   ready   to   kill   for   what   he   has.

תרגם: Varvara Uchevatkina


4340.     AR AR

Don't  envy  anyone.  It's  much  easier  to  bear  your  own  burden  rather  than  someone  else's. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie


4.652.     AR AR

Envy-a dangerous thing, jealous of someone else usually loses its.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2308.     AR AR

Do not envy the Princess on the pea, just do not envy, her suffering is truly terrible. The consolations of the rich are like firewood to a fire on which they are roasted alive. Sinners rejoice in the consolations, but suffering from the fire only intensified.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2427. Tough choice.     AR AR

"Think three times" is because power, pleasure and work. Who chooses the first two options, goes to hell. Envious of them, goes there.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2559. Boredom is also suffering.     AR AR

Where are the fanatical professional and careerists? They come from fear. These people's lives are all misery and work is the only thing that can barely smooth it out. Only in work do these people find solace. All in all, it's not bad, but you shouldn't be jealous of them.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2575.     AR AR

Don't go for freebies and don't be jealous of the freebies. Freebies will bring you misfortune.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2717.     AR AR

Do not envy the rich and the beautiful, their problems are so monstrous that one touch to them will burn you alive.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.2859. Envious fool.     AR AR

A fool is one who is jealous. In this world, only a fool can envy someone

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.3137.     AR AR

Envy is a terrible folly, all those whom you envy suffer so much that even the hope of their flames will double your suffering.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.3138.     AR AR

It's a lie to think that you or anyone else is suffering innocently. All suffer equally, repenting for their sins, except the envious. Envious people suffer for themselves and for the one they envy.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.3139.     AR AR

Are you jealous of things? You're jealous of slavery. Things rule over people, turning them into their slaves.

תרגם: NeuronNet


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