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Bread with salt is a symbol of the material and spiritual.  A little of the Holy spirit creates beauty and life.  A pinch of salt distinguishes the tasty from the tasteless.

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Hope is an idea, so hope must have such properties of ideas as beauty, perfection, usefulness, etc.  It should also be said that the concept of idea and hope are identical with the concept of the Holy spirit.

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You will be full of the Holy spirit, because the Holy spirit is the form of the material world.  The Holy spirit is information, beauty, order, power.

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Ideas don't come from us, because  An idea is the essence of the Holy spirit, information that gives form to energy.  A person is a conductor of energy, which is necessary for the materialization of an idea in reality.  Ideas and energy are looking for a person who can connect them to each other.

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The Trinity is faith, hope, and love.  Where God the father is love.  Man is faith, and hope is the Holy spirit.

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Fear of the future is discontent with the Holy spirit.  By trusting the future, you define the Holy spirit in love.

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I don't know what you're praying for, but I've always prayed for the Holy spirit to come to me.  I always do  I wanted to become a home for the Holy spirit.  It always seemed to me that it is very good to have an eternal fire burning in the hearth of your house.

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