10.22559. Bursts of energy when it doesn't work.     AR AR

The neurotic wave system is useful because in a positive wave it allows you to increase the spiritual forces of a person, and the negative half-wave should be ignored, using it to accumulate forces.

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10.22428.     AR AR

The length is what creates the money, the pulse is that it spends.  However, if money is earned on impulse, then it will be spent systematically.

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10.22230.     AR AR

Slowly and gradually doing your job, once in five years you reach critical mass and explosive growth.  The five-year period is the average period of time when minimal gradual sequential efforts achieve explosive growth.

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10.21804.     AR AR

We are not afraid of short-term problems because they are false, and long-term problems because they are true…  We love the truth.  However, we also like accidents, because they sometimes hide a lot of good opportunities.

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10.21803.     AR AR

The truth is forever, the lie is short-lived.  Truth is that which is sustained by the power of love and faith.

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10.21802.     AR AR

In the long run, the truth inevitably wins over all short-term lies.

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10.21801.     AR AR

In the long run, truth has nothing to fear.  Extension is the truth and, therefore, good.  In the short term, it can be anything, either very good or very bad.

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10.21775.     AR AR

Why do you need feats?  The desire for a feat is pride, and therefore a source of suffering.  Just do your thing, extension and movement are faith, and therefore truth, joy, and love.

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10.21701.     AR AR

Courage is going to work every day.  Courage is the truth when you slowly step by step do your job, going to a distant goal after the guiding star.  Exploits and adrenaline addiction are not courage, but a thirst for thrills and pleasure.

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10.21642.     AR AR

There is no heaven or hell…  There is a real world where some people imagine hell and others don't…  Until a person comes to terms with reality and leaves his stupid dreams of Paradise, he will live in hell and suffer, because ... everything is Paradise, and breaking the commandment "do not judge" is a direct ticket to the hell of his own illusions.

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10.19656.     AR AR

Vice he kills himself for his short temper.  The defect is similar to cancer metastases.

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10.19494.     AR AR

Love is something that can't end.  What can end is pride.  Love is not afraid of pride, because pride is fleeting, and love is infinite.

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10.19486.     AR AR

The fire, having burned out, comes to rest.  The rest is good.  The rest is the truth.  A lie is a fire, it's madness, it's rapture…  But lies are fleeting.  Fire, of course, misses lying.  However, you can't live long in a lie.

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10.19147. Victim of deception.     AR AR

The drug gives a person a false sense of wholeness.  An addict is a person who lacks integrity, this person constantly feels the lack of love.  After taking the drug, it seems to be assembled entirely from some ridiculous pieces... Alas, this feeling is false.

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