10.19936.     AR AR

Wholeness comes when illusions, broken into tiny fragments, are fused into a whole.



10.20945. A tangle of mutual interests.     AR AR

The larger, deeper, more ordered and intersecting the division of the whole, the stronger the whole is.



10.20994.     AR AR

You suffer because you think you're good.  You suffer because you think you're bad.  You are suffering because you have divided yourself into two halves and have lost your integrity.



10.21346.     AR AR

The truth is understood in three stages.  In the first stage, we take the lie and find the truth through the denial of the lie.  Having proved the truth, we go to the second stage, where we use the principle of negation of negation and prove that the first version of the same was true.  In this way, we get two truths, and when we combine them, we achieve wholeness.  Integrity is the real truth.



10.21360.     AR AR

Approach any issue from at least three sides, and then combine all three points of view into a single holistic paradox.



10.21891.     AR AR

The point is that it is boundaries that create infinity.  When you are aware of the illusory and permeable boundaries, but you will respect them and understand why they are there, you will understand the infinite.  The borders need to preserve the integrity, the borders do not divide, but connect.  An entity without boundaries will instantly disintegrate and become nothing.



10.22037.     AR AR

The whole is the content, that is, the ocean of energy, which is conditionally divided into forms within itself.  Forms in their pride seem to be the main ones and give form to energy, but this is an illusion.



10.22048. Gestalt is joyful.     AR AR

Integrity is the source of energy, integrity is the complete Gestalt.  Integrity is the achievement by a system of critical mass and the ability to divide within itself.



10.22056.     AR AR

Integrity pleases, the integrity of it's length, lack of integrity, pain and energy drain.



10.22168.     AR AR

Wholeness is truth, and therefore extension and an act of faith.  Wholeness is strong, joyful, and a source of energy.



10.22189.     AR AR

From the point of view of the absolute theory, the existence of a variety of religions is useful for the concept of God.  Dividing the whole into a variety of forms makes it bigger and stronger.




10.22348.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   a   philosophy   that   connects   the   unconnected   with   the   goal   of   achieving   integrity.   Integrity   is   truth.   To   know   the   truth,   the   mind   must   cultivate   tolerance   and   humility.



7.710. On the edge of life.     AR AR

We need integrity, we need to think and do at the same time. Monkeys always lived on the very edge of trees, jump and think need was almost simultaneously, and otherwise fall and death. It's when you think and do at the same time.



7.615. 3D integrity.     AR AR

Harmony   is   when   you   live   in   three   time   periods   at   the   same   time   –   the   past,   the   present   and   the   future.   Focusing   your   life   only   on   one   time   period   is   a   great   mistake.

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5.785. Enlightenment.     AR AR

You will attain enlightenment when you can put together all the pieces of the mosaic of your life and there will be nothing superfluous. And when all this is United into a whole, you will see a picture of amazing beauty and clarity, and understand why it was all and understand where to go next. 



4.196. Todo irá bien.     AR AR

La   mentira   no   existe,   no   existe   y   es   inútil.   Toda   información   será   verdadera   si   encuentra   su   lugar   y   circunstancias.   Las   cosas   pueden   ser   piezas   de   mosaico   o   llaves   esperando   sus   castillos.  



3.124. Truth.     AR AR

Truth   is   integrity   and   unity.   To   achieve   integrity   and   unity,   all   extremes   should   be   united.   To   unite   all   extremes,   it   is   necessary   to   have   Resignation.   Integrity   is   Love.

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El comienzo del libro

4.1559.     AR AR

Al   observar   a   las   personas   con   trastorno   de   personalidad,   noté   que   si   estas   personalidades   son   dos   o   más,   cada   una   de   ellas   sufre   sus   propias   distorsiones.   Además,   si   el   paciente   se   las   arregló   para   curar   de   la   bifurcación   de   la   personalidad   y   poner   su   conciencia   en   una   sola   persona,   todas   las   distorsiones   desaparecerían.   Esto   permite   concluir   que   todas   las   distorsiones   de   la   personalidad   de   los   pacientes   son   el   resultado   de   la   bifurcación   de   la   personalidad,   cuando   una   parte   de   la   personalidad   se   expulsa   y   comienza   a   competir   por   el   derecho   a   la   vida   y   la   autosuficiencia.



4.2070. Siempre estarás insatisfecho con algo.     AR AR

No   puedes   ser   todo,   rechazando.   Rechazando,   estás   compartiendo.   Cuanto   más   rechazas,   menos   te   vuelves   y   así   hasta   que   te   conviertas   en   un   punto.  



4.2775.     AR AR

Infinito   hay   simultaneidad.   Solo   crees   que   vives.   La   vida   es   la   ilusión   de   la   mente,   de   hecho,   estás   Unido   a   todos   tus   anteriores   y   futuros   yo.