3.909.     AR AR

Because fools are lucky, I decided to become a fool.

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4.1742.     AR AR

Of course, the idol could be kept safely hidden. But as you remember, it failed even Koschei Immortal. Ivan the fool was small, but valiant.

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5.4051.     AR AR

Remember, bad luck is when you're a fool. Smart people are usually lucky, so they are called smart.

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5.4662. By pike's will, by my will.     AR AR

In the tale of Emelya the fool, we see that Emelya's luck was brought by sacrifice and compassion. Pike asked Emelya to sacrifice and save her, pike, and most suffer from hunger, perhaps die. Emelya had mercy on the pike, for which he was rewarded.

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6.5925.     AR AR

You know, they say a fool is always right, but I'm always right, does that mean I'm a fool? No, to become a real fool, it is not enough to consider yourself eternally right, you also need to consider everyone else wrong. A real fool not only considers himself the smartest, but everyone else is a fool.

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6.6181. Ivan the fool.     AR AR

A clever man is a fool, and a fool is a clever man. Fool, recognizing their inferiority, learning and growing. He who proclaimed himself to be smart – staying, as time went on. In the end, the fool is a servant of the light and it grows, and smart is a servant of darkness and he now only becomes stupid.

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6.6392.     AR AR

Ilya Muromets restrained, and therefore strong. Ivan the fool kept, because and smart.

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7.1269.     AR AR

People  are  different:  some  are  fools,  others  are  not…  It’s  a  matter  of  luck.

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8.3805.     AR AR

They   say   fortune   favors   fools.   On   the   one   hand,   it’s   a   misconception,   but   on   the   other   hand,   fools   are   fearless.   Fearlessness   makes   them   heroes.   Further   there   are   two   options:   either   he   will   die   infamously   or   he   is   bound   to   glory   and   greatness.

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8.4895.     AR AR

Fools  are  lucky,  while  I'm  not...  so???

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9.1269.     AR AR

What if a person is a fool?
- Rejoice! Fools are lucky.

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9.6676. The path of a fool.     AR AR

When  it  comes  to  achieving  success  the  most  difficult  thing  is  to  overcome  pity,  gibes  and  criticism  from  close  people...  It's  not  hundreds  of  failures  that  are  depressing  as  much  as  the  pity  in  the  eyes  of  those  who  lost  their  hope  in  you...

It's  terribly  difficult  to  keep  self-belief  and  belief  in  what  you  do  when  everyone  around  can  only  smile  downward  on  you  and  give  up  on  you  as  if  you're  some  kind  of  idiot.

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10.9189. Ivanushka is a fool.     AR AR

Cowards don't believe people, only courageous people and fools believe people.  That's why they say that fools are lucky.  An honest fool is lucky in Cuba.

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10.9273.     AR AR

Ivanushka is a fool, here he is a true hero of the Russian people, and not those who in their pride, scratching their bellies, think themselves rotten with fear of the aristocracy and intelligentsia.

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10.23763.     AR AR

The maddest people are the most reasonable.

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10.27659.   AR AR

A fool can be seduced by temptation.  An intelligent person is one who has overcome temptation and consciously become a fool.  The mind is pride and a source of suffering.  A man was kicked out of paradise because he ate the apple of knowledge.  On the other hand, now that the Apple has been eaten and there is no turning back, it remains only through the exhaustion of knowledge to come to zero again.  We must improve and learn knowledge in order to exhaust and exhaust it and come back to intuitive emptiness.

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10.31270.     AR AR

Sometimes in a stressful situation, intuition takes control.  And that decision, as crazy as it may seem, is usually the right one. 

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10.32303.     AR AR

Lucky is the one who is lucky, because he does his business in a working and routine mode, without giving things super-value and without much desire.  This situation is useful because there is no fear.

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10.32305.     AR AR

Lucky is the one who does not make an idol of his desires, turning them into something super valuable.  Overestimation of the value of things and idols generate fear, and fear spoils everything.

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10.32470.     AR AR

Fools are lucky because the Fool does not try to predict and control the future.  Trying to guess the future or somehow manipulate it breaks everything.

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