7.30.     AR AR

A great way to get out of an unnecessary dispute is to say "Yes, of course.  Yes, of course you're right."  The main thing is not to prove anything, do not justify and do not justify anything.  Shake your head thoughtfully, but in your heart, ignore all this nonsense.

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7.194.     AR AR

You can justify anything to blame too... That is why any excuses and accusations are a waste of time.

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7.501.     AR AR

Excuses  are  cheap  if  they  are  stupid.  Good  excuses  are  expensive.

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7.593.     AR AR

Never make excuses to the arrogant and those who are angry, they are deaf.

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4.1945.     AR AR

Excuses breed a sense of guilt. Don't make excuses, there's nothing to blame yourself for.

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4.3431. Lies are masks of fear.     AR AR

Excuses and accusations are always lies.

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5.2170.     AR AR

Excuses are all lies, because there is no result, and everything that is not, is called a lie.

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6.3054.     AR AR

I don't see much difference between excuses and accusations.

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7.4260. A person getting offended when nobody is offending him.     AR AR

Signs  of  low  self-esteem.  Excuses.  Such  a  person  offers  too  many  excuses  for  no  apparent  reason.  Up  to  self-flagellation  and  self-punishment.  ‘Punish  me,’  this  person  is  constantly  asking,  and  he  gets  very  offended  if  nobody  punishes  him.

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7.7016.     AR AR

Stupid  one  is  always  excusing  and  explaining  his  acts,  suspecting  himself  to  be  stupid.  Smart  one  needs  no  excuses.

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8.2920.   AR AR

There's no point in excuses.  What happened happened.  Everything is God's will, since it happened, then it was necessary.

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8.5323.     AR AR

Excuses  cost  little  as  everyone  got  them.
Excuses  don't  cost  anything  as  everyone  has  enough  of  them...

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9.4119.     AR AR

If you make a person feel guilty, you make them make excuses. Any excuse is always a sign of weakness. Sensing weakness, the wolves begin to demand blood.

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9.9937.     AR AR

Any  excuse  is  a  lie,  the  truth  is  always  ready  to  admit  its  mistakes  and  to  correct  them.

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10.4114.     AR AR

All troubles and problems justify the need for personal growth.  To grow happily.

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10.8188. Don't make excuses, blame them.     AR AR

When people make comments to you, they take an active position, and put you in a passive position, generating fear or anger in you.  Recognizing their maneuver and starting to act based on your knowledge, you will also take an active position.

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10.8189.     AR AR

The justification for this passive attitude that give rise to justified fear.  People, feeling fear, do not believe the one who justifies himself, rightly believing him to be a liar.

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10.8190.     AR AR

Don't make excuses, tell me everything is going according to plan and necessary for the case.  It's necessary, it's planned.  Everything will be fine.  Accidents are already integrated into the plan.

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10.8354. Agree.     AR AR

Don't make excuses... either to yourself or to people.  Just say that next time we will try to do either the same as this time, or in a different way, taking into account the new information.

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10.8667.     AR AR

Excuses, indecision, and an inability to follow intuition speak of a person's weakness and cowardice.  This is especially dangerous for the leader, because lying creates fear, and fear is something that is not there, mistakes, laziness, problems…

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