10.20039.     AR AR

Truth in reality is a movement from the truth of the past towards the truth of the future.  Truth in the future is hope.  Truth in the present is faith.  Truth in the past is love.

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10.22689.     AR AR

You can change the future, because the future is a non-existence and a lie.  The past cannot be changed, because the past is being and truth.  The past is already structured by time, and the future is not yet structured by time.

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10.22609.     AR AR

They say take care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.  This means that today we need to do today, and tomorrow we need to do tomorrow.  Similarly, don't try to do what you did yesterday today.  What you should have done yesterday and didn't do should be in the past.  Today you need to do today, yesterday has already died, and tomorrow has not yet been born.

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10.22070.     AR AR

Criticism of the past is criticism  God the father and the truth.  In fact, this discredits the Foundation of the present and devalues reality.

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10.14920. The correct answer.     AR AR

Remember, there was no other way to do it, you can only do it differently in the future.  The past is only good, because reality and what cannot be changed is the default truth.

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10.15636.     AR AR

Leave all your fears and defeats in the past, it was so, but it will not be so anymore.  Now that you have a new weapon... Now that you have become a weapon yourself, everything will be fine.

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10.15909.     AR AR

They always cry about the past.  It was bad for them, they cry that it was bad.  They had a good time, they cry that the good is over.  You can't cry about the past, you need to study the past.

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10.17558. The 101st mistake.     AR AR

Don't go into the past, I forbid you to think about the past.  So what if you did everything wrong?  So what if it didn't work out?  Your 101st mistake.  Don't be sad, they didn't kill the first 101, they won't kill the next 1001.

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10.17577.     AR AR

As soon as you start to be silenced by doubts and suspicions of yourself in mistakes, you need to repeat like a mantra: "Everything is good, everything is good, everything is good.  I did everything right.  It's all right."

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10.18221.     AR AR

Don't blame yourself for the past, but look for experience in it.  Experience is the truth.  How would we know the truth without experiencing a lie?

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10.19973.     AR AR

Do not judge, because you are judging the past, and the past is truth, for truth is reality.  He who judges the past, I call a liar.

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10.20311. Tell yourself.     AR AR

Useful commands for auto-training.  It's okay.  I did everything right.  Don't think about it.  Focus on  Now.  To think about the future or the past is pride.  Don't judge.  Don't create an idol for yourself.  Love your neighbor.  Don't lie.  Don't kill me.  Restrain your hunger.  God is good.  Good  To be.

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10.22165.     AR AR

Very much undermines the self-esteem of the critic of the past.  Remember, the past is either good or bad.

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3.306.     AR AR

You have a headache because you didn't do what you had to do.  Do what you have to and sleep well.

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