4.91.     AR AR

The forbidden fruit is always a tragic end.

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4129. Forbidden fruit and triumph.     AR AR

It's  something  forbidden  to  do  that  people  enjoy  doing  most. 
Tell  them  what  they  should  not  do  and  they  will  be  set  to  do  it… 

The  sense  of  contradiction  and  desire  for  freedom. 
People  are  curious  and  they  tend  not  to  trust  others'  experience  and  check  everything  on  their  own. 

And  they  like  to  feel  themselves  winners  as  well... 
As  doing  things  the  opposite  way  is  a  little  (or  a  big)  victory.  Victory  brings  great  pleasure  and  joy.  They  do  things  the  opposite  way  just  because  they're  slaves  to  pleasures. 

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5.837. Beautiful Iphone.     AR AR

APPLE's symbol is a stump, a metaphor for bread and salt. Beauty, to avoid pride needs in a small defect. Bread and salt is a symbol of God ... Devoid of tar honey becomes cloying sweet and turns into an idol, that is, the devil. The Apple is the symbol of the Devil, and the gnawed Apple is the symbol of beauty and harmony of being.

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4.1529. Nadrezanno Apple.     AR AR

Princess could live a normal life, she needs the pea, which will be subservient to it. She herself must put this pea under her feather bed and do it with the intention that it is better. However, a pea in her bed and can put the Prince, not forgetting to come up with some plausible and stupid legend.

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4.4004. Nadgryzanny people.     AR AR

Vices are not only made, but also undone, it is even terrible to imagine how much was not made useful because of all these games, lust, alcohol and other drugs. A drug addict's remorse is terrible.

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4.4057.     AR AR

The symbol of the gnawed Apple can be interpreted as no limit to perfection.

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6.1448. Think what you eat.     AR AR

Nabokov's lolita is a metaphor for the forbidden fruit. The fruit is beautiful and delicious, and seemingly harmless, but the consequences of its use are truly terrible.

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6.6587.     AR AR

An idealist is a person whose dream about myself much more of him, small worm inside nadrezanno Apple. Ideal dreams are huge, it is impossible to match them. Even idealists who have achieved greatness are still little worms inside themselves.

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7.2117. Good intentions.     AR AR

The  metaphor  of  the  forbidden  fruit  is  that  temptations  are  delicious  and  positive  on  all  sides,  but  you  will  doom  yourself  to  sufferings  and  hell  if  you  yield  to  them.

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10.12965. Classic of the genre.     AR AR

The forbidden fruit is sweet, for it is the source of a hitherto unknown pleasure.  Basically, it's just a drug.  You'll get used to it first, then you'll break down, and then you'll die of an overdose in terrible agony.

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10.13922. The best is the forbidden fruit.     AR AR

The idea of the forbidden fruit is a child's stupid idea.  Adult smart people know that the forbidden fruit is just too much pleasure, which generates addiction, addiction and drug withdrawal, turning life into hell.  In addition, drug addicts can't learn and work, that is, they can't love.  Adults know that work and knowledge are love, and pride is a thirst for pleasure, that is, drugs.

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10.15495. Both shame and fear.     AR AR

They say the forbidden fruit is sweet.  Watch what they are ashamed of, and tempt them voluptuously.

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10.17477. Forbidden fruit.     AR AR

The meaning of the forbidden raft is not to protect a person from Vice, but to provoke him to know the truth.  Knowing the truth is a difficult task, so a person must know what he is suffering for.  In the end, even after knowing the Vice and personally making sure that the poison is always poison, regardless of the packaging, a person sharply becomes smarter.

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10.17860. Hemorrhoids.     AR AR

The meaning of freedom of Vice is that people would understand that there is nothing good in vices.  The forbidden fruit, though sweet, is vile in its consequences.  First you eat and rejoice, then you are afraid, then you lie, and then you are exiled to hell.  Five minutes of pleasure, and suffering for an eternity.

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10.23289.     AR AR


Forbidden fruit that was eaten  Adam and eve, it was not an Apple, but a grape.  Grapes are a symbol of wine, alcohol and escape from reality in search of the illusion of Paradise.


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10.27540. Freedom of Vice.   AR AR

Vices are good, vices should be given freedom so as not to turn them into idols.  When there are many vices, they are small and compete with each other, this weakens them and allows people to develop immunity from them.  The forbidden fruit is sweet, restrictions create scarcity and turn vices into idols.  Strong vices turn weak people into their slaves, leaving them no chance of salvation.  By freeing vices, we will free men from their bondage.

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10.31181. The tree of life.     AR AR

Life reminds me of a tree, where the trunk is the general flow of life, the branches, leaves and fruits are random bursts of being that give rise to something valuable.  On the one hand, these values are an absolutely regular harvest, and on the other, the configuration of the branches and the place of the fruit on the branches are completely random.

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10.33544.     AR AR

Darkness and ignorance are God.  The less ignorance one has, the further one is from God.  The more ignorance a person has, the more ignorance he has.  God.  Knowledge  from the devil, for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, man went to hell.  On the other hand, the more one knows, the more ignorant one is.  Another question is what is overkill  God begets the devil.  In this sense, an ignorant person is like a mustard seed.  As for me, my knowledge is insignificant compared to what I do not know.

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10.33997.     AR AR

To eat the forbidden fruit is to lift up your eyes in pride and see God.  God is pure joy and delight, which is euphoria and a drug.  Too much joy and euphoria breeds pride and attachment to the drug.  The light at the end of the tunnel blinds and plunges the world into darkness.  A blind person is doomed to suffer all his life.

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10.33998.     AR AR

The forbidden fruit is a source of too much pleasure and joy, which turns into a drug.  Against the background of the drug, all the joys and beauties of the world fade.  The forbidden fruit becomes an idol, and man becomes an idolater, whose thoughts and desires begin to serve that idol.  More  moreover, the idolater loses his soul, giving it to his idol in return for the hope of narcotic pleasure.  In the absence of a soul, the idolater loses control of his body, inner joy and peace, but acquires external narcotic pleasure against the background of insane suffering within himself.

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