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To create, something must necessarily be destroyed, but perfect truth creates out of emptiness.  Truth does not need to eat to live, it is capable of self-generation.  Emptiness is perfect.  To gain the ability to miracle, you need to stop lying and destroying.  Then the newly created truth will be unshakable. 

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Words don't matter.  Words are useless.  The point is not in words, but in who and what they attach importance to.  It seems that the content of the words is inside them, but inside the words there is a void.  The content of the words is outside of them.  The one who hears the word himself gives it meaning depending on his experience, desires and knowledge.

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What is denied from the outside and from the outside of a person's personality is the same thing that gives form to this personality.  Excessive narcissism creates an endless emptiness outside and inside yourself.  This emptiness should be tolerated, because the form exists relative to it. 

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Watch your words.  God is the cosmos.  Space is beauty and emptiness.  Therefore, the closer to the void, the more beautiful.  On the other hand, space is trillions of stars and it is energy.  Therefore, beauty and emptiness are a source of energy.  Beauty awakens love in the human soul, which is pure energy.  Thinking sensibly, I realized that beauty, love and energy are one and the same.

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Overflowing with power turns a person into a vampire monster.  At some point, from resentment or failure, a person loses his strength and is covered by an endless emptiness that drives him crazy.  Humility and understanding are needed here.  An experienced person will find strength in the void.  There is as much power inside a person as there is outside.

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The contemplator, contemplating his inner and outer, realizes their identical unity.  Shapes are like soap bubbles, inside of which there is the same thing.  I look at you and I see myself, because inside me I see what I see inside you.

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