10.17940.     AR AR

After listening to a lecture about galley slaves, I thought that all our difficulties were nonsense...

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10.18190.     AR AR

Love uses any resistance to itself to mobilize.  The fury of love is colossal.  Say " no " to love, and "Yes" to thousands»  the ocean wave will cover you.

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10.18271.     AR AR

I see the problem, I see the money.  The Jews in the problems of see costs.  I see revenue in problems.

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10.18482.     AR AR

Difficulties are like viruses, overcoming their object, absorbs part of the code of their DNA and evolves.  The stronger and more perfect the difficulty, the more useful it is.

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10.18489.     AR AR

Everything starts with very simple ideas and gradually grows.  In order for stable growth to occur, you need a little food, difficulties, and other ideas.

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10.19039. Buy problems.     AR AR

If a person is a fool, they should be limited in money.  More than anything, fools like to buy problems for their money.  A fool is thirsty of pleasure.  As soon as he gets money for himself, he will immediately spend everything on pleasure and become a drug addict.

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10.19545.     AR AR

Don't believe it, because it's all a lie.  Don't be afraid, because fear is also a lie.  Don't ask, because all the power is inside you.  Self-confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties arise from self-sufficiency.

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10.20143. Beavers must be loved.     AR AR

To succeed in life, you just need a dream, strong enemies and a couple of Grand mistakes.  A dream is a flow of energy, and enemies, problems, and mistakes will create dams for you to accumulate energy and train.

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10.20144.     AR AR

All people are equal in the sense that for success in life, everyone needs the same thing, something that is not lacking.  Success consists of dreams, strong enemies, grandiose mistakes, and insurmountable obstacles.

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10.20148. It's time to act.     AR AR

Each new difficulty or trouble should be responded to as an excuse and a sign to implement one of those actions that have long been overdue, but were held back.

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10.20561.     AR AR

Normal heroes always go around.  Normal characters choose the hard way, because the difficulties make us stronger and give us strength.  Difficulties are a feat, and the hero is joyful.

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10.21079. The most valuable things.     AR AR

The most valuable things in our life are problems, great mistakes and all other difficulties, in the face of which we did not lose courage, but were able to love our enemy.

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10.21733.     AR AR

The more obstacles, the better.  If you have love in you, barriers will only make you stronger, and they will stop your enemies who have no love in them.  Those who also have love are not your enemies, for love and love are one.

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