10.20334.     AR AR

Are you upset about what you lost…  We need to do the opposite.  Rejoice, because you have lost, for the less, the more.

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10.22383. Unfair probability theory.     AR AR

Betting on the most unlikely events is the most  a winning strategy, because the very concept of probability is unfair.  In this world, everything is true, where the chances are equal for everyone.  On the contrary, the smaller the truth, the greater its potential for growth.

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10.22578. An upsetting hope.     AR AR

I don't have much to hope for, but that's what gives us the best chance.  Hope with a mustard seed is the strongest.

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10.22385.     AR AR

It is very easy to fulfill any of your dreams.  Tell yourself I'm ready to serve my dream for the next five years... and that's it.  The longer you are willing to stretch your desire, the more likely you are to achieve the truth.  Truth is extension in time.

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10.21616. Falling from the height of their illusions.     AR AR

When they fall to the bottom, they try to slow down and throw out all the excess.  I was wondering if those who pick it up at the bottom are lucky.

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10.21578. Hope for your loved one.     AR AR

It's a good thing you lost hope.  Having lost hope outside yourself, you have a great chance to find hope in the most visible and obvious place.  You should keep your hopes in your heart.

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10.21329.     AR AR

Fear is unconsciousness.  The awareness of fear kills it and turns it into an opportunity.

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10.19345.     AR AR

Talking to yourself and fantasizing is very similar to Masturbation and dramatically reduces the chances of realizing a dream in the real world.  Fantasies are fruitless.  Think less, do more.

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10.18942.     AR AR

Once a man is freed from the bondage of Vice, all roads are open to him.  Vices steal time and energy, hindering the pursuit of perfection and turning dreams into reality.  In fact, vices are what hinder the magic of love.

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10.18570.     AR AR

As long as there is movement, there is hope.  Movement is life, the unity of faith, hope, and love.  Hope  indicates the goal, love is time and energy, faith is the power of movement.

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10.17916.     AR AR

The life of a proud man is hell…  It is impossible to find someone who has escaped pride in our world, because the human mind was created by pride, therefore, most of the life every person spends in hell.  Those who subdue pride get a chance to spend part of their life in Paradise.

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10.11130.     AR AR

Create an opportunity so that nothing is ready and goes wrong... do it on Purpose... because this situation has a much better chance of becoming a reality than any other option.

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9.4094. You can't, but you can.     AR AR

Can or can not-depends only on the inner perfection and uniqueness of man, as well as the Foundation of his philosophy. One can, but others simply will not work.

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