10.83.     AR AR

God is everything.  God is truth.  Therefore, the truth is all, and therefore, denying anything, you lie, falling into a grave sin.  The meaning of the fall was a lie, a man in ignorance and pride of his half of the truth called a lie, speaking so against God and became a demon.

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10.84. God is everything.     AR AR

God is truth, love and beauty.  Therefore, a true believer loves truth and beauty.  To love is to know, to protect and to respect. 

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3.506. Chronos.     AR AR

The concept that God is everything and everywhere is revealed in the concept of simultaneity of quantum superposition.  God, being out of time, moves at the same speed with him, staying at the same time always and everywhere.

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3867.   AR AR

God  is  the  symbol  of  faith.  God  is  philosophy  and  the  foundation  of  the  creation.  God  is  truth.  God  is  everything.  We  live  in  God’s  soul  and  we  are  God’s  thoughts.

Everything  is  God  and  God  is  everywhere.

In  no  case,  however,  shall  God  be  compared  to  man.  One  should  not  objectify  God,  give  him  a  personality,  draw  his  faces  and  impose  bodies  on  him.  More  specifically,  it’s  possible,  but  what  does  this  have  to  do  with  God?  By  creating  idols,  mankind  loses  God  and  replaces  his  essence  with  his  own  fantasies  and  desires.

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4.731.     AR AR

Syntalism   began   with   Hasidism.   Soloinc   was   born   in   Ukraine   and   his   first   teacher   was   tzaddic   Boal   Shem   Tov.   A   Hasid   means   a   righteous   one.   The   main   idea   of   Hasidism   is   that   absolute   evil   does   not   exist   –   God   is   everything.

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4.826.     AR AR

Bismillahs Rahmani Rahim-God is Everything, there is nothing but God.

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6.572. God is everything. God is immense.     AR AR

God is truth, but can words convey truth?

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6.971. In the flow of good.     AR AR

Help others and reasonable, and irrational, living and non-living. Everything is God. Noticed the flawed, help him on the way to perfection. Any entity whose integrity is broken may need help.

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10.899. It makes sense.     AR AR

Since God is everything, it does not matter what or how to worship.  Today they worship the head of a shrimp, tomorrow a deer...  Today they paint their faces red, tomorrow green.  Today dance, tomorrow through laughable crying...  It's fun and positive.  Humor is the perfect cure for fear.

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3.3078. Love for the truth.     AR AR

I   wouldn't   separate   philosophy   from   psychology,   as   well   from   physivs   and   mathematics..   Shortly,   as   someone   rightly   says,   God   is   everything,   God   is   the   truth.  

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3.3083.     AR AR

Disclosure   of   the   divine   in   a   person   is   linked   to   an   epiphany   and   realisation   of   the   truth.God   is   truth.   God   is   order/   God   is   beauty.   God   is   strength.   God   is   everything   and   nothing,   as   nothing   is   everything,   too.

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3.3145.     AR AR

I   saw   everything   and   everything   was   just   one.   Truly,   God   is   everything

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3.3227. Insult.     AR AR

The   fall   is   an   act   of   despondency   and   loss   of   faith   in   the   infallibility   of   God.   God   is   everything.   Everything   he   does   is   for   the   best.   The   man   in   his   pride   took   and   called   half   of   God   the   devil.

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4.2666.     AR AR

What does it mean to love God? It means striving to know and serve God. What is God? God is all, God is truth. To know God is to know the real world. The service of reality and one's work, the creation of reality, is the love of God.

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5.1878. Bread and salt.     AR AR

It is a fallacy to think that God is dead while there is life. God is everything and even nothing. The paradox is that nothing is part of everything. Everything and nothing is almost the same. They say everything from nothing differ by only 1%.

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5.2189.     AR AR

God is everything. Among the bears he bear, a reindeer, he – deer, among the trees he tree.

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5.3583. Invented by the prophet.     AR AR

Soloinc   is   the   prophet   of   lies   and   illusions.   A   false   prophet,   a   made-up   prophet.   A   prophet   of   thousands   of   little   words,   each   of   which   is   a   lie,   for   there   are   no   words   that   can   describe   the   truth,   you   can   describe   God.   God   is   infinite.   God   is   everything.   Only   liars   can   lie   about   knowing   words   that   can   describe   God.   Words   are   limited,   words   are   a   form.   God   is   unlimited   and   any   attempt   to   give   him   form   is   pride   and   a   thirst   for   power   over   God.

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5.4543.     AR AR

God is light, God is everything. There is nothing but light. The fact that a person considers himself to be light is an insight, and that he considers others not to be light is pride.

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5.4844. God is everything and always.     AR AR

They say God created man, but I spoke to God and he told me that I created him... God told me that he was created by a man from the future and that man was Me, but not the Me that is now and here, but the other Me ...passed billions of lives. And then God paused and added, " You are God, I am God, I am everything and always."

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6.1758. God is everything.     AR AR

You would not seek God where there is none. God is reality, and illusions are born of the devil. Although, let's be honest, the devil is also God.

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