10.21628.   AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other side of your face to calm the fear of pain.  What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

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10.21530.   AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other cheek so that you don't fear the blows of fate and don't live in fear.  Those who are afraid of pain live in eternal fear.

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10.21531.   AR AR

What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, which means everything is for the best.  If it didn't kill you with the first slap on the cheek, give it the second, and you will become stronger, and you will overcome your fear, and you will stop being afraid of your enemies.

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10.21532.   AR AR

To turn the other cheek to the blow is necessary in order not to live in eternal fear of the first blow.

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The beginning of the book

1799.   AR AR

In  religious  issues  like  "love  thy  enemy"  or  "whosoever  shall  smite  thee  on  the  right  cheek,  turn  to  him  the  other  also"  -  I  DON'T  see  any  weakness... 

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Art by Martin Anderson



5.637. Suffering is joyful.   AR AR

The problem with a fool is that he knows nothing about his sins. Real suffering happy, for there they the atonement. That said, you are struck on one cheek, turn the other itself, this is because removing the stone from the soul, man finds ease and joy. The suffering of the body strengthens the spirit. But the fool knows nothing of his sins, so his suffering is excruciating. A fool doesn't count his sins for his sins. The suffering of a fool is unjust. Injustice hurts like hell. Injustice is the worst thing in the world. Infinite self-pity fills the soul of the unfortunate, and that is what is called Hell. Humility might have saved him, but where was humility in a fool? He doesn't know the word.

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5.1003.   AR AR

When they hit you on one cheek, turn the other, because pain is fear. Fear is the devil. Turning face to face with pain, you accustom yourself to pain, and thus conquering the fear of pain, you conquer evil. If you can't beat the big pain, start with the little pain. Practice. The main thing is not to fall into the other extreme, and then love the pain and become a faithful servant of the devil for all eternity in hell.

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6.1798.   AR AR

The point is, when you hit one cheek, turn the other, the punishment is joyful. Man has sinned and is now punished for his stupidity. Repentance is joyful.

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6.2580. If you got hit on one cheek.   AR AR

The laws of existence — the laws bitiya. When a man understands what he is being beaten for, he will see clearly and succeed in all his deeds.

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7.3116. The principle of aikido.   AR AR

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7.3223. Whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him.   AR AR

You  can  agree  with  all  the  claims  on  you  and  thank  your  opponent  for  his  very  comment  what  allowed  You  to  open  your  eyes  to  your  faults  anв  get  on  the  straight-and-narrow.  Let.  Him  think  he  won. 

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9.6706. Nobody gets beaten for no reason.   AR AR

“If  someone  slaps  you  on  the  right  cheek,  offer  the  other  cheek  too.”  The  idea  is  that  the  exterior  is  the  reflection  of  the  interior  and  any  whip  is  payback  for  our  sins.  If  God  inflicted  punishment  on  us,  we  have  to  humbly  accept  it  and  repent  in  order  to  get  rid  of  our  sin.

Resistance  to  punishment  will  lead  to  new  punishments,  like  the  proverbial  10  plagues  of  Egypt.  Man  cannot  resist  God,  so  it’s  better  to  show  humility:  this  could  be  his  ticket  to  salvation.

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9.6707.   AR AR

“If  someone  slaps  you  on  the  right  cheek,  offer  the  other  cheek  too.”  The  idea  is  that  if  you  start  fighting  back,  insult  and  lash  out  at  the  Demon,  he  will  eat  or  mutilate  you  in  a  fit  of  wrath.  So,  taking  into  consideration  the  demons’  strength,  you’d  better  avoid  direct  confrontations  with  them.

Here’s  a  typical  example:  your  boss  is  shouting  and  fulminating  at  you  for  some  obscure  sin…  In  such  a  situation,  you  should  humbly  repent,  pull  your  hair  out  and  should  not  under  any  circumstances  talk  back,  fight  back,  run  away  or  make  excuses…  Obedience  and  voluntary  acceptance  of  punishment  will  soon  quell  the  conflict.

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9.6710.   AR AR

“If  someone  slaps  you  on  the  right  cheek,  offer  the  other  cheek  too.”  This  thesis  is  good  only  for  the  following  situation:  “God”  sends  a  “Demon  with  a  Whip”  to  make  a  person  confess  his  sins.  In  other  words,  the  one  who  strikes  is  much  stronger  than  or  equal  to  the  beaten  one.  If  the  attacker  is  weak,  his  conduct  is  mere  insolence,  impertinence  and  stupidity,  that  is,  sin.

By  virtue  of  the  principle  of  “judge  not  and  you  will  not  be  judged”,  there  is  point  in  turning  the  attacker  over  to  the  “judgment  of  God”,  that  is,  the  police.

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9.6719.   AR AR

"Whoever  shall  smite  you  on  the  right  cheek,  turn  to  him  the  other  also".  The  meaning  of  it  is  that  the  penitent  punishes  himself  on  his  own.  The  first  smite  is  the  punishment  for  some  sin  and  when  a  person  deliberately  turns  the  other  cheek,  it  means  this  person  realizes  the  sin  and  repents  so  that  decides  to  punish  his  own  self  in  order  to  be  purged  of  sin.

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9.6759.   AR AR

“If  someone  slaps  you  on  the  right  cheek,  offer  the  other  cheek  too.”  The  point  is  that  readiness  for  punishment  implies  repentance  and  obedience.  He  who  is  obedient  and  repentant  can  be  forgiven.

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10.1424. Walking on water.   AR AR

If you were hit on one cheek, turn the other-means that for the sake of what you love and believe, do not be afraid, go to the pain and fear...  Not enough one step in gap, need the second, the third and so until indefinitely.

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10.1426.   AR AR

The experience of Christian martyrs in the context of such commandments as non - resistance to evil, hit one cheek-turn the other...  teaches us to be ready for love, beauty and truth to confront fear and pain.

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10.1464. Victory over fear.   AR AR

"Slap one cheek, turn the other" is a metaphor for sacrifice in the name of love and truth.  Man is ready to go to fear, pain and suffering for the high goals of faith, hope, love and truth.

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10.1759.   AR AR

Hit on one cheek, turn the other, because God is one, you can not love only one half.  Love the good, love the bad.  God is unconditional love, if you condemn him, you go straight to hell.

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10.21529.   AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other side of your face... so that you can control your fear and not become a slave to fear.

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10.21575.   AR AR

Love your enemy.  Hit on one  turn the other cheek.  Don't judge.  Don't create an idol for yourself.  All these theses are needed to overcome your own fear and pride, so keep your faith in yourself, the ability to move and grow.

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10.22964.   AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other cheek, because the meaning of human life is to subdue your fear.  As long as you are afraid of your fear, you will be beaten.  By running away from pain, you will increase your fear, and it will dominate you.  By actively turning the other cheek, you will overcome your fear and gain courage.

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10.24408.   AR AR

He will pour out his rage and be comforted.

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