10.18199.   AR AR

Love is not afraid of obstacles and fear.  Love loves its enemies because it knows that any resistance only increases its strength tenfold.



10.7653.   AR AR

You are tormented by the pain of your endless mistakes.  You need to understand that mistakes are very useful, if you realize them, they will become the Foundation of your virtues and personal growth.



10.7642.   AR AR

Man does not evolve by himself.  His desires evolve, his desires create problems.  Overcoming problems, man evolves.  The more serious your enemies and problems, the stronger you become.



10.5692.   AR AR

Duality...  Difficulties are both necessary for growth and hinder growth.  Without difficulty there is no growth, but there is no growth without difficulty.  The only difference is joy.  When difficulties are joyful, they bring income.  When hardship is the source of fear and pain, it is loss.



7.3214. The annoying problem factor.   AR AR

Treat  problems  and  negative  factors  as  natural  phenomena.  Avoid  them,  fight  them,  build  barriers  and  shelters  against  them,  but  don’t  worry  and  don’t  get  nervous.

TRADUCIR: lushchenko Marina


6.2364.   AR AR

Man is composed of ideas and difficulties, difficulties hinder the ideas to sprout into reality, but the idea that is the most beautiful and strong, defeating your difficulties will grow.



5.4986.   AR AR

To grow and become smarter, you need to come up with and create a problem. Growth is overcoming obstacles, in the absence of external obstacles, the obstacle to growth will come from within.



5.2021. Rod.   AR AR

Growth is impossible without resistance and proof of that you will find in the gym.



4.1168. Dios.   AR AR

Cuando   Dios   decidió   fortalecer   a   Jacob,   se   le   apareció   y   lucharon   toda   la   noche.   Metafóricamente,   esto   significa   que   al   querer   fortalecer   a   una   persona,   Dios   lo   entrena,   enviando   diferentes   causas   para   luchar.



3.2128. Good opportunity.   AR AR

Any problems and difficulties should be assessed as a growth simulator and"challenge".



7.486. A gym.   AR AR

All  the  difficulties  and  problems  that  stand  in  your  way  are  needed  to  make  you  stronger  and  to  train  your  spirit  and  your  mind.  Worthy  people  are  strong  in  spirit.

TRADUCIR: lushchenko Marina


4.368.   AR AR

Licha   problemas   comenzó...   es   un   símbolo   de   que   cualquier   problema   tiene   un   comienzo   nuevo.   Usted   puede   comenzar   inmediatamente   a   beneficiarse   de   los   problemas,   o   los   problemas   se   derraman   sobre   usted   por   la   lluvia,   hasta   que   finalmente   se   toma   la   mente   y   empezar   a   cambiar.



2514. Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger.   AR AR

I  like  fighting.  Every  fight  that  I  survive  simply  doubles  my  strength.  I  feel  great  joy.  This  ocean  of  energy  overwhelms  me  and  runs  in  my  veins. 

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2153. A blessing in disguise.   AR AR

While  you're  looking  for  what  you  lost,  you  may  find  a  lot  of  interesting  new  things. 

TRADUCIR: Muhortova Natalie


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