10.21570.     AR AR

People are daytime predators who were blinded by the idol of the sun.  People have poor eyesight, people don't see anything at night.  Meanwhile, night residents know that it is quite light at night, and the sky is pure white.

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10.21315.     AR AR

The meaning of double standards is that what is good at night is bad during the day... on the contrary, respectively, too.  The values of chaos and order are different.

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10.20750. There is always hope.     AR AR

After examining it carefully  Yin and  Yan, I have noticed that there is always light in the dark, and there is always darkness and shadow in the light.  Day-dwellers will always find hope for light in the night, and night-dwellers will find darkness in the day.

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10.20749.     AR AR

The source of all your fears is that you think the dark is bad.  You are very afraid of the night.  But why be afraid of her?  The night is good and kind, moreover, there is quite a lot of light in the darkness.

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10.20638.     AR AR

The meaning of enlightenment is to love darkness at night and light during the day.  And don't forget to take a pinch of light in the night and a pinch of darkness in the day to sell to those who do the opposite.

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10.17837.     AR AR

If a person ceases to control himself, he will switch to a nocturnal lifestyle.  Control and order is a day.  Lack of control is darkness and night.

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10.9309.     AR AR

The evening inspires us to dream, the morning inspires us to feats and work.  Everything has its place and time.

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10.9307.     AR AR

You can't get excited all the time, you will get used to it, and then break down, and you will die of depression.  Our world has a wave nature, where night should be replaced by day, and day at night.

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10.8630.     AR AR

Humility is not when you are doing well.  When you're doing well, it's an addiction.  True humility is when you know the rules of the game and realize that the night is very necessary and useful.

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10.8587.     AR AR

Humility is the realization that good needs the contrast of black.  If the black is removed, the white is automatically divided into black and white.  Again you will remove the black,... and everything will happen again as long as your not white will be very small and will disappear.

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10.8586.     AR AR

Humility is when you know what the night is for.

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10.8573.     AR AR

During a difficult period, we rest, watch dreams, search for the truth, improve and wait for the arrival of a new day when it's time to Wake up and return to reality.

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10.8571. Joyful adversity.     AR AR

The night is joyful, the night is a time of rest and illusions.  When night comes, we go to sleep in joyful anticipation of a new day.

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