10.22377. Love to lie.     AR AR

Lies should be conquered as light conquers darkness, that is, to turn darkness into light, and lies into truth.  To turn a lie into truth, it must be realized through an act of faith, creation, and extension.

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10.16726.     AR AR

No one can know the truth who is afraid of lies.  To stop being afraid of a lie, it must be known and loved.

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9.5013.     AR AR

If  there  was  no  lie,  people  wouldn’t  be  able  to  connect.  Lie  hides  vices  and  faults.  Nobody  loves  monsters.  If  there  was  no  lie,  people  would  die  out  as  a  species.

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9.7175.     AR AR

A  lie  protects  the  truth  from  those  who  don`t  love  it.  Those  who  don`t  love  the  truth,  love  a  lie.

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10.4957.     AR AR

The truth is the forest.  The noughts living in the depths of their illusions are lies.  But the forest is made up of trees.  Truth loves lies.  Than the lie, the more the forest.

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10.6735. The opposite is true.     AR AR


A person who says that he doesn't love himself is really only in love with himself.  More precisely, he loves his reflection in the mirror, his dream of himself, his ideal idea of himself.  In other words, an idealist is a person who is in love with a lie, with something that is not there.


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10.7689.     AR AR

If the truth is just so told to a person, he ...he'll twist his face and say...  what a truth it is, it's just a grain of sand, just a leaf on a tree,...the truth cannot be so obvious.  People are very proud, they despise everything simple...  People are very proud and very fond of lies ...they think that the more complex a lie is, the more it looks like the truth.

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10.9857.     AR AR

In fact, for a dependent person, the state of changing consciousness is a state of love, when he is filled with self-respect and joy.  A drug addict is a person who is in love with Vice, Vice increases his self-esteem.

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10.10238.     AR AR

Homunculus Loxodontus does not value what is, does not value truth and reality. Homunculus Loxodontus appreciates lies and illusions. Even if his hopes become reality, this will not change anything in the life of Homunculus Loxodontus, for he does not like reality and appreciates only that which is not.

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10.11490.     AR AR

Love I can Not deny I like to deny my reflection in the mirror.  You love your lies about yourself, but you don't love your real reflection...  I call them liars.

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10.19455.     AR AR

A lie is needed to protect a person from himself.  A person is happy to grasp any lie that can protect him from the truth.

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10.19863.     AR AR

Schizophrenia is an extreme degree of neurosis associated with the fact that a person firmly believes in their fear and the lies that generate it.  Schizophrenia defends itself by self-deception and denial of reality.

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10.19781.     AR AR

Lies don't exist.  You take any lie and, knowing it, turn it into the truth.  This is the meaning of knowing the truth through the denial of lies.

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