A modern amazon. Hero and Huntress.

Women have always wanted to compete with men and be equal, but the question is why. Women are better and stronger than men. Potentially, a woman is stronger and smarter than a man but in order to live up to this potential, she only needs to realize herself and her emotions, switch off the unconscious and start to rule herself with the help of the mind.





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A man always lies to a woman that she can't do without him.  Spoils, teaches to comfort, tries to bind to itself pleasure, money, pain... YOU will not be able to live without me, it will be bad for you... the man lies.  Smart women laugh at this lie, stupid women are afraid and cry.  However, women are no less liars than men.

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The   philosophy   of   Syntalism   will   be   especially   useful   for   women   who   suffer   from   the   despotism   and   pride   of   men.

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