5.2220.     AR AR

A zombie is a psychological dead man. First, a person is psychologically dying soul and then after your soul, slowly decaying and dying body.

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.2879.     AR AR

While they were laughing at the zombie box, they were infected with the zombie virus via phone and Internet.

תרגם: NeuronNet


5.2820.     AR AR

People can be trusted, but bots are not, bots are programmed to lie.

תרגם: NeuronNet


7.1118.     AR AR

Zombies  and  demons  (the  damned)  are  the  same  thing.

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.2442. Superheroes earlier.     AR AR

Have you noticed that zombies and superheroes appeared almost simultaneously?

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.4229.     AR AR

Problems  with  democracy:  false  heroes,  false  clowns,  false  horses…  and  real  zombies…

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.1729.     AR AR

There’s  no  need  to  watch  the  idiot  box  to  become  an  idiot.  This  disease  spreads  sexually,  through  saliva,  bites  and  sometimes  even  through  the  air.

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.5844.     AR AR

A  drug  addict  will  rarely  admit  being  a  drug  addict,  a  zombie  never  considers  itself  a  zombie  and  even  a  person  totally  sick  on  the  head  considers  himself  quite  a  normal  person  with  utmost  sincerity.

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


8.6159.     AR AR

Would  you  have  a  reason  to  reflect  if  you  were  a  happy  zombie?

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.6340.     AR AR

Evolution  engenders  the  diversity  of  species,  for  example,  such  humanoid  species  as  как  reptilians,  zombies,  «flower  children»,  «animal  spirits  and  so  on  will  be  set  apart  from  people  over  time.

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


8.2983.     AR AR

I am oppressed by robots, zombies and vampires. I don't like trolls and mutants either. If elves weren't so pompously narcissistic, they might be called decent people... but...

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.6494. Zombie hour.     AR AR

In  some  dark  hour  idiots  wake  up  on  cue  and  start  doing  a  terrible  malarkey.

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


3.98.     AR AR

Zombies only want to eat.  In addition to pleasure, zombies do not want anything else.

תרגם: NeuronNet


8.5309.     AR AR

Shitty  music  is  very,  very  brainwashing.  It's  not  dumb  people  who  listen  to  dumb  music.  It's  dumb  music  that  turns  people  into  dumb  zombies. 

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


4098.     AR AR

The  virus  that  turns  people  into  zombies  is  probably  called  mass  media. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie


10.593.     AR AR

The meaning of the phrase that "the circus left and the clowns stayed" is that the virus that turns people into zombies is very contagious.

תרגם: NeuronNet


4.1977. Remote-controlled person.     AR AR

If  you  think  a  bot  is  good,  it  is  joyful,  as  Bot  wants  to  be  good  and  feels  joy  when  it's  loved.  If  you  consider  bot  bad,  it  starts  think  badly  about  itself  and  suffer  much  because  of  it.  You  can  control  a  Bot  by  thinking  well  or  less  about  him.

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


8.213.     AR AR

The   fashion   for   zombies   and   living   dead   reflects   the   tendency   of   modern   reality   development.

תרגם: Sodmis


3360. Zombieland.   AR AR

Stupidity  is  an  infectious  disease  transmitted  by  airborne  droplets.

The  cinematic  image  and  idea  of  the  Zombie  was  written  off  from  real  life  as  a  result  of  long  and  laborious  observations  connected  with  the  attempts  to  cure  "idiocy  and  foolishness".  Zombies  are  mindless,  voracious  and  transmissible.  And  we  also  know  that  Voodoo  sorcerers  specifically  turned  people  into  zombies  to  make  them  slaves.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


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