10.8299.     AR AR

So often it happens that you think that you were unlucky, and trouble overcame you, but in fact it was salvation and divine grace.

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10.8312. The usual thing.     AR AR

It is normal that the enemy can attack at any second, you do not need to be afraid of this, but you do not need to be surprised.

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10.8322.     AR AR

If you lose, you don't have to cry.  When you lose, you have to laugh.  We will come back and win.  While our enemies are celebrating their victory, we're going to practice, and with each passing day our strength will grow.  Now that we know our enemies, we are no longer afraid of them.  We will return soon and win.  Our revenge will be terrible and all-destroying.

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10.8778. Offended.     AR AR

Resentment and self-pity provoke pride in a person.  Feeling injustice in their address, people begin to build their self-esteem, feel like a hero, fighting with the whole world.  Having fallen into dependence on self-pity and heroic joy, a person begins to subconsciously provoke insults and trouble in his address.

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10.10608. Loser.     AR AR

The feeling of bad luck is associated with greed and greed.  In fact, you are terribly lucky, you just do not appreciate what you get and what you have.  And you can't even imagine what a bad luck really is.

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10.10721.     AR AR

Trouble is unnerving and frustrating, but be smart...  you rejoice and it will fill you with energy.

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10.13511.     AR AR

When you read stories about Roman and Greek heroes in Plutarch's life, you will strengthen your spirit by realizing your contempt for fear and trouble.

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10.14526.     AR AR

Humility is the realization that if necessary, you can do without everything and endure anything.  On the other hand, you know that getting into trouble is stupid.

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10.16345.     AR AR

The right decision will not save you from trouble and problems.  The wrong decision will also have useful consequences.  Therefore, it doesn't make much difference what to choose.  Therefore, choosing the best, be prepared for the worst, but even this is not important

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