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4.1825.     AR AR

The images of Chernomor, the monsters in "The Scarlet Flower", Koshchei, the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood" are all the images that a girl, beloved by her parents, feels in her husband when she gets married. This image is illusory, but the girl perceives it as reality, is afraid of it, hates it and wants to escape. To do this, she needs a new hero who will kill the gray wolf and set her free. In severe cases, this scenario cultivates a model of behavior in a woman aimed at happiness only in the second marriage. The first marriage serves to gain freedom from the parental family, and the second - to get rid of the monster. However, if, after escaping from the first monster, it is carried back to the parents, then the second husband will also be a monster, and the third. Parents who tend to love their daughters in the name of true love for them should expel them from paradise, forcing them to create their own paradise. You can not let the girl run away from the monster to herself. If she runs, then let him run wherever he wants, but not to his parents.

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4.1757.     AR AR

No wonder the wolf wanted to eat little red's grandma. The grandmother in this context is a symbol of Tiffany's and the jealousy that was felt as a wolf, wanting to personally have a red Cap. Grandma creates unhealthy competition, dragging love Beanies for themselves, the wolf is causes bouts of jealousy.

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4.1754.     AR AR

Red riding Hood is a typical over-loved child, raised by his grandmother or old parents. Will not such a child happiness in your personal life, and her unfortunate victim of the wolf, sorry.

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4.1751.     AR AR

Wolf, put my words in your ears and remember, you'll see a girl in a red cap in the woods... run... without turning around.

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4.1750. The story of one divorce.     AR AR

Little red riding Hood was looking for a passionate love, as strong as the one that her grandmother loved her. Such passionate love was a wolf. The problem is that passion and wants to have a wolf as a result of passion swallowed little Red riding Hood. Red riding Hood did not like the passionate love of the wolf, in the end she called the hunters. The wolf was gutted and the woman moved back in with my parents.

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