3.1194.     AR AR

Cowardice is a minus that can be turned into a plus.  Running away from his fears, man seeks strength.  Power is knowledge, truth and beauty.  Former cowards, admitting their inferiority, can grow up and become real heroes.

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3.181.     AR AR

Do   you   know   why   you   should   not   wriggle?   It’s   because   paranoiacs   and   cowards   are   around   you.   If   frightened,   they   will   either   attack   you   or   scatter   out   of   fear.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


3.557.     AR AR

What  does  a  negative  person  mean?  A  cowardly  one!  Fear  overfills  this  person,  transforming  into  laziness,  anger,  aggression,  arrogance,  contempt,  suspiciousness,  vileness  and  so  on.

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3.556.     AR AR

Cowardly  people  don’t  get  along  with  their  teammates.  Fear  kills  confidence,  so  cowards  neither  believe  nor  love  people.  No  love,  no  cohesion.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


3.460.     AR AR

School education contradicts the idea of love, forcing children to learn everything, not just favorite.  That is why boys who are more passionate and amorous, learn worse than girls, who are afraid of their parents and the system, in General, do not care what to teach.  The weaker and more cowardly a child is in this sense, the better he learns.  But knowledge is power, and over time the child can gain power.

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4.132.     AR AR

When  a  person  is  not  afraid,  he  is  busy  with  cognitive  activities.  That  is  why  cowardice  and  weakness  always  exist  side  by  side  with  stupidity  and  close-mindedness.

ترجمه: lushchenko Marina


3.730. God killer.     AR AR

Fear   is   a   deadly   sin,   generating   avarice,   greed,   anger   and   hubris.   Fear   is   a   murder.   A   coward   is   a   killer   of   love   and   faith.

ترجمه: Varvara Uchevatkina


4.533.     AR AR

Dare to know. Knowledge requires courage, cowards are afraid to learn, they think they will lose and only lose time.

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4.647. Narcissistic people are cowardly.     AR AR

Fear is about owning and caring about what you own. We fear that the object of our love and care may be harmed.

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4.125.     AR AR

Too cowardly and weak woman will greatly love her child, turning him into a neurotic. She will love him in order to bind herself from intense fear for her “overvaluation”. Such mothers oversee the baby.

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4.713.     AR AR

Fear attracts. The paralyzing function of fear is the attracting magnet. As a mother scares a child not to run away, so fear acts on a coward like a leash.

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4.742.     AR AR

Fear is a lie. Cowards are liars.
Uncertainty and doubt are lies and fear.

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4.550.     AR AR

The money of the fool turning into a coward. Sits a fool, hugging their money, and trembles in terror. Fear kills faith, a fool does not trust even himself. The fool is full of doubts.

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10.6954.     AR AR

The real king is naked because he is real.  The king has nothing to fear and does not need a dress.  The idealist is the opposite of the naked king.  An idealist is a cowardly fake, an empty dress without a king.

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4.607.     AR AR

It is dangerous to love a cowardly and weak person. Such people, believing that there is nothing to love them for, intuitively believe that only those who are worse and weaker than them can love them. This thought awakens in them pride and contempt for the lower. They become arrogant and aggressive.

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10.7064.     AR AR

A hero is someone who serves his purpose, and I call everyone else a coward.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


10.6575. Courage and idiocy are different.     AR AR

Courageous means fearless.  If you have fear, then you are a coward.  But if you are fearless because you are afraid to be a coward, then you are a coward in the square.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


4.683.     AR AR

Your purpose in life requires you to beat Vice, but you are weak and cowardly, and Vice is terrible. You're afraid of sin and tremble before him. Of course, the fears created by Vice are lies and illusions, but you are also stupid as a cork (for cowards are always stupid) and therefore you cannot distinguish between lies and truth.

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4.908.     AR AR

How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Very easy, grains courageous and brave and cowardly chaff. The tares will sink like flies in syrup, and the grains will rush towards the light of love and truth. The seeds will gain faith and give rise, and the tares will perish in the darkness of doubt. The grains will go to fear, and the tares will run from fear.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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