261.     AR AR

The  principle  of  energoefficiency:  be  simpler.  The  perfect  decision  is  the  simplest  one. 
Even  a  complex  decision  consists  of  many  perfect  simple  actions... 

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4.43.     AR AR

Principles must be understood.  Unconscious principles, like everything else unconscious, are lies.

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1098. The principles of systemic rationalism:   AR AR

Everything   leading   to   the   creation   of   new   forms   of   information   is   rational.

This   includes:

The   spread   and   transfer   of   information   and   energy   are   rational.

The   system’s   existence   is   rational.

Processes   related   to   the   creation   and   showing   signs   of   novelty   (uniqueness)   and   perfection   are   rational.

Consumption   of   a   lesser   amount   of   energy   to   achieve   the   same   result   is   rational.   The   energy   saving   principle   is   so   too.

Destruction   of   essences   showing   no   signs   of   perfection   or   novelty   is   rational.   The   same   goes   for   making   room   for   the   creation   of   new   things.

Both   direct   and   indirect   participation   in   processes   related   to   creation   or   destruction   is   rational.   The   help   and   support   of   individuals   who   create,   destroy,   spread   or   transmit   information   and   energy   are   rational.

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10.98.     AR AR

The   concept   of   Syntalism   comes   from   the   concepts   of   system,   synergy,   synthesis,   that   is,   system   synergetic   synthesis,   the   goal   of   which   is   to   achieve   the   truth.   To   create   truth,   Syntalism   uses   algorithms   that   work   on   divergent   and   generative   principles,   based   on   quantum   and   classical   logic.

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4.210.     AR AR

Principles determine the form of the object, but the main thing is the purpose and purpose of the object, because they are what generates these principles.

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4.284. Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.     AR AR

The meaning of universal morality is that birds of the same plumage stick together. You can create your own moral principles, but then you risk being left alone, which will weaken you.

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4.348.     AR AR

One law for the rich, another for the poor. The point is that the law is a ritual, principles and order. The rich create habits and rules and follow them, thus achieving wealth. The habits and principles of the rich make them rich. The poor are made poor by their habits and principles.

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4.371.     AR AR

A fisherman sees a fisherman from afar. People of the same moral principles are like light in the night, see each other from afar.

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4.379.     AR AR

The principle of "equal among equals" works in everything. You can't say one lie is better or worse than another. The same goes for stupidity and crookedness.

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4.678.     AR AR

The   principles   of   Syntalism   are   the   philosophical   principles   that   help   people   to   consciously   avoid   seductions,   vices   and   temptations.

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517.1.     AR AR

Useless  and  meaningless  waste  of  energy  defies  a  principle  of  energoefficiency  and  can  actually  be  called  a  sin. 

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5.401.     AR AR

Principles are the basis of rational man, while animals are the slaves of instincts. Education, morals, and principles are the three cornerstones of self-respect. Indulging in animal sins and vices, a person loses self-respect and with it the strength of the spirit.

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5.742.     AR AR

The greatness and power of man are determined by the truth of his philosophy. The philosophical principles of man are his mind.

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5.919.     AR AR

Use the "let go and forget" principle. Seeds are inexpensive, so sow and do not be greedy, let it grow.

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6.102. Divine justice.     AR AR

You have to pay for whatever you want, that's the principle of justice. If you lie, you will suffer terribly and there will be no end to your suffering.

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6.314.     AR AR

The   key   principle   of   Syntalism   is   that   separation   makes   the   whole.

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6.566. The principle of division of labor.     AR AR

A man will always do one thing better than many things.

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8.863. The principle of saving energy.     AR AR

It's  only  something  that  cannot  be  left  undone  that  should  be  done. 

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9.240. Healthy market principle.     AR AR

We  need  that  we  don’t  have  enough  and  we  don’t  need  that  we  have  enough.

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9.994. Do not go too far.     AR AR

A  key  trading  principle  –  do  no  harm.  A  customer  may  want  to  buy  something  on  his  own,  but  a  seller  bothers  him  a  lot  by  scaring  him  off  with  his  officiousness.

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