Surfutur. Absurd Aesthetics.

Poetry of surrealism and futurism.

Mystery interwoven with reality. Reality that becomes an illusion. Boundaries. It's boundaries of mind that turn a person into a slave. There, behind the boundaries of thoughts, there exist new free worlds full of fish and oceans of energy. There, in Nothingness, a place for new life is hidden.

Surfutur is the book that expands the boundaries of mind and unchains it. Here, in the world of mystery of surrealism and futurism, everything is possible. There are no laws or rules here... You're God here, god the creator of the new world. Everything will be the way you want it and no other way. Mystery and illusions, the breaking of any rules and limitations. You're able to do anything. As you're god. The book is useful as it expands the boundaries of mind. Now when you know that everything is possible, and that any limitations are just illusions, you can use this knowledge in real life.

Surfutur is an acute novelty of images and essences. A library of strange symbols. Within the boundaries of surrealistic symbolism poetry there are no limitations for the brain. Mystery, interwoven with reality. Reality that becomes an illusion. Novelty that is cultish. Mysterious realism, the eclecticism of unreality and reality.





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