7.6300. Sun of love.     AR AR

Dispassionate - devoid of love, people live in hell, chained in ice. Passionate - those who are looking for love too fast, trying to gain power over it and to deprive of freedom burn in a fiery hell. And only harmonious people love happy, to give her warmth and energy to grow.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


8.5939.     AR AR

The sun always creates light and shadow.

If the Sun produces only light, the Earth will become a desert.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


8.8495.     AR AR

Many   huge   ice   asteroids   are   flying   beyond   Pluto`s   orbit.   They   say   in   the   old   days   a   couple   of   them   fell   on   the   Earth,   almost   breaking   it...   But   now   we   live   under   water.

ترجمه: Sodmis


10.2637. The quiet whisper of the desert.     AR AR

Intuition begins to work only when the mind has nothing to say, when the chattering mind is silent.  Get the mind to shut up.  And listen to the whisper of intuition.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.7614. Icy peace.     AR AR

The ocean is calm within itself, but not outside.  Ocean waves and tsunamis can be huge.  Throw a rock in the water and you will hear what the waves think of you.  Ice is not an ocean, ice is devoid of life, it is more like death than life.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.8560. The quiet whisper of the desert.     AR AR

The subconscious mind always answers the questions asked, but the conscious mind ignores, does not believe, or cannot understand the answer.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.10221.     AR AR

It is not necessary to pray to your Gestalt.  Yes, Gestalt is a beauty and a source of energy...  but this does not mean that there is hunger, scorched desert and ugliness around.  You can turn any point into your Gestalt and make it an infinite source of energy.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.11176. The temptation to give up.     AR AR

Today, when I went for a run, I found slush and ice on the street.  On second thought, I decided that I should not give in to the temptations of a changing world and go astray.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.13620. On the road to perfection.     AR AR

In the middle of winter, I was running in the middle of a white, icy desert...  but I was not discouraged, and admired the perfection, which, fortunately, is not eternal.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.13707. Ice and Fire.     AR AR

The perception of love as joy and pleasure turns a person into a dependent addict, whose life is filled with hellish suffering associated with addiction to the drug, decreased sensitivity, frustration, the need to increase the dose, search for new stronger drugs, drug withdrawal, and so on.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.13782. Comfort.     AR AR

Give the burden to your desert.  Leave your troubles to the Sands. 

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.14300. Fire and ice hell.     AR AR

It is a great folly to want to become an idol.  A man turns his woman into an idol, gifts her, falls in love with her, turns her into a drug addict, causes an overdose and withdrawal, turns her life into hell.  Other girls look at this girl and are jealous, and this envy causes them suffering.  First they are envious and suffer, then they find themselves demons and become their idols, and also fall into hell.  As a result, their lives are narrow strips of light in the realm of darkness.  By the way, demons do not serve their idols, but they turn them into their slaves and deprive them of their freedom.  Freedom is joyous, and the absence of freedom is suffering.  By the way the devil himself lives in hell, because no one really likes.  Life without love is very similar to hell.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.15147. The voice of one crying in the desert.     AR AR

The voice of one crying in the desert is a metaphor for the Egyptian tale of a settler.  The point is that you think that you are not heard or listened to, but, in fact, everyone listens carefully and remembers everything.  At first you will be beaten and ignored, but when the critical mass of your efforts reaches the desired level, your desire will be heard.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.16016.     AR AR

Realizing your dream is like walking on thin ice.  Move on thin people should be careful and with great care.  Hasty will fall through the ice and disappear.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


4.225.     AR AR

The frost giant is a metaphor for the man whose super Ego completely suppressed sensual beginning to this man. The Ogre is the one in whom the animal IT has completely conquered.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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