107.   AR AR

The rarest fragrance
from everyday realities
breathe my life.

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5.2937.   AR AR

Oxytocin creates the addiction to the smell. The smell of each sexual partner is unique. Such programming creates a man addicted to sex with a partner.

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5.4910.   AR AR

The smell of freshly brewed coffee invigorates and knocks down the appetite.

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5.814. Magical smell love.   AR AR

Right after a kiss, we trust our charm. Charm is the ability to feel food from a distance. Charm this was the third human ability that emerged immediately after the sensation of taste.

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5.807.   AR AR

An interesting point about the essence of busting love. Observing a chemical element itol responsible for the smell of flowers, I noticed that in small doses it smells like flowers, and in large and concentrated - feces. A lot of love all spoil, however, when you do not give flowers, it is also not happy.

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5.805.   AR AR

Perfumes and colognes are good, but they are always lies that can hide, for example, the smell of death and decay. You believe a lie and let death eat you slowly but inexorably.

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5.796.   AR AR

The smell of decay is disgusting, because it causes the fear of death. They are very afraid of death and all that is dying. Accustomed to the smell of death, you will overcome the fear of death, and therefore all his children and close relatives.

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4.549.   AR AR

Fate is blind, but she feels love. Fate feels whether there is love and faith, truth and hope in man. Those in whom there is love are courageous, which means that there is no fear in them. Fate is blind, but she can smell fear.

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3237. The smell of success is very attractive.   AR AR

The  smell  of  success  attracts  money. 
The  smell  of  success  attracts  women. 
The  smell  of  success  attracts  men. 
The  smell  of  success  attracts  good  luck. 
The  smell  of  success  attracts  all  flies. 

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3017.   AR AR

The  bird  of  luck  is  scared  of  the  smell  of  fear. 

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9.9168.   AR AR

Beauty is like a delicious smell, it is necessary to cause appetite and attract attention.

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10.2617.   AR AR

The less you know, the better you sleep.  It is said that the human mind specifically suppressed its sense of smell to suppress sexual functions.  Otherwise, life in society would be impossible.  The mind wants to decide for himself with whom and when to mate.  Animals is oriented in this issue on sense of smell.

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10.4337. Breathe through your mouth.   AR AR

Smells are also a language.  Animals talk through the language of smells.  Smells is a very strong language, for example, if you give an order in the language of smells, you will not be able to resist.

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10.4338.   AR AR

It is wrong to say that animals cannot talk.  Animals speak the language of smells, visual images, ultrasound, that sort of thing.

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10.11611.   AR AR

You can't be completely narcissistic.  You're a flower, then you can't grow and bloom.  But you can't overdo it.  They say that the smell of flowers, if concentrated, begins to smell of feces.

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10.13888.   AR AR

The relationship should be compared to the scent of perfume or the construction of a beautiful house.  Beauty, order, harmony and absence of kinks are important here.

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10.13902. Bouquet of scents.   AR AR

Objects in memory are colored in different colors.  These colors are emotions.  Each object has its own special emotional pattern.

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The beginning of the book

240. [In brevi]   AR AR

…the  fate  of  the  rabbit  is  unfortunate 
he  thought  too  much... 
he  should  have  taken  care  of 
the  doe-rabbit  he  smelled  out. 

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636. Pride.   AR AR

From  the  feeling  of  one's  own  goodness 
there  appeared  a  slightly  flickering 
aureola  round  the  head... 
with  unpleasant  smell. 

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1705. Sex, relationship and chemistry.   AR AR

It  is  considered  to  be  rational  to  take  a  shower  and  wash  oneself  before  sex. 
Generally,  it's  really  rational  but  there  are  some  details... 
Everyone  has  one's  own  personal  smell.  The  chemistry  of  the  body.  And  this  smell  depends  on  many  things,  like  hormones,  glands  etc.  And  this  smell  is  what  differs  a  particular  person  among  million  others. 

A  touch  of  civilization  for  the  last  ten  thousand  years  hasn't  drastically  changed  human  nature.  As  evolution  is  a  matter  of  million  years.  And  ten  thousand  years  don't  bring  any  changes.  And  animals,  as  is  known,  attach  great  importance  to  smells.  They  smell  each  other  to  realize  whether  it's  their  type  of  creature. 

Thus,  when  a  male  and  a  female  meet  for  the  first  time  and  decide  whether  they  are  a  nice  match,  their  decision  also  depends  on  (or  maybe  largely  depends  on)  the  smell…  What's  more,  as  soon  as  they  too  become  a  couple  they  start  to  produce  some  identical  and  exactly  mutually  suitable  pheromones  that  fit  like  a  lock  and  the  key  to  it.  That  very  signal  "my  type-  another  type".  All  these  pheromones,  smells  etc.  form  a  chemical  bond  between  a  male  and  a  female  and  bring  them  pleasure  while  making  them  closer  and  loyal  to  each  other  as  other  partners  no  longer  represent  interest  for  them. 

Thus,  when  one  washes  all  one's  smells  and  pheromones  off  and  starts  to  smell  of  soap  or  fragrance,  it  may  spoil  the  chemical  base  of  a  relationship  and  deprive  people  of  big  "animalistic  pleasure". 

Just  think  of  Napoleon  and  Josephine…  Five  days  before  he  visited  her,  Josephine  didn't  wash  so  that  when  Napoleon  visited  her  he  simply  lost  his  mind  with  wild  desires…  Perhaps  five  days  is  a  bit  too  many,  but  however,  it's  an  obvious  historical  fact... 

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1887.   AR AR

The  perception  of  information  largely  depends  on  one's  mood. 

Being  in  a  good  mood  one  appreciates  many  things,  be  it  enjoying  something  beautiful  and  the  delicate  scent  of  its  form  or  the  taste  of  its  content... 

While  being  in  a  bad  mood  one  doesn't  need  information  as  much  as  consolation. 

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1932.   AR AR

Loving  with  abandon,  desperately...  what  does  it  feel  like? 
By  touch?  To  the  taste? 
You're  nice,  you're  yummy... 
They  will  know  each  other  by  smell. 
Their  gene  sets  are  so  matching  that  they  are  mutually  attracted 
Their  DNA  helixes  want  to  intertangle. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



2285.   AR AR

The  best  way  to  know  wisdom  is  to  personally  do  many  stupid  things. 

Gradually  you'll  get  so  bored  with  stupidity  that  you'll  be  able  to  smell  it.  Or  feel  it  with  your  whole  body  when  it's  a  mile  away.  You'll  become  an  alarm  that  starts  to  signal  all  over  the  area  as  soon  as  stupidity  gets  close  to  you.  And  later  you'll  be  able  to  create  wisdom  by  denying  stupidity. 

Denying  stupidity  means  being  wise. 

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2367. Others' smell.   AR AR

Being  half  carnivorous,  people  really  dislike  how  others  smell.  They  see  competition  and  threat  in  others.  In  the  wild  world  it's  the  smell  that  divides  all  creatures  into  insiders  and  outsiders. 

In  order  to  switch  off  this  natural  system  of  identification,  people  regularly  take  shower  and  clean  teeth,  use  perfumes  and  deodorants.  And  it's  all  proper  and  right  except  for  one  situation  when  switching  off  this  system  may  result  into  terrible  troubles. 

When  a  man  and  a  woman  try  to  become  partners,  it's  very  important  for  them  to  like  each  other's  smell  regardless  of  the  state  they  are  in.  But  unfortunately,  at  the  early  stages  of  dating  they  try  to  disguise  their  natural  smell  by  washing  and  using  perfume  a  lot.  But  a  bit  later,  after  becoming  close  enough,  if  one  of  them  forgets  to  take  a  shower  or  clean  teeth  once,  the  other  partner  will  feel  the  natural  smell  for  the  first  time... 
And  it  will  be  the  real  smell  without  any  disguise…  And  if  partners  don't  like  each  other's  natural  smell  and  don't  fit  genetically,  than  this  smell  will  seem  disgusting.  And  it's  impossible  to  live  with  a  person  whose  natural  smell  seems  disgusting  and  sickening. 

However,  many  people  don't  get  this  idea  and  think  that  it's  a  person  who  is  dirty  or  people  around  who  smell  badly.  Unfortunately,  it's  not  true  as  "your  type  of  person"  smells  well  under  any  circumstances  while  the  smell  of  others  may  seem  disgusting. 

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2797. The smell of fear.   AR AR

I've  noticed  that  once  I  get  some  fear  within  myself,  many  things  go  wrong  and  misfortunes  follow  me.  As  fear  is  like  a  smell  that  keeps  good  luck  away  from  its  owner. 
Fear  is  a  bird  of  ill  omen.  And  in  order  to  bring  good  luck  back  and  be  aimed  at  victory,  the  first  thing  to  be  done  is  to  overcome  fears. 

Good  luck  can't  stand  the  smell  of  fear. 

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3340. The smell of success is the smell of sweat...   AR AR

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3862.   AR AR

The   genetic   changes   associated   with   the   smell   and   immunity   reduction   are   most   likely   caused   by   reproduction   and   emergence   of   sexual   desire.   Apparently,   these   changes   gave   people   great   freedom   of      will   in   the   reproductive   sphere   and,   assumingly,   increased   the   spreading   speed   of   the   gene   mutations   and   dominant   signs   connected   with   socialization   and   intellect   development.   Besides,   immunity   reduction   is   likely   to   raise   the   possibility   of      conception   of   the   child   from   the   partner   more   remote   genetically.

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5.195.   AR AR

Talking smart to a fool is like pouring honey from a full jug and back... Like a fool as was empty, and stayed but the smell is on the bottom of the honey a bit stuck.

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5.794. Toilet water.   AR AR

Perfume, leading to sexual ecstasy and bewitches possible and work well, especially for people who are weak in mind. The human soul is an animal essence, and animals live in a world of smells and smell sexual partners with all the fibers of their soul, unable to resist this attraction. And the more complex and beautiful this fragrance, the more it drives the soul crazy, appealing to the passion of love.

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5.815.   AR AR

After the kisses and the delicious smell appeared hearing – the ability to feel the sound waves from the proximity of food or of enemies. So women like ears. The fifth in the Arsenal of senses was vision, so we all love beauty.

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5.817. The smell of time.   AR AR

Intuition is the sense of time, the smell of time, the touch of time. Analyzing the change in time of information coming from other senses, based on the analysis of their dynamics, intuition decides the truth or falsity of entities.

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5.818.   AR AR

In   a   barrel   of   honey   with   a   spoonful   of   tar,   honey   is   the   solvent   and   tar   the   medicine.   This   very   aroma   of   beauty   is   poison   in   larger   quantities   and   a   medicine   and   beauty   in   small   ones.

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5.829.   AR AR

From the point of view of analysis, the emergence of fears and preferences is very interesting to trace their Association with smells and experiences from the past, when certain objects served as a source of fear or joy. Awareness of the source of the harmful Association will help to get rid of addiction.

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5.894.   AR AR

Kisses and oral caresses are very useful for spouses and lovers, and those who avoid them, apparently, do not love each other at all. Great restraint I see in those who are each other's taste and smell don't like.

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7.749. Imagine it's delicious.   AR AR

Anticipating the taste, the taste will feel...

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8.131. How to save up money.   AR AR

It's  rational  to  invest  into  rare  and  unique  things.  For  example,  into  works  of  art  or  jewels.  Otherwise,  money  will  leave  due  to  being  free  of  necessity. 

Money  really  likes  to  be  embodied  into  unique  and  beautiful  things. 

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9.904.   AR AR

Breathe  in  onions  and  eat  garlic.  Infections  can’t  stand  their  smell. 

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