Collectible books Variothoughts.

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5.4104. Hand work.   AR AR

The   production   of   collectable   books   of   Variothoughts   is   limited   to   1   item   a   week.   Handcraft.   One   customer   can   order   3   items   at   most.   The   waiting   list   is   at   least   2   months.   There   should   not   be   too   many   books   of   Variothoughts.

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4.3423. Sand vs truth?   AR AR

A   book’s   collectable   from   the   Variothoughts   series   costs   only   1   cubic   meter   of   real   estate   property.   It   is   a   very   delicious   price   for   something   priceless.

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4.3793. Do not be a fool.   AR AR

Let’s   be   honest:   the   collectables   of   Variothoughts’   books   are   nonsense.   Waste   paper   signed   by   a   schizophrenic,   a   genius   and   a   prophet   recognized   by   no   one   but   himself.   What   are   these   petty   scribbles   worth?   Soloinc   says   one   book   is   worth   a   pile   of   sand   equal   to   one   cubic   meter   of   real   estate   property.   Soloinc   is   a   liar   –   he   always   lies   to   everyone.   Has   he   ever   said   the   truth   to   anyone?   Such   a   thing   has   never   happened!   You   will   have   thrown   your   sand   for   nothing   and   you   will   cry   and   regret   it   the   rest   of   your   life.   Forget   all   your   stupid   and   avid   desires   and   go   away.   Do   not   be   a   fool.

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5.897.   AR AR

Collectible copies of handmade books "Variothoughts" with the personal wishes of the buyer from Soloinc are expensive, but if a person loves the truth, he is the chosen one, money like the elite. The real chosen one will not doubt for a moment whether he needs it or not. By the way, if you think for a second felt sorry for you or doubted, in no case do not buy "Variothoughts", because it's not yours. Go away. You're not ready yet. You were called, but the chosen one chooses himself

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4.4268.   AR AR

Variothoughts’   collectables   sell   very   badly   –   there   are   few   fools,   everyone   is   extremely   smart   and   everyone   knows   how   to   count   money.   Sand   is   said   to   cost   more   than   wastepaper.

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5.2855.   AR AR

Collectible books "Variothoughts" is a rare and great value, very few of them. There are very few clever people, and I keep fools at a price. The chosen ones are always very few, for the chosen one must realize himself. In this world very little conscious people, mostly here all sleep. Although I must admit, "Variothoughts" sold me on the life and Ministry of beauty enough, and more than what I give God the fulfillment of his own purposes, I don't need. I am glad to serve, but nothing more.

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3.2.   AR AR

Collectible book "Variothoughts" began to be sold in mid-2019.  All the following years, the cost will increase by 7% in accordance with inflation processes.  We sell no more than 120 books a year.  Discounts and promotions are not and will not be. 

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9.62. To bibliophiles and collectors.   AR AR

From  the  point  of  view  of  collecting  and  investing,  "Variothoughts"  has  several  valuable  things:

1.  The  author's  manuscript  of  "Variothoughts".  As  well  as  manuscripts  of  "Liberasty",  "Surfutur",  and  "Surrotica".  Paper  of  A4  size,  hand-written  texts.

2.  "The  Principles  of  Rationalism.  The  Beginning."  The  first  edition  of  the  first  chapter  of  "Variothoughts"  of  the  year  2012.  All  in  all,  8  books  have  been  released,  all  of  them  numbered  and  signed  by  the  author.

3.  The  first  edition  of  "Variothoughts"  of  2017  for  the  exhibition  Non  Fiction.  All  in  all,  10  books  have  been  released,  each  one  of  them  numbered  and  signed  by  the  author.  Most  of  them  given  to  kith  and  kin.

4.  Handmade  books  from  the  series  "Variothoughts".  A  unique  numbered  edition.  A  gift  edition  customized  for  libraries  and  collections.  Handmade  leather  binding,  good  paper,  unique  illustration  as  a  gift,  every  book  is  personified  for  its  customer.  Every  book  is  signed  by  the  author  especially  for  its  owner.  The  edition  is  very  expensive  and  high  quality,  it  takes  2-3  weeks  to  create  one  book.  The  profitableness  of  such  books  is  about  12-36  per  cent  per  annum.  The  time  of  production  of  one  book  is  about  2-3  weeks.  The  waitlist  is  a  bit  longer  than  3  months.

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3153.   AR AR

God  loves  collectors  as  they  give  work  to  many  creators... 

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4.892.   AR AR

You can help the project by donations or buying our services: e-books and music, gift collection books, ordering some services of the author of the project (consultations, lectures, etc.).

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5.920. A matter of self-respect.   AR AR

For the chosen value of collector's copies "Variothoughts" is nothing. Have a collectible version of "Variothoughts" the library is a matter of self-respect, not elected, it is generally not necessary, because even read yet free and know the truth.

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6.220. The price of real books.   AR AR

You spend so much time and money on pleasures and vices that a sin ...a great sin will fall on your soul if you pay less for a really valuable and virtuous thing. Gift collectible books "Variothoughts" handmade with a personalized author's signature new owner of less than 5 days at a resort in Mexico, less than a bottle of elite cognac less than the wheels of the Mercedes, less than most men spend on their mistresses for a couple of weeks…

Nevertheless, the Vice of greed tells us that to pay for the virtuous is intolerable, but for the vices is not a pity... Although, of course, it is nonsense. The book "Variothoughts" is a collection value, they being the true value, over time, expensive, in contrast to the defects whose lifetime is a moment.

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9.475. Collector's Edition.   AR AR

Collector's  edition  of  handmade  books  of  the  "Variothoughts  "  series.

Are  there  any  original  works  of  Aristotle  in  your  library?  Or  perhaps,  books  by  Confucius  or  Socrates  signed  especially  for  you?  Perhaps,  Hegel,  Kant,  Schopenhauer  or  Nietzsche  in  the  original?  Now  you  have  a  wonderful  opportunity  to  decorate  your  library  with  a  very  valuable  book.

"Variothoughts"  is  a  unique  book  that  has  never  had  any  analogues  in  all  of  human  history.  Metaphors,  riddles  and  symbols.  The  thought  concentrate,  food  for  thought,  more  than  23  thousand  original  ideas  and  thoughts,  a  masterpiece  of  the  third  millenium...

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3.2680. The secret book.   AR AR

The most valuable book "Variothoughts" this is the 10th book, a book H. This book is sold only in the collector's view, neither the text of the series 10.1-10000.  not present in other books "Variothoughts".

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4.3344.   AR AR

A jewel is a rare and beautiful thing. The book "Variothoughts" is expensive, and therefore rare. The book "Variothoughts" beautiful, and therefore valuable.

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4.3720.   AR AR

Russian and variothought books are not all translated into Russian and English languages."...........".......... We work on translations every day. If You are interested in some book "Variothoughts", a translation which is not in your native language, leave the pre-order and we have for you in the first place, prepare the translations.

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4.4096.   AR AR

The value of collectible copy of "Variothoughts" please call. The time of normal execution of the order from 3 months to a year. Order in advance. There is also the possibility of VIP order, without waiting in line.

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5.3891.   AR AR

The   book   covers   of   Variothoughts   use   cyber-paintings   from   Soloinc’s   collection   that   you   can   acquire   in   the   Surfuture   Gallery.   Cyber-paintings   are   illustrations   for   Variothoughts’   texts   which   uncover   the   essence   of   the   trinity’s   unity.

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5.4346. Diamonds are forever.   AR AR

The collector's book. this tasty, useful and profitable. Good for spirit. Profitable for the wallet. Delicious as a good juicy steak.

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5.4921.   AR AR

Paintings from the collection Soloinc on sale. In case of sale, half of the proceeds go to the artist, and half goes to charity programs in support of children. Programs to develop children's love of knowledge, reading, art, creativity and work.

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