10.21520. Infinite system.     AR AR

Truth and falsehood are a sphere of which you have already known part, and the second part is not yet known.  The part you don't know is what you call a lie, but it's actually the truth.  The most joyous thing about this system is that the truth is inexhaustible.



10.21682.     AR AR

The more one knows, the more one becomes aware of his ignorance, for as knowledge increases, the area of contact with ignorance increases geometrically.



10.21811.     AR AR

It is impossible to know the truth, for the truth is infinite non-existence.  But it is possible to know a lie, a lie is limited to the real world and therefore quite knowable.  Another question is that lies are constantly growing, filled with information from the infinite non-existence of truth.



10.22369.     AR AR

Often ask the question "why?»  Children are happy because they are not yet proud, they are striving for knowledge.  Knowledge is power, power is joyous.  The joy of growth is the joy of knowing the truth, the truth is joyous.



10.22561.     AR AR

Banal and simple is the Foundation of knowledge and understanding.  To do your job well, you must  clearly understand the original basis.



4.2947. El amor es el conocimiento.     AR AR

Para   abrir   la   puerta   cerrada,   Centre   su   atención   en   el   mango   de   la   puerta.   Si   conoces   la   manija   de   la   puerta,   también   sabrás   cómo   abrir   la   puerta   con   ella.   Conocerás   el   castillo   y   la   puerta   en   sí,   y   lo   que   está   detrás   de   él,   y   los   que   abren   y   cierran   esta   puerta.   La   pluma   es   la   clave   para   todo.   ¿Qué   le   gusta   el   bolígrafo?   A   la   pluma   le   gustan   las   manos   hábiles.   Las   puertas   se   abren   con   las   manos   y   la   cabeza.



6.3011. Three types of knowledge.     AR AR

Methods of knowledge - intuition (nasyschennaya logic), system logic and sensual methods of learning.



9.303.     AR AR

The   source   of   the   truth   knowledge   endlessness   is   in   the   endlessness   of   circumstances   variety.



6.616.     AR AR

Learning is the accumulation of information for a specific purpose. As soon as you reach the truth in understanding the ways to realize your goal, forming the DNA of the grain of truth, then you are released energy, and you joyfully realize this goal. And you will begin to receive energy even at the stage of the beginning of the movement to perfection.



5.734.     AR AR

Mind is a self-learning algorithm of artificial intelligence, knowledge is necessary and joyful for it. Lack of knowledge will fill the brain with anxiety and fear, lead to the development of neuroses and depression.



3026. Dead knowledge.   AR AR

The purpose of the teaching is acts. Knowledge not applied in life is like a man who was born and lived, but he had no need to live and he died. And now his rotting corpse lies in the man's head, decomposes and fills the soul with stench.



2617. There's a time and a place for everything.     AR AR

There's  a  place  for  every  detail.  You  should  realize  there's  nothing  and  nobody  unnecessary.  Everything  will  be  useful.  Study  things  and  people:  think  what  they're  useful  for  and  when  or  how  to  use  them. 

TRADUCIR: Muhortova Natalie


El comienzo del libro

4.1186.     AR AR

El   significado   de   la   parábola   es   enseñarnos   a   prestar   atención   a   los   detalles   muy   pequeños   y   aparentemente   insignificantes   que,   de   hecho,   son   los   más   importantes.



4.1728.     AR AR

Dicen   que   Dios   no   se   puede   entender,   dicen   que   Dios   es   insondable.   Parece   la   verdad.   Pero   hay   otra   verdad.   El   significado   de   la   vida   del   hombre   es   comprender   a   Dios.   Por   lo   tanto,   Dios   es   insondable   para   que   el   significado   de   la   vida   de   una   persona   nunca   termine.   Dios   es   el   mundo,   es   la   realidad.   El   conocimiento   del   mundo   real   es   infinito.   El   significado   de   la   vida   humana   es   el   conocimiento   del   infinito.