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3.135. The strength of the faithful.     AR AR

The   symbol   of   the   crescent   is   the   metaphor   meaning   that   even   a   small   share   of   faith   can   defeat   legions   of   darkness.

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4.667.     AR AR

The Quran comes from the word "read" and is related to the word "core" – the core, the Central part, the seed. God's seed. One who reads the Quran cultivates the divine spirit.

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4.775. InshaAllah.     AR AR

It has been observed that a promise is a pride that breeds fear. How can you promise anything when man proposes and God disposes? And then by promising, you're scared and you're not doing your job well. Don't promise anything, warn me it might not work. If you get rid of pride, you get rid of fear.

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4.824.     AR AR

Before Allah all are equal. Do not create an idol, do not create a false idol. Good people are equal among equals, and the one who is more equal is crooked.

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4.825.     AR AR

Inshallah-the future is in the hands of God, do not say "I will do", say "God willing – we will do".

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4.827. The joy of the journey.     AR AR

Ritual is the service of love. The joy and meaning of Hajj is not in reaching Mecca, but in moving towards it. The longer and heavier the Hajj, the more joyful and effective it is. The best Hajj is a Hajj that lasts a lifetime. The aim of the Hajj is not to reach the Kaaba, but to move towards and around it.

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5.163.     AR AR

The essence of circumcision is that it just seems that to remove the excess it's painful and scary, but really, not painful, and even useful. Pruned tree grows better, getting rid of excess, you get the right.

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5.341.     AR AR

The sinner is given the care to collect, to give to him who is righteous. For in earth our wealth, but enjoy they those who on earth, not under it.

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10.5242.     AR AR

When a man is freed from the bondage of Vice and ignorance, he becomes rich, happy, and healthy.

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6.473.     AR AR

Prophet Muhammad said you can't do things you can't do all the time. You can't lie in the first place, because a lie is an illusion, and it always inevitably crashes into reality. Trying to do it without knowing how, you're lying.

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4.2640.     AR AR

The symbol of the Muslim Crescent should be interpreted as the last hope for the Sun in the middle of the night.

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4.3081. Self coding.     AR AR

Like a mantra, repeat to yourself a million times the thought that must be made by law. Empathize with this thought and justify that it is good and right, but it is impossible to violate and is dangerous to life. Useful initializing thoughts. No smoking. You can’t drink. You can’t sweet. Do not talk, do not be lazy, do not be angry. This is haram and this is haram.

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5.1635.     AR AR

The power of the Quran is in its beauty, beauty is truth. Allah is truly beautiful.

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5.1637.     AR AR

The strength of a Muslim is in restraint to Vice. Holding back all their vices, righteous Muslim uses all the released energy and time to the service of truth, and so become believers. Faith is the power that moves mountains and works wonders.

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5.1642.     AR AR

The problem with Islam is that true Muslims are very strong and worthy, and false Muslims are weak. All this leads to the stratification of society, depriving it of monolithic unity, turning some into masters, others into slaves. It is extremely dangerous to be a fake Muslim, Shaytan does not spare such. Christianity, for example, false Christians comforting, infinitely forgiving their sins.

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5.1668.     AR AR

Those in whom there is faith, God will save, and infidels will punish... Faith in truth. Faith in love. Belief in beauty.

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5.1673. Allah is great in all things.     AR AR

The Quran is the greatest and most beautiful poetic work of mankind, and the prophet Muhammad is the greatest poet of truth.

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5.2299.     AR AR

The basic idea that pork should not be eaten by righteous Muslims is that it is impossible to feed and breed evil, even if it can be useful.

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5.2902.     AR AR

Anyone who admires the Quran loves Allah and the prophet Muhammad. The strength of Muslims lies in their unity. Love for Allah makes Muslims United.

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5.3976.     AR AR

The Muslim Crescent is a symbol of human humility before God. The Crescent symbol is the symbol of the last hope for the sun in the darkness of the night.

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6.6633.     AR AR

To one destroyed a thousand, enough faith, spirit and a donkey's jaw.

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