10.19390.   AR AR

An act consists of an action and a motive.  The law of cause and effect has a probabilistic nature, but if actions form a system extended over time, then probability turns into inevitability.

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10.20614.   AR AR

By increasing the number of objects, we change their quality.  On the one hand, we devalue this quality, and on the other, we turn it into a barrel of honey.  Honey is cheap, everyone needs a fly in the ointment…  However, by creating a barrel of honey, we will automatically create a fly in the ointment.  The fly in the ointment is very expensive, and we will make money on it.  On the other hand, honey is also not the most useless essence of existence.  Selling inexpensive honey, you can also earn money.

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10.20634. The negation of the negation.   AR AR

To realize that everything is good, you must first add up the two extremes that deny each other, and then realize that they are both lying.

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10.20774.   AR AR

The principle of negation of negation proves that there is no lie, everything is truth.

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10.20775. Multiplication of truth.   AR AR

The search for truth through the denial of lies is, in fact, the realization of the dialectical principle of negation of negation.  By denying a lie, you get a power function of truth.  There are infinitely many lies.  By endlessly denying a lie, you will receive an infinite source of energy, strength, and joy.

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10.21067.   AR AR

By negating negation, we reconcile one and zero, increasing the power of the system by an order of magnitude.

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10.21358.   AR AR

First all the words are reversed, then the negation of the negation, and then combine both extremes to achieve the integrity of the truth.  Truth is the integrity of all options that do not exist.  Truth is infinite.

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10.21936.   AR AR

Brainstorming through denial is like this... you Take what's there and deny it as if it's not there, and you think what you're going to do.  When the glare of the fire idol, blinding in the darkness, is gone, ... you will see many small hopes of stars in the night sky.  Try it by giving love (time and attention)  these little hopes, work out a couple of them.  These paths may be different.

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10.21946.   AR AR

Denial of a lie happens like this.  This is the essence that we believe to be truth and reality.  Now imagine that it is a lie and, therefore, it does not exist.  If it's not there, then what is?  Let's think!

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10.22323.   AR AR

The accumulation of quantitative changes with the transition to quality occurs on average once every five years.  The main thing here is the length of effort in time.

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The beginning of the book

10.63.   AR AR

Forest and trees are in the same dialectical unity as rain and drops of water.  The main thing in this case - why you need rain, what happens to the drops then, what part in this case takes the wind, the ocean and the sun.

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1943.   AR AR

The  Socratic  method  is  a  great  thing.  It  has  been  used  for  many  centuries. 
I  watched  one  big  boss  who  trained  subordinate  bosses  by  means  of  probing  questions  that  made  them  think  and  find  the  right  answers  all  by  themselves... 
It  works  miracles!  Most  of  them  (for  the  first  time  in  many  years)  even  managed  to  use  their  brains  and  think  a  bit.  It  was  simply  wonderful.  Most  of  them  were  really  happy  and  surprised  as  they  had  already  forgotten  how  nice  it  feels  to  think. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



2611. An optimally set brain.   AR AR

A   brain   set   to   see   meaning   in   everything.   A   brain   set   to   notice   common   sense   and   balance.   A   brain   able   to   see   both   trees   and   a   forest,   form   and   content.   A   brain   that   understands   dialectics   and   sees   the   nature   of   things.   A   brain   set   to   fulfil   tasks.   An   observing   brain…   A   thinking   brain...

The   ability   to   think   is   a   great   joy   and   happiness.   Eternal   joy   of   understanding.   Eternal   power   of   stars.

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3.737.   AR AR

Quality and quantity are dialectically one.  Quality comes through quantity and then quality turns back into quantity.

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3840.   AR AR

The first psychoanalyst in the world was the philosopher Socrates and his disciples - Plato, and later Aristotle. The dialectic of Socrates is the Foundation of Freud's psychoanalysis.

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7.483.   AR AR

From the point of view of dialectics, that you are deceived, no one but yourself is to blame.

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9.754. Quantum Nanophilography (Syntalism).   AR AR

"Syntalism   "is   an   abbreviation   of   the   concept   of"system   synergetic   synthesis".   Other   names:   principles   of   rationalism,   principles   of   Syntalism,   cybernetic   Syntalism,   Nanophilography,   quantum   philosophy,   cybernetic   philosophy.  

Nanophilography   develops   the   fundamental   ideas   of   Cybernetics,   pragmatism   and   rationalism,   dialectics   and   logic,   Confucianism,   classical   Greek   and   Roman   philosophy.   It   is   closest   to   the   ideas   of   F.   Nietzsche.   Z.   Freud,   E.   Schrodinger,   N.   Wiener,   etc.  

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3.1160.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that the main thing is growth.  It does not matter what is wrong and wrong, it is important to grow and move forward.  Quantity sooner or later will grow into quality, the main thing – do not stop.

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3.1926. Better grow up together.   AR AR

Dialectics tells us that, defensively, you give rise to an attack and attacking, provoking resistance.

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3.2009. Practice and theory.   AR AR

Strategy   is   what   is   the   general,   i.e.   a   forest.   Tactics   is   the   private,   i.e.   trees.   The   strategy/tactics   relationship   is   the   dialectic   union   of   the   forest   and   the   trees.

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3.2317. Confusing people.   AR AR

Inferiority complex and megalomania dialectically related, one base, other add - in, one without the second is impossible.  In every man both sets are simultaneously in their struggle and unity is the formation of the human person.

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4.2438.   AR AR

Awareness is theory and reality is practice, these two should be in dialectical unity.

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4.3483. A finely balanced system.   AR AR

The essence of the wolf in sheep's clothing dialectically United. Wolves and sheep are one and cannot exist without each other. The sheep beget the wolves, wolves breed sheep. Curiously, a wolf and a sheep are one and the same. This wolf in sheep's clothing can, depending on the external situation, be either a wolf or a sheep. If there are a lot of sheep, he turns into a wolf, if many wolves will become sheep.

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7.1629. Love is the union of faith and hope.   AR AR

Weak  dialectics  is  your  main  problem.  You  cannot  split  up  something  big  in  something  small  and  this  instills  fear  in  you  and  deprives  you  of  faith  in  victory.  You  cannot  join  something  small  into  something  big,  and  this  shatters  your  hope.

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7.1851.   AR AR

Self-awareness and awareness of the world around are dialectically inseparable concepts, inseparable from each other.

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7.3157. The indivisible dialectical integrity.   AR AR

Truth and falsehood are one thing, which, on the one hand, is falsehood, and on the other, truth. ...Or lies inside, and outside really ...or Vice versa ...or even mixed, but worse, this system is in perpetual motion, constantly changing.

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7.4150.   AR AR

You have heard of dialectical unity, but I have told you that there are actually three opposing entities.

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7.6588. Wolf in sheep's clothing.   AR AR

A fool and a wise this as the basis and superstructure, as the two are inseparable, existing and generating each other dialectical entity as the wolf and the sheep.

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8.5697.   AR AR

One  should  master  dialectics  to  make  conclusions.  Nonlogical  conclusions  are  null  and  void.  It  especially  applies  to  historical  and  personal  experience.

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8.5698.   AR AR

Insights can only do dialectic...

No other conclusions work, especially when it comes to history and other experiences.

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