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3.83.     AR AR

A   real   genius   is   truth   and,   consequently,   he   is   scalable.   A   genius   in   one   thing   is   automatically   genial   in   everything   he   loves.   A   genius   is   the   power   of   love.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


3.85.     AR AR

A   genius   is   a   person   so   much   in   love   with   lie   that   love   turns   his   illusions   into   reality.   The   love   of   a   genius   engenders   the   focus   on   the   object   of   his   dream   that   turns   into   light   illuminating   eternal   darkness.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


1856.   AR AR

I would define human genius as an endless pursuit of purpose. Infinite purpose is what distinguishes a true genius from us mere mortals.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


585.   AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   such   concepts   as   "genius"   and   "talent"   are   only   an   ode   to   human   vanity   and   pride,   just   a   tool   for   pulling   its   strings...   Man   is   only   a   tool.   And   all   that   is   required   of   him   is   to   develop   a   skill,   tune   in   to   the   wave   and   become   a   guide.   Therefore,   any   person   can   do   absolutely   anything,   the   only   question   is   that   it   is   necessary   to   absolutely   want   to   do   it   and   start   doing   it.   Human   task:   to   realize   information   from   non-material   to   material   form.

ترجمه: SD


3056. An invitation to a ball.     AR AR

Our  World  is  too  small  to  hold  even  one  genius... 
Men  of  genius  don't  come  to  this  world... 
As  men  of  genius  create  their  own  worlds  for  themselves... 

Every  new  man  of  genius  should  create  his  own  new  world... 
…And  mere  mortals  like  us  can  only  be  honored  to  be  invited  to  a  ball... 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie

هنر توسط Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



3254. A talent resembles money: it likes secrecy and humbleness.     AR AR

Beware  of  being  called  a  talented  person.  As  talents  attract  envy. 
But  once  they  call  you  a  Genius,  be  ready  for  hatred. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie

هنر توسط Keyes Fro (Kujelnay Valeria)



737.     AR AR

Tens  of  thousands  genius  things  I  have  invented  over  the  years  of  life, 
…  but  only  a  few  of  them  were  put  into  practice. 
But  that's  not  bad  at  all. 

Putting  into  practice  even  a  single  stroke  of  genius  is  already  a  feat. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


1850.     AR AR

A  genius  who  hasn't  found  the  place  in  real  world,  becomes  a  madman  to  live  in  an  imaginary  one. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


4215.     AR AR

Creating  a  masterpiece  doesn't  take  anything  but  a  genius. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


5.511. Geniuses don't steal.     AR AR

Geniuses steal nothing from anyone, they are so big and strong that they openly take everything they want. The essence of genius is the service of beauty, and if geniuses take something, they take it not for themselves, but for God. Beauty is the God of this world.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


2294.   AR AR

Everyone wants at least once in life to be a genius.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.512.     AR AR

The genius is samootverzhennoy service beauty. Genius is a man in love with beauty.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.7091.     AR AR

An idol is a useless Golden egg that causes nothing but problems.  Genius is an ordinary egg that can even make a chicken.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.5930. Ideas don't come from us.     AR AR

The genius of this man.  He fell so deeply in love with his work that God moved into him and began to create with his hands.  Love is the power of divine creation.  Genius is the co-Creator of a God who, averting his eyes from the glittering idols, peered into the darkness and saw the stars.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


3256.     AR AR

People  of  genius  should  be  protected,  otherwise  they  will  be  killed  out  of  hatred  for  the  beautiful. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie

هنر توسط Martin Anderson



10.4787.     AR AR

Genius this time.  The more time a person devotes to his love, the more he is a genius.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


3873.     AR AR

A  genius  is  a  talent  that  became  fanatic. 

ترجمه: Muhortova Natalie


10.7113.     AR AR

My wife says that I am her favorite genius... I humbly agree. 

ترجمه: NeuronNet


4.421.     AR AR

The prophet is the spirit of genius, he can arbitrarily change his human bodies and even live in many bodies at the same time.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.118.     AR AR

Genius is a man who has attained the Union of thought with God.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


5.557.     AR AR

Attract talented and gifted people to your side and show them ritual respect, even if they are below you.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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