4.61.   AR AR

One ideological man is worth a thousand prostitutes. 

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1310. A dusty drop...…   AR AR

The  pawn  won  this  game 
after  the  murder  of  the  king  and  all  officers  - 
now  it's  the  main  thing  in  this  brothel. 

The  tendency  of  life's  simple  flank  of  hill  becomes  a  flatness, 
like  an  axiom  chosen  at  random  is  proved  by  the  truth  in  newspapers, 
sucked  out  of  the  lies  and  refuse. 

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3.592.   AR AR

A writer whose main goal is to sell his books is a prostitute, not a writer.  The real Creator is the priest of the God of beauty.

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8.6694.   AR AR

A prostitute is not a profession, but a state of mind.

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9.6515. The virtuous survive.   AR AR

The   spread   of   sodomy   and   brothels   in   the   past   is   gravely   exaggerated.   Don’t   get   me   wrong,   visiting   a   brothel   in   those   circumstances   meant100%   syphilis   and   death   in   terrible   agony.   There   were   few   fools   wanting   to   die   in   terrible   agony.  

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10.9012.   AR AR

From interpersonal relationships, it is better to remove the paradigm "I will give you a piece of cheese, and you must sell yourself into slavery for this for the rest of your life".  This idea doesn't work with close people.  This is a typical buy-sell relationship, so you can communicate with prostitutes, business partners or clients.  You can't buy love and friendship this way.

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10.18342.   AR AR

Since love is a fruitful looped process, we can say that work is also love if it is accompanied by joy.  Work that is not accompanied by joy is prostitution or rape.

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10.20113.   AR AR

You don't need to learn life from prostitutes.  You can only learn to suffer from prostitutes.

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The beginning of the book

10.72. Political prostitute.   AR AR

Disbelief is also a belief, only with a minus sign.  That belief denies the fact that unbelief rejects the facts.  Therefore, the facts prove nothing to anyone except what they already believe.

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2878. Art is a woman that demands admiration.   AR AR

A  person  who  wants  to  make  money  by  creating  works  of  art  is  a  fool. 
Besides,  this  person  is  doomed  to  be  poor  as  art  doesn't  like  hagglers.  Art  is  like  a  woman:  you  should  admire  it  for  its  beauty.  You  should  be  excited  even  by  being  close  to  it.  But  try  to  imagine  what  will  happen  if  a  woman  finds  out  you're  with  her  only  for  money. 

On  the  other  hand,  there  are  kept  men  and  pretenders  who  are  professionals  and  their  love  is  a  hard  job. 

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4.703.   AR AR

If a woman wants an obsessive man to stop loving her, she should put him a crazy price for sex and then he screamed " prostitute!"leave her alone. Tell him you don't love him, but you love his money, and he'll stop loving you.

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4.1363. Corrupt soul.   AR AR

The man who learns for profit is doomed to the futility of his efforts and suffering. This prostitute of truth hardly deserves anything other than eternal suffering.

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4.4137.   AR AR

By   letting   a   man   pay   for   her,   a   woman   provokes   in   the   man   the   thirst   for   power   and   the   desire   to   dominate   her.   Arrogance   is   thirst   for   power,   mostly   characterized   by   anger,   aggressiveness,   jealousy,   the   suppression   of   another   person’s   will   and   so   on.   What   could   be   more   foolish   than   to   become   a   slave   for   a   handful   of   coins?   –   Prostitutes   will   disagree   with   you.

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5.2979.   AR AR

The choice of roles in people is not great, a man can either walk on prostitutes or be a pimp. A woman can be either a whore or a prostitute.

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6.3364. Sex and guilt.   AR AR

A woman tormented by guilt for everything related to sex should console herself that she and most other women are chronic prostitutes. Normal women's work from 9 am to 18 PM is a classic prostitution, when a woman sells her time, body and brain to an employer for money, vanity or pleasure. The fact that she added another 20 minutes of sex to this daily 8 hour sin does not change anything in her sinful, sinful soul. And if a woman also spends family money on sports, yoga or other pleasures... so this is a flaw in the cube that there can be no forgiveness.

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8.1554. Only love.   AR AR

Don't  do  anything  for  money.  The  only  universal  motivation  for  doing  anything  is  love.  Sex  without  love  is  prostitution.  Working  for  money  makes  you  either  a  cheap  or  an  expensive  prostitute.  In  any  case,  your  income  will  be  lower  than  that  of  a  loved  woman. 

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8.3978.   AR AR

The  first  sign  of  degradation  and  the  beginning  of  a  society’s  end  is  when  human  Reflections  are  downtrodden  and  prostitutes  –  in  every  sense  of  the  word  –  are  placed  upon  a  pedestal  and  proclaimed  kings  and  queens…

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8.4184. The monarchy is not for sale.   AR AR

The main difference between democracy and absolute monarchy is that democracy is a corrupt prostitute, and the monarchy-as a decent woman, has sex only for love. Though we will be fair to democracy-the prostitute is not cheap, and very even elite.

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8.4410.   AR AR

Many awards are like prostitutes - too many have owned them, they are sold too easily.

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8.4795.   AR AR

Prostitutes  are  the  most  honest  kind  of  women.

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8.4797.   AR AR

Prostitutes are more moral than journalists.

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8.5191.   AR AR

A  prostitute  is  the  one  doing  it  without  love,  and  money  is  what  all  women  take.

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8.5320. Era of the whores rise.   AR AR

In   ancient   Rome   whores   were   cheaper   than   now   ...their   price   was   about   one   tenth   of   a   specialist’s   daytime   salary.   Nowadays   whores   are   unforgivably   expensive...   That   is   modernity   can   be   called   the   era   of   the   whores   rise.

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8.5648.   AR AR

Rental business can be compared to the content of a brothel.

Rent is when you pay whores, and buying real estate is marriage.

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8.5918.   AR AR

A  politician  is  a  high-end  prostitute  who  shamelessly  pretends  to  be  a  decent  woman  just  because  she  is  expensive  and  inaccessible  to  ordinary  people.

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8.6639.   AR AR

I would compare the psychology of prostitution, and psychologists - with prostitutes.

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8.6686.   AR AR

A whore is one who is a traitor...

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8.6959. Any whim for your money.   AR AR

Journalists are like prostitutes in the sense that nothing about anyone does not write for free. If you read about someone in the press, you should know it's all paid PR. All these stars, stars, sparrows and other small mob pays big money to media coverage is that they put your pickups, where they take a shit and they have in life generally there is little interest.

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