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4.2869.     AR AR

The Yin and Yang symbol depicts three forces. White, black and what gives them the shape of a circle, defining their boundaries.

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4.1.     AR AR

Yin and Yang are the boundary between the ocean and the sky.  The border between past and future.  The border is called now, at the edge of which living fish is the consciousness of man that is afraid to fall in the sky.  And there live birds that catch fish, these are those who are not afraid of the future and know how to plan it well.  In the depths of the ocean live the demons of the past, sometimes they eat dumb fish, diving deeper into the past than necessary.  And in the past there is a coral Paradise, it is happiness that always lives in the past.

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371. Perfection rules the world... [In brevi]     AR AR

In  fact,  the  balance  of  the  unique  and  the  perfect  within  a  person,  is  a  key  to  success.  This  very  balance  of  Yin  and  Yang,  chaos  and  order,  black  and  white... 

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5.1983.     AR AR

The target for the bow is also a symbol of Yin and Yang, and more like the truth than the one to which you are accustomed.

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5.17. Paradox of life.     AR AR

Yin is softness, Yang is hardness ...but Yang is incontinence, and Yin is restraint.  Darkness and shadow – a softness and restraint, and day light is the hardness and fierceness.  The paradox is that the soft restrains and gives shape to the hard.

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6.4401.     AR AR

The meaning of Yin and Yang is the unity of restraint and intemperance. Discreet shapes unrestrained. The unrestrained reaches out to the restrained to take its form, with the two constantly changing places.

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5.24. Night dreams and day reality.     AR AR

The essence of night and day is that during the day the mind ruled, and at night in a dream gave the opportunity to dominate the animal in man, his illusions and dreams.  It is necessary to relieve tension in system and to keep balance.  Points in Yin and Yang is a symbol of the fact that the day needs a little bit of illusions, and in dreams there is some sense.  Man grows especially well at night, because dreams and illusions are the power of growth.  At night, the form grows, and during the day it is filled with the energy of light.  Create the illusion of form and reality generates energy.

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10.3133.     AR AR

The subject is inseparable from the object, just as Yin is inseparable from Yang.  Any change in the subject produces a change in the object.  And Vice versa.

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5.56.     AR AR

Love is the law that determines the interaction of Yin and Yang, the source of this sun love.  The purpose of love is to create beauty and life. 

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10.2586.     AR AR

There is no struggle between good and evil.  There are two forces that fight each other, each of which considers itself good, and the second – evil.  There are two evils that fight each other.  But since these two are two halves of one, there is a unity and a struggle of opposites between them.  The stage of oneness is called love.  And in this stage there are processes of creation, and good happens.  It's like two snakes fighting each other and occasionally mating.  And they have children that are good.  Good, growing up, turns into evil.

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10.2348.     AR AR

Yin and Yang is a metaphor for the struggle for power, when an angel and a devil fight in the divided soul of an idealist.  The victory of any of them is impossible.  The more the angel wins, the more it weakens, and the demon becomes stronger.  Then they switch places.

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5.58.     AR AR

Man lives on the dam between Yin and Yang.  Both light and darkness are water and softness, and the dam is hardness.  This is the dam, which is the razor blade and the edge of the abyss.  Man always lives on the edge of the abyss and the abyss that surrounds him on both sides.  God is firmness.  Man is firmness, and darkness and light only fight for the soul and mind of man, in order to decide among themselves which of them will serve firmness and which of softness. 

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3.225. The paradox of life.     AR AR

Life   is   a   paradox,   a   combination   of   incompatible   things,   a   fusion   of   chaos   and   order,   of   truth   and   lie,   of   Yin   and   Yang.   Resignation   is   what   makes   a   paradox   possible.   Arrogance   is   what   cuts   the   Gordian   knot   with   its   sword   and   kills   life.

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10.1492. Yin and Yang universes.     AR AR

There are two universes, one is material, and the second looks at the first through your eyes. 
"Which one does God live in?"

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4.3481.     AR AR

The Yin and Yang symbol is false rather than true. He says white and black in half, but that's a lie. The Golden mean is at 0.618. But I would also advise you to look at the distribution of matter and its absence in the universe, in this case, you will notice that black and white are like bread and salt, where white is not more than 1%.

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3.227. Eternal eight.     AR AR

Life   is   the   looped   Gordian   knot   that   lies   on   the   straight   line   of   time.

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4.3482.     AR AR

Yin and Yang is not black and white, it is the movement of the shadow during daylight. Yin and Yang do not touch the theme of the night and work exclusively during the day.

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3.239. Rules and exceptions.     AR AR

Yin and Yang are one whole truth and thousands of small versions of lies.

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4.2958. Real Yin and Yang.     AR AR

The  real  Yin  and  Yang  isn't  divided  into  halves  carefully,  it's  more  likely  to  be  whipped  using  mixer,  and  similar  to  the  chaos  of  the  branches  of  the  tree.  A  chaos  of  branches  and  lines.  The  forest  and  trees,  where  black  means  the  tangible  and  white  means  empty  space  between  them.

ترجمه: Варвара Учеваткина

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3829.     AR AR

In  fact,  it's  only  love  that  can  conquer  evil  as  evil  is  just  the  result  of  the  lack  of  love  and  the  absence  of  the  soulmate.  Yin  and  Yang  that  haven't  met  each  other,  will  be  doomed  to  eternal  suffering. 

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5.454. Sun.     AR AR

The way of Yin and Yang embrace a third force arising from their integrity and indicate the purpose of their confrontation. The play of light and shadow is due to the sun and its lofty goals.

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5.705. Universe Yin and Yang.     AR AR

Expansion  of  the  universe  is  an  optical  illusion,  rather,  there  is  a  kind  of  vortex  hydro-press,  when  light  penetrates  into  darkness  and  darkness  into  light.  The  expansion  of  white  holes  (stars)  into  darkness  is  accompanied  by  the  expansion  of  black  holes  into  light.  Essentially,  a  black  hole  is  a  star  in  the  space  of  black  matter,  and  a  white  hole  is  a  star  in  the  space  of  white  matter.  And  the  system  is  closed  like  a  ball  of  Yin  and  Yang.

ترجمه: Варвара Учеваткина


6.749. Energy loves beauty, and beauty loves money and power.     AR AR

In the concept of YIN and YANG, nothing is a man-pure energy, and beauty is a woman-something that inspires energy and gives it life.

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6.998. Yin and Yang. True and False.     AR AR

The world of illusions cannot be destroyed, the world of illusions saves the real world from the crisis of overproduction. The world of illusion is like a bottle that holds a gin, like a wheel in which a squirrel runs…

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8.956. Qubit.     AR AR

The   analysis   of   superposition   in   quantum   mechanics   proves   the   basic   philosophic   points   about   the   existence   of   good   and   evil,   yin   and   yang,   darkness   and   light   as   well   as   points   about   negative   and   positive   perception   of   the   world.   The   world   simultaneously   stays   in   its   two   basic   states.   The   smallest   brick   of   this   universe   -   the   Qubit-   is   simultaneously   both   0   and   1.

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4.2868. The symbol of the circle is the border of the Earth.     AR AR

In the symbol "Yin and Yang" water and fire fight among themselves for power over the earth. In the struggle of these three life is born.

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10.2163.     AR AR

Yin and Yang is idealism.  There is no Yin and Yang.  Dualism is a lie.  Truth is what is formed in the unity of Yin and Yang.

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