על ג ' ין ודג הזהב.






5.359.     AR AR

Catcher winds in the prose of J. D. Salinger is a way of Ecclesiastes. The metaphor of man, like a squirrel in a wheel, pursuing vain things, things that have no end and no beginning. Seeker of winds – is a gene, extending the tail of the dog.

תרגם: NeuronNet


5.547.     AR AR

Admiring the idols you adore the Genie. In vain. Gins are worthy of their suffering, they are doomed to forever unbend the tail of a dog, and you give them your love consolation. Your consolations they work worse. Love, though. Loving gin will turn you into gin. Gina, we need gins not much happens.

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3.1963.     AR AR

Idealists generally helpful people, but you need to understand what this gene, living in a world of illusions, which is to get into the real world can only love.  If you pull gene into reality, without love, he'll go berserk with pain and hatred.

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3.1964.     AR AR

To force gin to do good for reality can either love or sense of duty.  Gina usually hate reality and wish its destruction.

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3.1965.     AR AR

An idealist is a classic gin who lives in a jug of his illusions.  Love lets him out into reality for a while, but when it ends, he runs back into the jug.

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3.2027. Work is fun.     AR AR

Gene needs work.  Gene just needs someone to serve, or he'll go crazy with boredom in his jug.

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3.2080.     AR AR

Gina in a bottle live sad, Gina needs a shell, then it turns into a pearl.

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3.2182.     AR AR

Gene's angry because he lives in a bottle.  If you move it into the shell, it will become a good and beautiful pearl.

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4.3908.     AR AR

Aladdin's magic lamp, in which gin was imprisoned forever, is a metaphor for vices. Vices draw in demons, turning them into their slaves, so removing them from real life.

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5.3361.     AR AR

If the squirrel is released from the wheel, she, like gin, will love her Savior and fulfill all his desires.

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6.4218.     AR AR

To fixate gene, you need to ask him something that he does not want to perform. And then as a consolation to allow him to fulfill small desires, so that conscience does not torment much.

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6.4869.     AR AR

In   calming   a   narcissistic   jinn   down,   a   woman   makes   him   serve   beauty   and   light,   which   is   something   useful   and   kind.   A   jinn   that   has   something   to   do   creates.   If   the   jinn   is   deprived   of   love,   he   will   start   to   destroy   himself   and   the   world   around   him.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


6.4189. Two wishes.     AR AR

Gene spent thousands of years alone in the pitcher. In anyone who saves him from loneliness, gene automatically falls in love and fulfills his three desires.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.2244.     AR AR

To eliminate harm from demons, immerse them in a dream of illusions. The pitcher, in which to lock the Jinn is a fictional world of their illusions and pleasures, games, entertainment and enjoyment. So the demons did not break the real world, they are specially removed from it.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.2017.     AR AR

The meaning of computer games and TV series is the same as the jug, which sits Jean. What would he not went crazy from idleness, it is necessary to force to straighten the dog's tail.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.1945.     AR AR

Gene doesn't just sit in a jug. A gin is an immaterial spirit living in a world of illusion, a jug is what gives it shape.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.1115. Squirrel-gene.     AR AR

The   gin   is   locked   in   a   jug   because   he   has   no   desires   or   goals   of   his   own.   That's   why   he   gets   out   of   the   jug   only   to   fulfill   other   people's   desires.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.4600. A maximum of two desires.     AR AR

To ask the Jinn can only be sooooo great desire, or it is better not to ask for anything, he runs and thinks how he can gain favor.

תרגם: NeuronNet


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