7.10. Two of the egoist.     AR AR

An egoist is a person who doesn't want you to like him.  We like to take offense at those who do not want us to like, this offense is also called selfishness.

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7.11.     AR AR

We consider selfish and greedy people who do not want to give us something.  According to this logic, any person can be considered selfish and greedy.

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7.15.     AR AR

Greed and selfishness is the unwillingness to pay for love.  An egoist is a person who wants to be served for nothing.

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7.16. It's a shame when a person does not need anything from you.     AR AR

Resentment at someone else's indifference is called selfishness.  It's selfish to resent people for not being interested in you.

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7.20. «Quid pro quo» system is called social barter.     AR AR

Social  barter  is  a  basis  for  social  division  of  labour.  Quid  pro  quo,  everyone  shares  what  he  has.  The  person  who  wants  to  be  loved  for  nothing  is  an  egoist  and  a  freeloader.  Every  person  should  bring  benefit.

Social  barter  is  a  basis  for  social  division  of  labour.  Quid  pro  quo,  everyone  shares  what  he  has.  The  person  who  wants  to  be  loved  for  nothing  is  an  egoist  and  a  freeloader.  Every  person  should  bring  benefit.

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7.23.     AR AR

An egoist is not someone who doesn't want you to like him, but someone who wants everyone to like him.

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10.4344.     AR AR

There is nothing more joyful for the human spirit than the victory over one's own egoism.

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3.1307.     AR AR

Egoism is a synonym for Masturbation, that is, drug addiction, suffering and loneliness.

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10.4942.     AR AR

What is the difference between chaos and order?  The right thinking about yourself, chaos thinks about all.  The tree is selfish, but the forest loves its children.

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10.5460. Paranoid love.     AR AR

To love one's self is selfishness, generating fear that other people and the world at large may harm your idol.

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8.89.     AR AR

Many  people's  feeling  that  they  give  more  than  get  back  is  often  linked  with  being  inattentive  to  people.  You  give  people  what  you  want  and  as  much  as  you  want,  ignoring  their  real  needs  and  desires.  You  think  you're  of  high  value,  but  in  fact  your  value  is  extremely  low,  and  what  you  get  back  is  your  fair  price.

If  you  want  to  raise  your  price-raise  your  value.  Study  people,  study  their  desires

תרגם: Варвара Учеваткина


3.221.     AR AR

Selfishness   is   a   sin   of   despondency.   Despondency   is   when   God   leaves   a   person   and   he   stays   face-to-face   with   himself,   deprived   of   faith,   love   and   hope.   .

תרגם: Varvara Uchevatkina


9.9423. Evil Man.     AR AR

A   selfish   person   is   an   inward-looking   system.   Any   closed-loop   system   is   known   to   be   inclined   to   the   growth   of   entropy   and   transformation   into   chaos.

תרגם: Sodmis


10.5472.     AR AR

Selfishness is a feature of thinking that is associated with ignorance.  It seems to us that everything near is greater the farther away.  Their pain and interests seem much greater than other people's.

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3458. A stray sheep will be eaten by a wolf.     AR AR

The  propaganda  of  individualism  and  egoism  is  really  profitable  for  some  people.  And  it's  not  even  about  a  stray  sheep.  First  of  all,  they  are  scared  of  young  wolves  packing  together.  And  taking  into  account  the  competition,  even  beavers  who  huddle  together  for  building  a  dam  can  cause  some  particular  beings'  resentment. 

תרגם: Muhortova Natalie


10.5643.     AR AR

Don't take the big one, take the small one.  The big one is selfish and will eat you.  Little will the hugely glad to serve you.

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3584. A good purpose.   AR AR

Selfishness is bad. To work and wish for it. Work and wish the best for your children and grandchildren. They need wisdom and education, they need a roof over their heads, clothes and food – all this is expensive. God loves those who work for children.

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4.174.     AR AR

"Variothoughts"   is   a   sample   of   the   evolution   of   thought   from   selfish   immature   stupidity,   to   the   light   of   sanity.   The   inner   conflict   is   resolved   in   the   direction   of   self-sacrifice   instead   of   the   selfish   demand   of   one's   dark   Self.

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4.268.     AR AR

The addict thinks the world is very selfish because no one wants to feel sorry for him as much as he feels sorry for himself.

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5.311.     AR AR

Dreams always come true, but it always looks different than the naive dreamer imagines. Sublime, full of love for beauty dreams come true joyfully. Base and selfish dreams come true, filling the soul with suffering.

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5.475.     AR AR

Rain of money – it is not very efficient piping system and the water bottles look smarter, though, and smacks of an unhealthy selfishness.

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6.277.     AR AR

Overabundance of parental love turns the child into a self-centered egoist. The child is infected with love from the mother and if the mother does not love herself, does not love her husband, and concentrates everything on the child, then the child will love nothing but herself. The child, having received all the fire of maternal love, turned into a drug addict and is now not ready to give an ounce of love to anyone. Cost him even a second to lose attention, he gets angry and runs into aggression (hence the passion to communicate). And any attempt retaliatory aggression snarls and goes in games, phones etc. Perpetual anxiety of losing love leaves no child. He has no other desires, only to be angry, to run and despondent boredom. He is stifled by jealousy, resentment, uncertainty, fear, anger, laziness.

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6.351. Two types of egoists.     AR AR

Two types of people are called egoists. The former, who unlike neurotics who give themselves 100%, give only a part of themselves. Neurotics call them egoists because, having given everything, everyone wants back, but no one will give it to them.

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6.352.     AR AR

And egoists call themselves neurotics, who, having given themselves 100% of some of their passion, do not want to pay for some of their other relationships, where they take and take, and in return do not give anything. But the same 100% they give their passions and not give her the same answer, I think its selfish nature.

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6.466.     AR AR

Imagine how much time it devoured your pleasure and passion. Cry. You lived for them, which is very selfish. Egoists go to hell. Cry.

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7.297. An egoist is a slave to himself.     AR AR

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7.298. Beautiful flower.     AR AR

Selfishness is the desire for free love. Love me just like that - requires people selfish.

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7.299.     AR AR

A typical vampire is selfish. Egoist is a person who takes more than gives and considers what it is that someone needs.

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7.370. No one loves sinners, not even sinners love each other.     AR AR

If people hurt you or do something you don't like, then you're doing something wrong. Possible errors: stupidity, weakness, aggression, nihilism, arrogance, haughtiness, pride, selfishness, dullness, talkativeness, imperfection, immersed in sins and evils, the futility, the infamy, glasnost, senselessness, sloth, vampirism, parasitism, etc.

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7.426. To fish is that he loves fish, not the fisherman.     AR AR

I believe that if you want something from people, you have to give them what they want, otherwise there is selfishness. To want without giving anything or giving not what one wants is selfishness.

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7.427.     AR AR

An egoist is a person who wants something from you without giving you back what you want.

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7.638. Egoists are not good for friendship.     AR AR

A person who loves only himself is not suitable for friendship, because friendship is love for one's neighbor, not for oneself.

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4.1217.     AR AR

Egoism is the absence of self-love, which generates a demand for this love from others. The selfishness of this requirement and the extortion of love.

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