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3.25. The unity of the curves.     AR AR

Family is the unity of the poor in spirit.  Curves and weak separately, together they are strong as steel cable.

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10.5995. The law of conservation of energy.     AR AR

This truth is the unity of potential and realized energy.  Therefore, the less a person realized himself, the more potential energy remained inside him.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their potential is enormous.

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10.5742. Need love.     AR AR

The poor in spirit is like a coiled spring, like the point from which our universe arose.  Vices restrain such a person, but if a person gets rid of the Vice and finds freedom, he will become similar in power to God.

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1799.     AR AR

In  religious  issues  like  "love  thy  enemy"  or  "whosoever  shall  smite  thee  on  the  right  cheek,  turn  to  him  the  other  also"  -  I  DON'T  see  any  weakness... 

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3.408.     AR AR

Blessed   are   the   poor   in   spirit   because   they   can   adopt   the   nature   they   want.   The   poor   in   spirit   have   the   free   will   to   be   anyone   because   they   are   resigned.

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3.423.     AR AR

Blessed   are   those   poor   in   spirit,   as   they   haven't   foud   themselves   yet,   and   it   gives   them   a   chance   to   choose   high   goals   of   serving   the   Gd   of   the   Truth,   and   not   the   baser   idols   of   Mammon

תרגם: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.481.     AR AR

Keep  it  simple,  and  you  will  be  more  likeable.  Simplicity  is  a  low-pressure  zone  blown  by  all  winds.

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3.512. Blessed are the poor in spirit.     AR AR

Newton’s   second   law   says   that   your   growth   acceleration   depends   on   your   motivation   vectors   and   initial   mass.   That   is,   the   grain   having   no   doubts   in   it   is   capable   of   maximum   growth   acceleration.   The   smaller   you   are   and   the   fewer   doubts   you   have,   the   greater   your   potential   acceleration   is.   Find   a   goal   and   fly   to   space.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


3.959. Just water it.     AR AR

The   poor   in   spirit   are   the   nothingness   who   can   become   whoever   they   want.   Nothingness   is   the   stem   cell   of   being   –   nothingness   will   become   what   it   loves   and   what   it   feels   like   becoming.

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10.5637. The energy of the defect.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because the more vices a person has, the easier it is to curb them, and the more energy it will bring.

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3.642. Dirty Bomb.     AR AR

A neurotic is a deep-sea fish that, if given freedom, will be torn apart by lust for power and vanity.  The neurotic lives under the eternal pressure of fear.  Megalomania and lust for power save his Ego from destruction.  If this man escapes from the power of fear through the acquisition of money and power, a monstrous pride will happen to him.  I have overcome fear is a proud man, Sozvezdie people and it will literally explode from the inside, contaminating and spoiling everything within a radius of 10 km.

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10.4867.     AR AR

One should not despise imperfection.  Imperfection is just a detail of perfection.

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3.644.     AR AR

Pride and vanity allow you to live under the pressure of fear and begin to conquer fear, as if surfacing from the depths of the ocean.  As you ascend need to decompress.  The level of vanity must be reduced, otherwise it will break from the inside.  Hell is something like decompression sickness. 

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3.936. Angels of truth.     AR AR

Blessed   are   the   poor   in   spirit   because   they   have   nothing   to   lose   and,   therefore,   it   is   easier   for   them   to   reject   arrogance   and,   thus,   embrace   love   and   faith   in   truth   and   acquire   heavenly   power   in   order   to   become   angels.

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10.3308.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they have nothing to lose, and therefore nothing to fear.  Happiness is when you have nothing to fear.

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10.3024.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they have managed to get rid of the inferiority complex and megalomania.  The endless split personality and the war were over.  Within was incurred pleasant integrity and purposefulness.

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3.935.     AR AR

Blessed   are   the   poor   in   spirit   because,   having   nothing,   they   can   easily   give   up   what   they   have   and   become   what   they   want   to   be.   By   starting   to   love   God,   such   a   person   turns   into   an   angel.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


10.5741.     AR AR

The tale of Ilya Muromets gives hope to all people who have lost a lot of time on entertainment, vices, entertainment, depression and depression.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they are like a coiled spring that has been coiled for a long time.  The energy stored in the point is enormous.  Even our universe is said to have originated from a point.  If the Genie is released from the bottle, he will be capable of miracles.

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10.4866.     AR AR

The imperfect man, fixated in the wheel of Vice, is just a piece of the mosaic for which no place has yet been found.

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