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9.8763.     AR AR

A two-dimensional squirrel is looped in a three-dimensional wheel. Its wheel is limitless and the squirrel, as long as it is two-dimensional, cannot escape from it. For a two-dimensional squirrel to escape from a three-dimensional wheel, it needs another dimension and wings, then it can fly away...

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.8989. We need to radically break external circumstances.     AR AR

Fixated   in   a   wheel   squirrel   trapped   in   the   infinite   sphere   of   external   circumstances.   Circumstances   fixated   on   themselves   are   a   kind   of   Aladdin's   lamp,   and   a   squirrel   is   a   gin   locked   in   a   magic   lamp.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


9.9148. A hamster who got stuck on the wheel.     AR AR

You're  also  locked  in  the  wheel  so  that  you  can't  get  released  from  the  endless  circle?  Wherever  you  may  go,  you  always  go  back?  Does  life  seem  to  be  a  maze  without  an  exit?  Well,  you're  not  lonely.  The  hamster  who  got  stuck  also  likes  to  step  on  the  same  rake.  No  one  knows  whether  it's  possible  to  save  him  but  they  say  that  the  unity  of  belief,  hope  and  love  can  work  miracles.

ترجمه: NeuronNet


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