استراتژی تحصیلی پسران

"استراتژی تحصیل پسران . قهرمانان و شکارچیان".

برای تعدادی از دلایل, زنان مراقبان اولیه هستند. مردان کار زیادی, به علاوه بسیاری از طلاق و خانواده های تک والد وجود دارد. این وضعیت طیف پرسش های بسیاری برای زنان چگونه به درستی تربیت پسران را افزایش می دهد. واقعیت این است که اگر شما یک پسر به عنوان یک دختر بالا می برد, چنین یک پسر قادر نخواهد بود برای موفقیت در زندگی, قادر نخواهد بود به یک خانواده عادی. چنین پسر منفعل خواهد بود, تنبل و بیشتر شبیه به یک شاهزاده خانم از یک مرد. تحصیلات پسران است, اول از همه, تحصیل قهرمانان و شکارچیان. تحصیل کارگران معدن و مدافعان. روند تحصیل برای پسران است که بسیاری از تفاوت های ظریف و خصوصیات است که شما باید در ذهن داشته باشیم.






9.6456.     AR AR

The  efficiency  of  the  child's  learning  is  described  by  the  exponential  law.  The  main  progress  occurs  at  the  last  stage  at  the  moment  of  achieving  the  knowledge  integrity.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


148.   AR AR

I think the education of girls 
this is a more subtle art than 
education of boys.
This little delicate flower
so easily ruined...
Boys are easier that way...

ترجمه: NeuronNet


2729.     AR AR

Teaching  boys  is  in  the  first  place,  like  teaching  hunters  and  heroes. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


9.106. «The strategy of bringing up boys. Heroes and Hunters».     AR AR

There  are  several  reasons  why  it's  mostly  women  who  bring  up  children.  Men  work  more,  plus  there  are  many  incomplete  families  and  divorces.  All  of  these  factors  make  women  ask  how  to  bring  up  boys  properly.  The  thing  is  that  a  boy  who  is  brought  up  like  a  girl,  will  never  be  successful  in  life  and  won't  be  able  to  start  a  normal  family.  Such  boy  will  be  passive,  lazy  and  will  resemble  a  princess  rather  than  a  man.  Bringing  up  boys,  is  mostly  about  bringing  up  Heroes  and  Hunters.  Bringing  up  breadwinners  and  protectors.  The  process  of  bringing  up  boys  has  many  peculiarities  that  should  be  taken  into  account.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.5086.     AR AR

In  bringing  up  boys,  a  woman  should  beware  of  infecting  them  with  her  fear.  That  very  cowardice  that  often  hides  behind  the  mask  of  prudence  is  extremely  harmful  to  heroes  and  hunters.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


3.460.     AR AR

School education contradicts the idea of love, forcing children to learn everything, not just favorite.  That is why boys who are more passionate and amorous, learn worse than girls, who are afraid of their parents and the system, in General, do not care what to teach.  The weaker and more cowardly a child is in this sense, the better he learns.  But knowledge is power, and over time the child can gain power.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.138.     AR AR

The over-loved child is afraid of losing love. He is always tormented by the fear that he is not loved. It is necessary to talk to him, to say that everything is good, that everyone loves him and loves his mother. And especially his mother loves him when he behaves well. And if he doesn't do what he's supposed to, mom gets sad and mom feels bad. If he is a good boy, his mother will love him, and will not be sad, and will smile. The main thing is to make sure that the child does not have the idea that when he behaves badly, his mother pays attention to him. You should ignore his bad behavior, showing complete coldness. On the contrary, good behavior should be responded to warmly.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.681. Idealism is meant for pretty girls, others need pragmatism.     AR AR

Idealism  is  meant  mostly  for  girls.  Beautiful  girls  are  loved  automatically,  while  boys  need  to  get  and  conserve  energy.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.2433.     AR AR

They say girls learn the faces, and boys items. They say that the boy looks at the girl as an object that requires knowledge, and the girl looks into his face, wondering if he can know me.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.2439.     AR AR

On  average,  boys  do  worse  at  school  than  girls  because  the  masculine  brain  is  more  specialized  than  the  feminine  one  and  is  unable  to  learn  everything  just  in  fear  of  parents  and  teachers.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


5.2440. Weakness and strength.     AR AR

Girls learn from fear and boys learn from love. Cowardly boys, too, can learn from fear, and strong girls from love.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.4988. Emotional addiction.     AR AR

Hypersensitivity have prelomleniya children observed as fusion matter. Largely this fusion is characteristic for girls, less for boys. If the child is alone in the family-it increases the risk. The more neurotic the mother is, the more likely it is to merge. The stronger mother nature absorbs the child, the mother's desires become part of the child's soul, his conscience, his super Ego, thus generating a pseudo-split personality. The child begins to live not with his feelings, which he does not have, but with others. The feelings of the mother, a loved one, other people and systems.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2796.     AR AR

Girls more important beauty and order actions, then as boys need a goal and outcome.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2797.     AR AR

Women in fear looking for protection and company, the boys in fear seek solitude. These are two reactions to conflict and stress. Boys don't need witnesses of their fear and girls need protection from fear and loneliness spoils their health.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2821.     AR AR

Boys, so they do not deteriorate, you need to keep in the cold, and girls, on the contrary, warm.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2822.     AR AR

Boys need to praise and to give them freedom of activity, but to watch them with one eye. If the boy is not praised and all his freedom of movement is restricted, he will wither.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2823. Boys warm lazy.     AR AR

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2824.     AR AR

The boys lowered the ear and because they speak louder and they need to speak louder.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2828.     AR AR

Boys need to ask questions, girls are more interested in answers.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2829.     AR AR

Teaching children in mixed classes is a big fool. Boys need loud and more questions. Girls need quieter and more answers. As a result, teachers speak quietly and tell something... This manner teaches only girls. Therefore, in recent years, excellent girls became more than excellent boys.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


6.2830.     AR AR

Boys love diagrams, models and diagrams.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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