«Liberasty» is the expression of the nest of truth.

They are unmasked. Now you can see real monsters. I don't know whether it will be helpful to you or not. The Chinese think that unmasking monsters is not allowed. But I'm not Chinese. And I unmasked all monsters, I used SWEARING as exorcism for evil spirits to kill them. No, of course I didn't manage to kill them and I never will... But now monsters are scared of me and keep away from me.





4.995.   AR AR

Liberasty beautiful as it can be perfectly pure evil, pure hatred and pure black.

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5.875.   AR AR

The   book   "Liberastov"   is   a   spoon   of   tar   in   a   barrel   of   honey   "Variothoughts".   Those   who   know   the   truth   will   see   the   light.

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5.877.   AR AR

Reflecting on the book "Liberastov", I suddenly realized that not a fly is added to a barrel of honey and a barrel of honey poured in tar to dilute it. Only a realization of his inferiority allows to grow on her. So I first wrote "Liberastov" and in parallel sent a huge effort to create a barrel of honey and dilute black inside.

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9.104. «Liberasty» is the expression of the nest of truth.   AR AR

They  are  unmasked.  Now  you  can  see  real  monsters.  I  don't  know  whether  it  will  be  helpful  to  you  or  not.  The  Chinese  think  that  unmasking  monsters  is  not  allowed.  But  I'm  not  Chinese.  And  I  unmasked  all  monsters,  I  used  SWEARING  as  exorcism  for  evil  spirits  to  kill  them.  No,  of  course  I  didn't  manage  to  kill  them  and  I  never  will...  But  now  monsters  are  scared  of  me  and  keep  away  from  me.

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4.1170. Udology is a gravestone.   AR AR

Liberasty   is   the   poet’s   creative   suicide.   If   I   manage   to   resurrect   after   my   death,   consider   me   a   genius.

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4.1300.   AR AR

Liberasty   is   a   symbol   of   the   crucifixion   and   the   symbol   of   resurrection   from   the   dead.   Symbol   of   the   death   of   evil   and   the   rebirth   of   good.   First   Soloinc,   having   killed   his   soul,   wrote   the   texts   of   "Liberastia"   and   "Udology",   and   then,   reborn   in   the   light   of   truth,   wrote   "Variothoughts".

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4.3748.   AR AR

Soloinc’s   mission   is   to   save   the   World   from   fear.   Fear   is   everything.   The   greater   fear   is,   the   lesser   it   is.   The   city   of   the   dead   is   the   salvation   from   the   fear   of   death.   Libtards,   from   the   fear   of   anger   and   evil.   Variothoughts,   from   the   fear   of   truth   and   lie.   Surfuture,   from   the   fear   of   absurdity   and   chaos.   Surrotics,   from   the   fear   of   your   vicious   desires.

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5.1025. The exhaustion of evil and Vice.   AR AR

Knowing the lyrics of "Liberastov", you will lose the fear of evil, so defeating the devil inside of my soul. Now that you are not afraid of evil, you will be free.

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5.2809.   AR AR

"Liberastov"   this   is   the   night   this   is   the   roots   growing   deep   under   the   ground.   With   the   books   "Liberastia",   "Surfutur",   "Liliapods",   "Principles   of   rationalism"(grain),   the   tree   "Variothoughts"   began.   Anger,   fear,   illusions   of   lies,   hunger,   lust,   and   the   seed   of   truth   created   the   desire   to   grow   out   of   the   realm   of   darkness   and   reach   for   the   light.

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5.2942. One to three.   AR AR

"Variothoughts"   is   the   revelation   of   God,   and   Liberalism   is   the   revelation   of   the   Devil.   "Variothoughts"   is   a   revelation   of   reality,   and   Surfutur   is   a   revelation   of   the   Absurd   of   illusion.   "Variothoughts"   describes   love,   Surrotica   describes   passion   and   lust.

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5.3114. Liberasty.   AR AR

So that no one lies about my vices, I will tell you the truth about them... But know this, you're prying your nose into someone else's ass. Everyone has a couple of kilograms of shit that remains from digesting food and only a fool will climb into someone else's shit. But if you're a fool and you're very interested in other people's shit, I'm not sorry. I don't need my shit, you can at least eat it.

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10.20559.   AR AR

In   the   process   of   writing   the   book   "Variothoughts",   many   things   made   me   very   angry.   So   as   not   to   accumulate   anger   inside,   I   splashed   her   in   the   book   "Liberastov".   You   do   not   need   to   keep   evil   inside   yourself,   otherwise   it   can   permeate   and   poison   the   soul.

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