10.4902. Big statistical trick.     AR AR

By and large, you can judge things as positive, but at the same time accept the fact that a third of the judgments will be wrong.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


8.1088. A military stratagem.     AR AR

Some  enemies  are  so  strong  that  can  be  defeated  only  by  love. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


4.585.     AR AR

Cunning and lies consume so much energy and time that there is a reasonable question-why?

ترجمه: NeuronNet


7.935. Military crafts.     AR AR

If  there  are  only  disadvantages  with  no  advantages  at  all...  (what  naturally  causes  dismay  and  deprives  of  forces),  one  should  resort  to  a  stratagem  and  erase  letters  “dis”,  turning  disadvantage  into  advantage.

ترجمه: Варвара Учеваткина


9.6048. The strategy of emptiness.     AR AR

Their  words  are  mostly  empty;  they  want  you  to  figure  out  their  wholeness.  The  cunning  play  cunning.  They  want  you  to  think  this  idea  is  yours,  and  to  believe  in  it,  and  to  fall  in  love  with  it…  You  don’t  trust  us,  they  think,  so  trust  yourself.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


6.576.     AR AR

The lie is not even words and even actions, lie is the intention. So cunning is also a lie.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.931. Cunning.     AR AR

They like to offer all sorts of extremes only so that we choose the lesser of two evils.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


4.499.     AR AR

There are two basic styles of war. Run with strength, faith and honesty. Win with cunning and lies. Strengths – honest, weak liars.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.1631.     AR AR

Simplicity and honesty often hide intelligence and cunning, and you naively hope to find stupidity in them...

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.1598.     AR AR

Loving  your  enemy  is  a  great  trick…  It  is  very  difficult  to  eat  someone  who  sincerely  loves  you.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.6964. Risk of questionable value.     AR AR

Of  course  you  may  deceive  the  system  with  a  trick,  but,  don't  get  me  wrong,  the  system's  not  stupid,  they  did,  and  if  you  get  caught  on  a  lie,  the  punishment  will  be  terrible.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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