10.21375.     AR AR

The last mile is a symbol of truth and love.  The last mile is a balm for souls in love.  Lovers do not notice the clock, so they are ready to rejoice endlessly.



10.21742. A moment of infinity.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, in the sense that love is time, so lovers have unlimited time resources available.  A lover has enough time to realize any of his dreams.



10.21743.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, because love is time.  Lovers are given an infinite amount of time.  Time is a form of energy.  If lovers take the trouble to convert their endless time into forms of energy like money, they will become rich.



10.21763. True love.     AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because lovers do not notice the clock and try to slow down time at any cost.  Lovers are involved in the process, they enjoy every second.  Where there is love, there is a miracle of love.



10.21909.     AR AR

Fear is when there is no love.  Fear subjectively slows down time and that's why time is long and boring.  You get scared, lazy, and want to run away.  You're drowning in a swamp of procrastination.  On the other hand, lovers who do not notice the clock.  Subjectively, love speeds up time, and as a result, lovers are happy, fun and not at all boring.  Lovers are energetic and do not get tired, because their path was short, and the path of fear was long.



10.22212.     AR AR

Lovers do not spare time and money to serve their love.  For the proud, it is the opposite, greed and impatience literally burns their soul with fire, causing unimaginable suffering.



10.22226.     AR AR

Lovers through the exhaustion of tar turn it into honey.  Honey is something that is a lot, it is cheap, but everyone needs it.  Lovers do not notice the clock, so they are able to create entire universes from a grain of sand.



10.22232.     AR AR

The country needs coal, a lot, but small... this is a metaphor for love.  Lovers do not notice the clock, so they do a lot.  When there is a lot – it devalues the essence.  What is a lot becomes cheap and automatically turns from a fly into soup.



4.426.     AR AR

La   vida   es   sufrimiento,   pero   los   amantes   del   reloj   no   se   dan   cuenta.  



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