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3.1408. Gymnastics for mind.     AR AR

Rake is an example of stagnation and stereotypical thinking.  To cross the rake, requires flexibility thinking. 

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3.1409.     AR AR

Rake is pride.  Stepping on the same rake is pride.  A person needs humility to change his point of view and admit that he is wrong.

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3.1410. Travel posts.     AR AR

The rake is a guide for the squirrel in the wheel.  "You're going the right way, comrade!"- says the squirrel, once again stepping on the same rake. 

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3.1411.     AR AR

The   same   rake   is   love…

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8.5961.     AR AR

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8.6221. Anything that doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.     AR AR

Internal IT person loves a rake, now that It knows what the rake does not kill, It implies that they are without any fear you can step endlessly.

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