10.16662.   AR AR

Gutseriev is a poet of reality.  Usually poets run away from reality and build their greatness in the world of their illusions, but the uniqueness of Gutseriev is that he was able to realize that the world of illusions is a negative of reality.  It is necessary to say all the words in reverse, and not to turn reality into illusions, but to turn illusions into reality.  Gutseriev is a courageous poet who is not afraid of reality, which means that he can achieve a synergistic integrity in himself, combining ideality and illusions.

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3.31.   AR AR

I   dedicate   this   book   to   Mikhail   Gutseriyev   whose   work   inspired   me   to   grasp   the   systemic   nature   of   truth.   Many   years   ago,   I   happened   to   read   Mikhail’s   poems   that   I   liked   so   much   that   I   decided   to   sing   and   put   them   to   music.   The   songs   were   good   and   I   even   recorded   an   entire   album   but   that’s   not   what   matters.   What   matters   is   the   illumination   I   experienced   upon   understanding   the   meaning   and   the   point   of   some   texts.   My   understanding   of   these   poems   changed   my   life   and   made   me   abandon   music   and   other   trifle   things   to   give   all   my   attention   and   time   to   the   writing   of   the   books   of   Variothoughts.   Specifically,   this   book   is   dedicated   to   the   song   entitled   Mathematics   and   Progression.   This   song   inspired   the   great   artists   Karina   Byvaylova   to   do   the   painting   you   can   see   on   this   book’s   cover.

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10.22630. Living water.   AR AR

The point is that Gutseriev's poetry is not just beautiful and new, but it also motivates and teaches life.  Thanks to the philosophy hidden in these texts, I was able to become a dollar millionaire, create a huge business, achieve perfection of mind, and write a book  The differences of opinion and rise from the bottom world to the top of life.  Gutseriev's poetry is like a Holy Grail Cup filled with living water, giving hope to a barren Fig tree to blossom and bring forth a harvest.

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10.20321.   AR AR

After   carefully   analyzing   the   significance   of   Gutseriev's   poetry   for   the   philosophy   of   Syntalism,   I   decided   to   single   out   a   number   of   system-forming   quotations   in   separate   books.   The   initial   analysis   revealed   the   following   theses:  

The   main   thing   is   not   the   essence,   but   the   episodes.  

They   don't   believe   in   people,   but   in   people.

He   turned   sackcloth   into   calico   (a   Miracle   of   love).

Ideas   don't   come   from   us.

All   words   are   reversed.

I'm   trying   to   think   how   not   to   think.

Secrets   of   the   dungeon   (Life   is   a   prison   of   ignorance).

No   hope,   don't   torment   yourself.     

I   just   love   slowly   (Slow   love).     

Modesty,   embellishing   fools.

Where   madness   is   the   basis   of   the   divine   love   of   a   few.

The   newfound   one   does   not   need   light.

Invented   by   the   prophet.   (No   prophet,   come   up   with   it!)  

What   hurts,   let   it   not   long   torment.  

Resentment   is   not   forgiven.     

Mathematics   and   progression   (Integrity   and   scalability   of   truth).

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10.20260.   AR AR

With   Gutseriev   there   was   such   a   story.   I've   been   doing   music   for   a   long   time,   but   they   didn't   take   us   to   the   radio   station,   because   I   don't   even   know   how   the   songs   get   there.   And   all   my   attempts   to   go   back   to   ran   into   a   total   obstruction.   As   a   result,   there   was   a   "brilliant"   idea:   to   put   a   dozen   verses   of   Gutseriev   to   music,   with   the   hope   that   we   will   be   allowed   to   play   these   songs   on   his   radio   stations.   As   it   turned   out   later,   the   idea   was   quite   stupid,   because   there   the   scheme   was   exclusively   "for   their   own"   and   strangers   were   not   allowed   there.   On   the   other   hand,   Gutseriev   is   quite   a   remarkable   man,   and   his   poetry   revealed   very   interesting   elements   of   being.   While   I   was   analyzing   Gutseriev's   poems,   I   tried   to   understand   their   meaning   and   the   author's   soul…   I   really   fell   in   love   with   them,   became   enlightened   and   was   motivated   to   do   all   sorts   of   different   things.

Then   there   was   the   idea   of   the   book   "Mathematics   and   progression",   which   developed   from   the   poem   "Entertaining   mathematics   for   adults".   Over   the   next   three   years,   as   I   worked   on   Variothoughts,   I   had   the   hope   of   getting   M.   G.'s   support   for   The   project,   and   that   hope   was   beautiful   and   invigorating.   In   the   fourth   year,   I   met   with   Mr.   A.,   a   representative   of   Gutseriev,   once,   and   wanted   to   offer   them   something   and   somehow   establish   contact…   But   it   didn't   work   out.   But   based   on   this   meeting,   I   wrote   about   fifty   reviews   of   M.   G.'s   poetry,   where   I   explained   why   they   should   be   given   the   Nobel   prize   in   literature.   In   my   opinion,   the   reviews   were   excellent,   and   even   while   writing   them,   I   was   even   more   imbued   with   an   understanding   of   the   philosophy   of   this   poetry.   However,   Mr.   A.   was   not   impressed   by   the   reviews   and   our   old   songs,   and   the   business   stalled.

It   would   seem   a   failure?   Nothing   like   that!   In   fact,   the   benefits   of   the   whole   issue   were   enormous.   The   failure   to   negotiate   with   A.   allowed   us   to   complete   the   Point   Theorem   and   make   a   lot   of   other   conclusions   that   allowed   us   to   bring   the   theory   of   Syntalism   to   integrity.   By   studying   the   poetry   and   personality   of   Mr.   Gutseriev,   I   was   very   much   able   to   realize   the   reality   of   existence,   and   get   a   perfect   model   for   learning   the   truth   and   self-sufficient   systems   that   can   grow.

Summarize.   The   personality   and   poetry   of   Mr.   Mikhail   Gutseriev   gave   rise   to   many   interesting   thoughts   in   my   head,   and   seriously   influenced   the   ideas   of   Syntalism   and   the   book   Variothoughts.

In   fact,   the   story   with   Gutseriev   made   me   grow   up   and   realize   the   idea   of   self-sufficiency   of   the   individual.   While   I   was   young   at   heart,   I   flattered   myself   that   when   we   grew   up,   Mr.   Gutseriev   would   notice   us   and   help   us.   When   I   was   young,   these   hopes   helped   me   grow.   Then,   as   was   to   be   expected,   my   hopes   were   dashed,   but   by   that   time   I   was   grown   and   strong.   The   pain   of   broken   hopes   brought   me   a   sense   of   self-sufficiency   and   integrity.   You   see,   the   point   is   self-sufficient.   Inside   the   point   there   is   everything   necessary   to   become   the   universe.

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10.20315. Window of great opportunities.   AR AR

Gutseriev's poetry is the Holy Grail for the suffering.  It is rare for billionaires to write poetry, but here we have a great chance to get into the spirit of this strong man.  It is the inner spirit and consciousness that will determine existence.  To sum up, if you fall in love with Gutseriev's poetry and realize its meaning, you will acquire the ability to love.  Love is the ability to grow, the implementation of goals and accumulation of energy.  Love is the force that shapes energy, defining the picture of reality.

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10.20320.   AR AR

For   many   years,   I   had   hoped   that   I   would   be   able   to   promote   our   music   on   the   radio   stations   that   belong   to   Gutseriev,   using   24   songs   from   the   album   "Eclecticism   of   Thought"as   a   motive   and   an   occasion   for   acquaintance.   Of   course,   my   mind   knew   that   this   idea   was   stupid   for   a   number   of   reasons,   but   it   warmed   my   soul   for   four   years,   and   I   consciously   used   it   as   an   iron   motivator.   Remember   this   –   "hope,   our   compass   of   the   earth,   and   luck-the   reward   for   courage."   By   the   fourth   year,   after   talking   with   Mr.   A.,   a   representative   of   Gutseriev,   I   successfully   dashed   this   hope,   but   there   were   two   nuances.   First,   out   of   frustration   that   there   is   no   one   to   rely   on,   using   internal   reserves,   I   tripled   my   strength   and   even   added   more   than   400   books   to   Variothoughts.   In   other   words,   the   barrier   caused   a   significant   growth   of   the   system,   which   is   fine.   Second,   I   never   lost   hope,   because   good   hope   comes   from   love,   and   love,   as   we   know,   has   the   property   of   rebirth.

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The beginning of the book

3.363. Soloinc и Gutseriev..   AR AR

Soloinc’s   favorite   hobby   is   music   and   poetry.   In   early   2017,   Soloinc   studied   song   poetry   and   several   dozens   of   poems   by   Gutseriev   happened   to   come   into   his   hands.   Mikhail   is   an   outstanding   person,   with   a   remarkable   will   power   and   beautiful   mind,   and   his   soul   reflected   in   these   poems   shook   Soloinc   to   the   core.   The   revelation   Soloinc   experienced   by   immersing   himself   into   Gutseriev’s   poetry   can   be   called   enlightenment.   Soloing   put   21   of   these   texts   to   music   and   sang   them.   This   was   a   highly   creative   process,   that   of   union   and   fusion.   It   can   be   said   that   Gutseriev’s   personality   left   an   imprint   in   Soloinc’s   mind   and   became   a   part   of   him,   his   ideal   and   an   example   to   be   followed.   Actually,   Soloinc   is   not   acquainted   with   Mikhail   Gutseriev   and   has   never   met   him   in   his   life   but,   due   to   this   spiritual   union,   he   considers   him   his   mentor   and   teacher.   This   spiritual   union   has   become   a   great   power   thrust   for   him   to   work   on   Variothoughts,   made   him   give   up   music,   study   the   Bible   and   focus   100%   on   Variothoughts.   Many   ideas   whose   grains   have   been   found   in   Gutseriev’s   poetry   were   lovingly   cultivated   in   the   books   of   Variothoughts.   Among   the   most   intense   songs   with   lyrics   to   Gutseriev   that   have   had   a   crucial   impact   on   Variothoughts   are   Mathematics   and   Progression,   Boundless   (Ocean),   Flesh   and   Essence,   Third   Dream,   New   Day,   Eternal   Combat,   White   Smoke,   Bouquet   and   Eclectics   of   Thought.

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8.2478. M. Gutseriev's poetry in Soloinc songs.   AR AR

For   many   years   and   even   decades,   I   have   studied   poetry   and   literature,   thoroughly   understood   many   millions   of   texts.   It   can   be   assumed   that   I   know   a   lot   about   poetry,   and   I   do   not   evaluate   it   in   terms   of"   I   like   something   or   not",   but   according   to   objective   criteria   related   to   the   novelty   (originality)   of   images   and   meaning,   perfection   of   form   and   also   usefulness.   From   this   point   of   view,   M.   Gutseriev's   poetry   can   be   compared   to   a   very   rich   gold   ore.   Usually,   when   you   study   someone's   poetry,   it   is   either   about   empty   ore,   or   about   some   very   small   percentage   of   gold   in   the   rock   -   from   0.1%   to   4%,   in   the   case   of   Mikhail,   it   is   about   some   kind   of   gold   mine,   a   super-rich   Deposit   with   a   gold   content   of   20-30%.   There   are   a   lot   of   original   and   unexpected   images,   some   useful   philosophical   meanings   and   plots.

On   the   Internet,   a   number   of   incomprehensible   (obviously   envious)   individuals   often   criticize   these   texts,   but   this   is   all   a   sly   and   superficial   view.   I   personally   deeply   admire   many   of   the   texts   and   images   of   his   poetry,   and   I   see   in   his   texts   a   deep   philosophy   of   life   and   an   eclecticism   of   thought.   For   example,   I   discovered   that   when   I   mix   the   DNA   of   Gutseriev's   thought   with   the   DNA   of   my   own   thought,   I   get   great   and   very   beautiful   results.   For   me,   Mr.   Gutseriev's   texts   are   an   endless   source   of   pleasure   and   joy.

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10.2798. Afterlight.   AR AR

Soloinc   in   the   philosophy   of   Syntalism   revealed   the   ideas   that   he   realized   in   Gutseriev's   poems   in   the   2017   album   "Eclecticism   of   thought".   Every   verse,   every   song,   was   a   mystical   revelation   that   had   the   deepest   meaning.   Especially   significant   are   the   songs   "Boundless   ocean",   "Mathematics   and   progression",   "Lonely   moon",   "Third   dream",   "New   day",   "Flesh   and   essence",   etc.   In   fact,   this   album   influenced   about   45   thousand   lyrics   of   "Variothoughts".  

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10.2802.   AR AR

In   fact,   the   8   volumes   of   "Variothoughts"   and   the   whole   philosophy   of   Syntalism   is   the   disclosure   of   ideas,   the   seeds   of   which   were   laid   in   the   2017   Soloinc   music   album   "Eclecticism   of   thought"   based   on   poems   by   Mikhail   Gutseriev.

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10.3679.   AR AR

Songs on the poems of M. Gutseriev have an important philosophical meaning, bringing up the correct worldview in humans.  Hundreds of times listening to the same song, a person can see the light, realizing the meaning of some truth, and it will significantly change his life.  But even without realizing the meaning, a person can write important information into his subconscious and then use it intuitively.

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10.4985. The energy of admiration.   AR AR

90%   of   the   book   "Variothoughts"   was   written   after   Soloinc   admired   the   personality   and   poetry   of   Gutseriev,   was   inspired   and   wanted   to   become   like   him.

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10.6497. The practice of love and growth.   AR AR

After analyzing myself, I came to the conclusion that while I was writing songs based on Mikhail Gutseriev's poems, I admired and metaphorically fell in love with the spirit of this man.  When I fell in love, I realized the meaning of his lyrics.  I understood the truth of coitus.  And it was an Epiphany.  When I fell in love, I wanted to be like him.  When I fell in love, I wanted to be worthy of his attention.  These motives have become excellent incentives for my personal growth and fruitful work over the years.

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10.6808.   AR AR

Having found references to biblical motifs in Mikhail Gutseriev's poetry, I decided to study the gospel.  Previously, the gospel seemed to me a meaningless set of fairy tales, but after carefully studying it, I was very surprised and enlightened.  The gospel revealed to me all the secrets and secrets of existence.

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10.7349.   AR AR

Three   years   ago,   I   discovered   the   poetry   of   Mikhail   Gutseriev,   and   was   struck   by   the   depth   of   its   meaning.   First   I   put   21   verses   to   music   and   sang   them.   During   the   few   months   that   I   spent   working   on   the   album,   I   became   even   more   aware   of   the   meaning   of   these   lyrics,   and   they   inspired   me   to   improve   myself   and   write   a   number   of   books.   The   result   of   this   three-year   work   was   the   book   "Mathematics   and   Progression",   as   well   as   the   General   book"Variothoughts".   The   result   of   this   work,   in   my   opinion,   is   excellent.   It   includes   21   songs   from   the   album   "Eclecticism   of   Thought".   The   book   "Mathematics   and   progression"   on   the   poem   "Entertaining   mathematics   for   adults".   And   the   whole   philosophy   of   Syntalism   and   the   book   "Variothoughts"   as   a   whole,   as   a   single   product.   As   a   sign   of   my   admiration   for   the   personality   and   creativity   of   Mikhail   Gutseriev,   I   would   like   to   personally   present   him   with   a   handmade   collector's   copy   of   the   book   "Mathematics   and   progression".   Also,   because   I   am   a   big   fan   of   his   work,   and   now   I   have   started   another   book   where   I   conduct   a   philosophical   analysis   of   the   texts   of   Mr.   Gutseriev's   poetry.   For   this   process   to   be   high-quality   and   complete,   I   would   like   to   have   the   honor   to   meet   Mikhail   Safarbekovich   personally   and   talk   with   him   about   a   deeper   disclosure   of   the   meaning   of   the   texts   of   his   poetry   and   personality   in   General.

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10.8445.   AR AR

Gutseriev's   poetry   is   intuitive   poetry,   poetry   of   truth,   poetry   that   knows   no   limits   and   fear,   poetry   of   courage   and   honesty.   According   to   the   philosophy   of   Syntalism,   it   is   this   intuitive,   instantaneous   type   of   thinking   that   opens   up   the   experience   of   knowing   the   truth   to   a   person.

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10.11121. May the force come with you.   AR AR

Thanks to the awareness of the texts of Gutseriev's poetry, I changed my consciousness radically, gaining access to power and energy.  This book will be useful for those who are looking for power, energy, power, and money.

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10.12702. The way of the pilgrim.   AR AR

In the verses of Gutseriev you will find indications of the true path.

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10.16657.   AR AR

Gutseriev is a unique person of our time, who allowed us to look through his poems into the soul of a genius.  See the practical application of truth.  Gutseriev is like Navoi, Babur, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius.  Gutseriev is a unique contemporary.

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10.16661.   AR AR


Gutseriev is the unity of experience, poetry, and knowledge.  Most poets go from reality to the world of their illusions, while Gutseriev shows us a unique example of the sensory experience of knowledge, the poet's interaction with reality.


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10.16665.   AR AR

Gutseriev is a unique example of the integrity of illusions and reality.  We know the poets and philosophers of illusion, and we know the poets and philosophers of reality.  Gutseriev is one of the few who achieved integrity.

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10.16680.   AR AR

Gutseriev is a harmonious person, and his poetry is harmonious, it connects and restores the integrity of people's souls.  Our society is divided, and hurt by neurosis and dichotomous thinking.  Black and white separates us.  Gutseriev's poetry is socially useful, it eliminates neurosis and connects people.  Connects the perfect and the imperfect.  Gutseriev's creativity must be agitated and carried to the masses, and new directions of music and creativity must be reached.  You don't need to strive for perfection, but you need to strive for harmony and unity of everyone and everything.  Rock music and pop music, rap and chanson, perfect and imperfect, women and men.  The world should be colored and unified, not dichotomically black and white.

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10.16682.   AR AR

The essence of love is connection.  Gutseriev he is a metaphor for the ocean, he connects.

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10.16688. Russian idea.   AR AR

The idea of Gutseriev's poetry is a Christian idea, the idea of unity, the idea of brothers and sisters in love.  The idea of turning sackcloth into calico, enemies into friends, darkness into light.  The idea of unity.  There's nothing wrong.  God is everything.  Everything is beauty.  Everything is love.  Our society is divided by pride, white despises black, black despises white.  The rich despise the poor, the poor despise the rich.  The perfect despise the imperfect; the imperfect despise the perfect.  Love all of the bands for mutual benefit.

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10.17113.   AR AR

Gutseriev is a poet of reality, a poet of truth.  The reality is the truth.  Truth is the beautifully spoken, fearless poetry of being.

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10.17575.   AR AR

Gutseriev's poetry is the poetry of experience.  Ordinary poetry is the poetry of illusion and ideals, the poetry of lies reflected in a mirror-a reality, a reality idealized and terribly far from reality.  Gutseriev's poetry is the poetry of experience, the poetry of honesty, love, courage, faith, and, therefore, movement.  All that Gutseriev writes, he immediately does, is a chronicle of life experience, a chronicle of knowledge of reality.  An experience, a mind-boggling experience of love for life.  There is not an ounce of fantasy, not an ounce of lies and illusions.  Gutseriev's life itself is poetry, and his poetry is a chronicle of this experience.  Who is a modern artist?  The artist is his very first creation, his every movement and his very personality is art.  The fashionable concept today is performance, to do something amazing and impress the audience.  Such is Gutseriev, his life and his poetry.  But if many poets and artists themselves do not know what their work teaches, then Gutseriev's work teaches us the art of love, courage, honesty, success in life, and the realization of their ideals and goals.  The most important goal of human life is to learn to love.  Mr. Gutseriev, his life and poetry are the clearest example of how to love and what true love is.  In Gutseriev's poems, young people will find an example of courage and honesty.  Businessmen and managers will find out how to do business and manage people.  Dreamers – how to realize your dreams.  All-all-all will learn to love.  Love is the Holy Grail of being, the art of turning sackcloth into calico.  You need to love slowly, but passionately, like fire, but not like fire.  Love does not tolerate haste, haste is pride.  – I just slowly loved, "the poet writes," and this is the main secret of love.

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