10.19693. All for the best.     AR AR

To love life is to trust life.  Trusting life means not being afraid and thinking that everything is for the best and is going well.  To trust is to care and treat with attention.  Trust is a slight feeling of anxiety and mindfulness.  Trust is sensitivity, but not fear.  Fear is not trust or love.  Fear is pride.

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10.19742.     AR AR

Those who understand life have overcome their pride, which means they have stopped being afraid and in a hurry, and have found joy and confidence in life.  Those who understand life love life.

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10.19842.     AR AR

The love of life comes from self-love.  Someone who doesn't love himself can't really love life without trying to control it.

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10.20188.     AR AR

To trust Providence is to love it.

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10.20351.     AR AR

Poverty comes from a lack of trust in life.  Trust breeds wealth.  Faith is the truth, the source of power and movement.  Faith is the second name of love.  Love is something that controls the energy through movement.

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10.20910.     AR AR

Faith is an act of love for life.  Faith is an act of creating hope, an act of creating life.

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10.20953.     AR AR

And isn't the real world a Paradise and a standard of perfection?  Isn't that what it's for  Did Jesus heal the blind so they could see how beautiful the real world is?  God is love, and Paradise is the love of life.

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10.21050.     AR AR

He who has understood life has loved life, for love is understanding.

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10.21068. Turn on the light.     AR AR

To succeed in life, you need to look at the world through the paradigm of hope.  Look at problems, troubles, and bad luck as good luck and a good opportunity.  Gather all your willpower, and, with a crunch and crackle, switch the paradigm inside yourself, turn on the light.

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10.21131.     AR AR

To let go of being is to trust in life.  To trust in life is to love life.  Come what may... in any case, everything will be fine.

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10.21404.     AR AR

The purpose of these people's lives is to earn enough money to escape from reality and turn their lives into their dreams.  They like to live in a dream, but they do not like real life, that is, the truth.

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10.21484.     AR AR

Humility is the quelling of your fear of the real world and the realization that the world is good and beautiful.  Seeing the beauty of the real world, a person is filled with love for life.  Love is trust, joy, and pure energy.

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10.22124.     AR AR

The love of God is the love of truth and life.

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10.22457. Love is courage.     AR AR

The primary fear comes from the fear of change.  Courage is acceptance of change.  Forms are ephemeral, their essence is the flow of water.  Change is life.  Humility with change is love of life.

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