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3.2797. Original sin.     AR AR

The first sin is not what is, but what is not.  Cowardice is lack of courage, that is fear.  Ignorance is the absence of truth.

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4.2848. Who created the devil? – Mother.     AR AR

How   did   she   manage   that?      –   Original   sin.   She   loved   him   very   much   and   wanted   to   create   an   angel.   Overcontrol,   overprotection,   you   are   to   be   the   best.   The   result   is   narcissism,   addiction,   lust   for   power,   lust   for   control,   paranoia   and   fear,   lies   and   greed,   resentment   and   anger.

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10.1403. The essence of original sin.     AR AR

What is the main sin of eve? 
"She seduced Adam and the children with sweets and pleasures.  Turning themselves and surrounding in addicts, she has turned life in hell.

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10.2972.     AR AR

Original sin is a neurosis and personality disorder that is passed down from parents to children. 
"Is pride not transmitted?"     
"Pride is neurosis.

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10.2975.     AR AR

Original sin this very convenient concept, on which can be to write off all their sins and evils.

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10.3725.     AR AR

The meaning of original sin is that fear is hereditary.

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10.4730.     AR AR

Original sin is fear and ignorance.  The mother gives birth to a child without knowledge, that is, ignorant by default, and then infects him with her fear and pride.  Pride makes a man's life hell.

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10.4732. Original sin.     AR AR

Women don't know how to love.  A woman's love for a child is pride, lust for possession.  However, this sin is common to both parents.  This is one of the most important reasons why the Church introduced celibacy, so as not to lead priests into the temptation of the sin of pride.

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10.6910. Original sin.     AR AR

Parents, stricken with pride, want power over love.  Pride is the killer of love.  Parents kill the love in the child and thus doom him to inhuman torment.

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10.1847. Love of truth.     AR AR

The virgin Mary is a symbol of the unity of the divine and the human.  It is through woman that the divine spirit of truth enters man.  It is a woman's philosophy that determines what her child will be like, whether she will infect him with original sin, condemning him to fear and suffering, or with the Holy spirit of truth - the source of courage, beauty and joy.

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10.4898.     AR AR

The meaning of original sin is that if the parents are sick with syphilis, the child will be born with congenital syphilis.

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10.4954.     AR AR

The meaning of original sin is that the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  If the parents suffer, the child will suffer.  All parents hope to save their children from suffering that they have experienced themselves.  We are not aware of any cases when someone managed to do it.  According to our data, it is impossible to make a person happy from the outside.

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10.5237.     AR AR

The meaning of original sin is that ignorance is the source of fear and lies.  Man is originally born ignorant.  Ignorance is the first name of the devil.

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6.3412.     AR AR

When the master was asked that there is a mother, he replied-greed and passion. It is the mother who is the cause of original sin, the source of suffering for herself and her children.

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