9.691. Munchauzen didn't lie.   AR AR

Pull  oneself  from  the  mire  by  hairs...  along  with  a  horse/  Incredible!  But  philosophers  claim  that  one  can  make  one's  own  entertainment.  Thousands  of  books  assure  it's  up  to  us.

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10.18314.   AR AR

It is dangerous to ask idols for help.  When one idol helps you, other idols that hate it will interfere.  Seek help from the real gods.  The real God is love.  You already know what love is.

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10.18745. The key to the lock.   AR AR

Faith is a paradigm through which a person sees reality.  We know that reality is form, and form determines content.  You are what you believe in, because you see it and what you see defines you.  To get out of a vicious circle, you need a key.  The key is hope.

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10.21643.   AR AR

You will have to strangle your pride with your own hands.

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10.21669.   AR AR

When God sees human suffering, God wants to save a person, but the salvation of a drowning person is in the hands of the drowning person himself.  A drowning man needs faith to save himself, and faith is the movement of his own hands and feet.  God helps the walking, the crawling, but not the lying or running.

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3.164.   AR AR

As for self-motivation, it can be seen that the egg is pecked from the inside, and outside it is broken only to eat.

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4.34.   AR AR

It   is   dangerous   to   protect   a   person   from   Vice   from   the   outside.   You   will   protect   him   from   the   lesser   evil,   and   he   will   be   the   victim   of   the   greater   one.   The   lesser   evil   protects   man   from   the   greater   one.  
A   person   can   save   himself   from   Vice   only,   an   attempt   to   save   him   from   the   outside   and   by   force   will   only   aggravate   the   situation.

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4.16. Leave the Hippo alone.   AR AR

It's not an easy job dragging a Hippo out of the swamp...  Hippo resists and does not want to leave his warm and cozy home.

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The beginning of the book

5.283. Free advice.   AR AR

No one needs advice. No! But the worst thing is the tips are free... Terrible evil, terrible. Free advice on how persistent the worms crawl in the ear and penetrating the brain, eat it. Unsolicited advice, unnecessary advice, they are like a worm in a beautiful Apple on the outside make it hideously worm-like on the inside. O Lord, protect my soul from free advice, and those who give it, let them go to hell.

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4.1164.   AR AR

If your train is gone, and you stay and cry-it says about your passive life position. You are looking for someone to save You, looking for help from the outside, not wanting to change and start acting on their own. Why the train? Go on foot. Solve your own problems.

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5.2235.   AR AR

Saving a drowning man is a thankless task, he decided to drown himself, and you are interfering with him. People voluntarily and happily immersed in the maelstrom of vices. If you try to save a suicide, he will bite you in anger and fear.

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5.4990.   AR AR

In fact, excess aid, vitamins and medicines are very harmful to health in the body and are similar to dumping, humanitarian aid and market collapse, destroying domestic production. This is similar to how humanitarian aid and the red Cross rice supply to Haiti destroyed the country's agriculture and left millions of people on the streets. And here, external assistance degrades internal systems, while freeing up internal resources, unable to find their place in life and lead to disease. Excess vitamins, medicine and food causes cancer and many other diseases.

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6.5329.   AR AR

I have noticed that any attempt to save someone who does not show much desire to be saved is a waste of time. The desire to be saved must come from within, no one can be saved from the outside. Is that go to them inside and become their own, to solve the problem from the inside.

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6.6298.   AR AR

If you want success in your business, be choosy in accepting help. Reticence to foreign aid, rather, will strengthen your business, than help from people, marred by defects.

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7.1287.   AR AR

The main cause of conflicts between parents and adult children is constant mutual insults. Parents like to give advice that no one asks for, forgetting that unsolicited advice is an insult.

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7.1927.   AR AR

Saving  the  drowning  is  a  dangerous  and  thankless  job.  Statistically,  lifeguards  get  low  salaries,  and  per  cent  of  the  drowned  among  them  is  the  biggest.

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7.4768. On unsolicited advice.   AR AR

They  sat  smart  people  listen  to  someone  else's  wise  pieces  of  advice.  I  doubt  this.  The  key  is  that  the  smart  have  their  own  plan  and  don't  want  someone  else's  pieces  of  advice.  And  if  smart  one  needs  an  advice,  he  will  ask  for  it  or  find  it  in  books,  while  fools  don't  understand  wise  pieces  of  advice  at  all.  That's  why  giving  wise  pieces  of  advice  without  being  asked  for  then  is  a  silly  idea.

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8.1900.   AR AR

The great evolutionary advantage of man is the fact that man is a self-learning system. We talk a lot about the need for proper education and training of the child. But the truth is that, by and large, a person is able to do everything himself, without any external help. And, moreover, even in spite of external negative factors.

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8.6141.   AR AR

They love to break on a tear, ...and you burdock ears not to hang and answer – "the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning."..and as Nietzsche willed- " push the falling...»

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8.7206.   AR AR

All  kinds  of  an  external  stimulation  of  a  dotation  type  organism  is  such  that,  having  got  help  from  the  outside,  the  organism  proportionally  reduces  the  production  of  this  element  within  itself,  and  this  makes  it  dependent  on  external  injections.

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9.5740.   AR AR

While you're waiting for someone to help you, it's easier to help yourself. The salvation of the human soul is an active process that comes from within the person, not from outside.

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9.5741. The rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning.   AR AR

When you drown, do not scream, but on the contrary, breathe in the air and close your mouth, it will allow you to stay on the surface like a buoy.

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9.6323. Avoid the sense of duty.   AR AR

Just helping people is dangerous. Sometimes, accepting help, a person begins to feel a sharp sense of duty, it seems to him that now he owes you... Being proper no one likes and as a consequence the person starts avoiding you and you lose a buddy... losing a friend. To avoid this situation, let the person pay.

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9.6796.   AR AR

Some prisons are safer than the outside. Prison saves a man's soul.

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9.6813.   AR AR

Don't  teach  me  how  to  live,  better  provide  material  aid.  However,  the  rescue  of  a  drowning  man  is  the  drowning  man's  own  job.  What's  more,  it's  better  to  teach  one  how  to  fish  than  to  give  fish  for  free.

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10.1212.   AR AR

A person who is dependent on relatives, a partner or outside help automatically acquires dependent personality disorder and all the negative features of this type of personality.

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10.1737.   AR AR

I don't think you want to help a man out of a swamp? 
- The swamp - home of the hippopotamus, why would you want to deprive him of home?

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10.2783.   AR AR

You will see clearly when you understand that you do not need anything external.  And everything you need is inside you.  It is not the outside that should help you, but you should help the outside.  You are the God who creates the world.  The world needs help, not you.

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