418.   AR AR

In  fact  it's  better  when  something  doesn't  come  easily 
rather  than  when  it's  easy  to  achieve,  - 
it  also  means  less  competition. 

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589.   AR AR

In  following  the  course  of  stereotypes  I  see  keen  competition. 

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7.71. Great use.   AR AR

Observe  your  competitors  and  take  the  best  from  them  –  after  all,  they  should  be  good  for  something.

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10.17026.   AR AR

Similar doesn't like similar, because no one likes competitors.

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10.17039.   AR AR

The more competitors there are, the better...  exhausted in the mutual struggle, they will be small and weak.  Refrain from fighting, grow up a little, and then eat them one at a time.

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10.17079.   AR AR

Progress is a necessity, because competitors do not stand still.

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10.17849. Shoulder of power.   AR AR

The justice is that the king of the mountain built his own mountain, so he has a tenfold bonus with any of the greedy competitors who want to overthrow him.

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10.19185.   AR AR

Competitors do not need to be afraid, they need to be loved.  Competitors are food in every sense of the word.

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10.19192.   AR AR

Uniqueness allows forms to avoid conflict over content (energy).  The very concept of competition between forms occurs through uniqueness, because, in fact, the same energy can simultaneously belong to hundreds of forms, provided that they are unique and separate.

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10.19193.   AR AR

The more unique and useful the form, the easier it is to gain control of energy.  We can say that there is no struggle for energy between forms.  Any unique form can easily capture any energy it needs.

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10.19308.   AR AR

The universe is a point that grows within itself, so the source of its energy is inside it, and it does not compete with anyone and does not waste energy on war.

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10.19311. A variety of options.   AR AR

The whole is the form, the details are the content.  The whole is always competing for content, but the content also tends to become part of the whole.  On the other hand, there are a lot of forms and details.

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10.19321. Polygamous relationships.   AR AR

Tolerance is the realization that one and the same point (the contents)  it can belong to different forms.  What's the point  the more universal and simpler it is, the more forms can share it at the same time.  Forms compete for content, but this competition is not aggressive, it is only about mutual polygamous love.

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10.19346. Love cannot be stopped.   AR AR

The greater the barrier and impassability, the better, because fewer people, more oxygen.  The more competitors perish in the swamp of impassability, the better.

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10.19901. In search of a clear sky.   AR AR

Life is movement.  The meaning of life is movement.  Movement is growth.  Growth is joyful.  We don't need goals by themselves, but to indicate the direction of growth.  It is desirable to choose unique goals in order to grow in a direction free from competitors.

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10.20222.   AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because there are a lot of fools, and only one thing is better.  Choosing the best, you get involved in a competitive struggle, where a crowd of people and a large impassability.  The best is greed, driven horses, insufficient fuel and crowds of people.  Smart people travel light, on foot or on a donkey.

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10.21606. Do you know what I mean?   AR AR

The idolaters (the proud)  they crave the big... but the big is not enough and there are many who want to own it.  This creates unhealthy competition and crowds of sufferers.  At the same time, the small remains in oblivion, no one needs it for nothing.

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10.22558. A heroic trick.   AR AR

"This is so monstrously difficult," I say to myself, but I don't cry, but I am happy.  First, the hero is happy, and secondly, smart people know that everything is identical, but you will get more joy from the difficult, and there will be fewer competitors.

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The beginning of the book

849.   AR AR

The theory of free market and free competition argues that the state should not regulate the market, they say, in conditions of free competition, he stabilizes naturally, as in nature... and everything will be fine... the so-called macroeconomic equilibrium is Formed. This remarkable theory, which attempts to compare the market with the natural environment, has a number of weak and vicious misconceptions.

Indeed, in nature in a separate area there may exist a balanced ecosystem in which they can successfully exist in the food chain: lions, rabbits, deer, grass, etc. and all these elements of the system are balanced and affect each other, maintaining harmony. It is believed that this system is similar to the"free market". However, this observation is superficial.

Consider the details and compare the natural situation with the open market: this system can only regulate the number of individuals of a species in a certain area. But even this she does with nuances. Consider a pride of lions: pride of food to control some territory, the forces of all prides are about the same, the number of individuals in the pride, too limited of various natural mechanisms. That is, such a phenomenon, when the lion pride will grow to an incredible size and enslave everything around - in nature, this phenomenon is impossible. And the most important difference... the lion, being a natural element, has stable characteristics that can vary very slightly. His strength, size, speed, intelligence is limited... He can't become a super lion-titanium, to invent guns and shoot deer from any distance, use a shovel and gas to smoke rabbits out of burrows... He can not easily and quickly navigate through the world, looking for this habitat is full of food, and he has no enemies (remember the situation when the bunnies got to Australia, where they had no natural enemies for 7 years, ate half of the flora of the island). That is the power and ability of a lion in a systematic way are limited. The lion and his pride a lot of things can not: they do not have communication systems, are unable to store food, we can not control the vast areas, destroying everything around. Their distribution and power is limited by nature in principle. They are not something that can't kill other lions and their prides, they even deer and hares are not able to destroy with all his desire…

And even in this state, this system functions in waves-from crisis to crisis. Rabbits have multiplied, then lions, then the lions ate birds, then the lions died of starvation. This situation is not particularly acceptable for humanity: people do not really like when they are eaten, or when they die of hunger.

But the subjects of economic relations-companies and corporations can do all this perfectly well. Their management systems, communications, intelligence, access to financial sources, allow them to grow indefinitely. That is, if you compare a Corporation with a lion, you can see that this is a very specific lion. It is huge, it is growing all the time, it is constantly getting smarter and improved, it is able to endlessly destroy all its competitors, absorb resources. To escape from it rabbits, ROE deer, and other smaller predators is very problematic... this lion can move freely around the world, getting into conditions where he has an abundance of food and no enemies at all (a natural lion such a joy and did not dream). That is, if the natural lion is naturally limited in its power, then the Corporation, being an artificial object, has no such restrictions, and can grow and modify indefinitely, until it absorbs and fills (as a rule, while destroying) the parent environment.

Is this situation unique in nature? Not at all. It exists quite well at the level of the micro-world in the environment of bacteria and cells. And the most striking analogue of the Corporation in the micro-world are cancer cells and viruses. Yes, they can also grow endlessly inside the body, absorbing all available resources, they can constantly change and improve. And in General they're reaching the limit, destroy the body. But even in this natural mechanism is not so simple. Inside the body there is an immune system, the purpose and existence of which is every second and uncompromising fight against all these cancer cells and other viruses. And the result of this struggle is not predetermined: either the immune system will win, or the body will be destroyed.

That is, in fact, corporations and big business (with signs of a tumor and a foreign virus) - this is the very virus, cancer, which seek to destroy the body; and the state is the same organism that within itself should ensure the functioning of the immune system, should fight cancer, destroy foreign viruses. The immune system is what should keep the body stable by preventing something from aggressively multiplying and absorbing or breaking the body.

A) the State is not just a natural natural area. The state is an organism where everything must be balanced and where there are various mechanisms and bodies that perform certain tasks. And where, in particular, is the immune system, which must fight cancer cells, foreign viruses, infections, etc., acting as a natural regulator. The concept of a free market in its pure uncritical form proposes to destroy this system and thus destroy the organism.

B) not all corporations are evil, and not all viruses are evil. A Corporation is a mechanism that performs a specific task. Each body has its own different organs that perform certain tasks related to the functioning of the body. And these mechanisms should work properly. Fight should be with cancerous tumors that begin to grow and destroy all systems of the body. The same goes for viruses. A normal body is always full of viruses and bacteria. Problems arise when a virus breaks through the protection of the immune system and begins to break and destroy the body's system. Especially dangerous alien virus that came from afar, those viruses against which the inside of the body has no antibodies.

C) you Should also pay attention to a very dangerous Maxim about the fact that it is better to import something than to produce inside the body. Say, why do we need our heart, because there is a clinic outside and we can connect to the artificial heart; why do we need certain hormones inside the body, why do we need a thyroid gland, and let's all get it in the form of pills.
A normal organism should receive from outside only raw materials, information, some nutrients, and then without fanaticism, so as not to be poisoned or die of obesity.

D) the Modern economic system to date, supporting the phenomenon of globalization wants to destroy such organisms, as individual States, and create one big state - like cyborg. They want to take 100 people (States) and by surgical manipulation to unite them into a single organism. As part of this process, they offer and, in fact, do a number of things. For example, they cut those States, the organs: heart, liver, stomach, hands, legs, etc., connect them to external devices for artificial ventilation are inserted into a human pile of catheters, connect the artificial heart, liver, prosthesis, etc. But because the body's immune system does not like when in it comes to something foreign, it begins to deal with it... This leads to the need on the part of the invaders completely destroy or weaken the immune system of the body. But what is an organism without an immune system? It becomes open to all diseases. The body begins to very quickly come into disrepair, in response, it begins to stuff pills and drugs. But all the same, the organs die, the body is destroyed... we Have to replace more and more artificial organs. As a result, instead of the person, instead of the state we see some sick biomass stuffed with artificial organs. A kind of futuristic chamber where lies one hundred semi-corpses, wrapped instruments, etc. That is instead of a hundred strong people, we get some kind of leper colony, a Frankenstein monster…

E) Indeed, the idea of "destroying individual States and creating a single planetary state"-to some extent makes sense. However, everything depends on the organization of this process. You can implement it as a Confederation, as a Union of equals, and you can cut off all the heads and connect all to one head. In the fight for efficiency, and optimization then cut all the hearts and connect to one artificial. You can cut off all the legs (why should they?), to immerse to the truck and quickly drive it back and forth... It all comes down to nuances... At least here is such an interesting and subtle nuance: when there were 100 bodies, there were relatively many options for choosing a place of residence... But with a single body, the redistribution of organs within one huge organism makes some huge areas very similar to the ass or legs, and others, on the contrary, ascend into the sky, piercing the clouds with their heads...

Of course, everything written above is a metaphor, and it's not that simple. And this comparison is not completely correct, but, nevertheless, the core of truth in it... And this is worth thinking about…

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851.   AR AR

How can all the arguments in texts 849 and 850 on the limitation of competition be combined with the theory of free competition, which is good leading to progress?

It's very simple: competition is good among relatively equal. Competition is good in its weight category, in one sport. And the situation when a 15-year-old boxer participates in a competition of 9-year juniors, this situation is categorically unacceptable. As well as sparring 120-kilogram fighter with 60-kilogram. Even such a seemingly innocent situation as a fight between a fighter and a boxer is not a fair fight, because the principles of combat in these fighters are different. Boxer, by nature, can not kick and go to melee, using this, the fighter can twist it and hold a painful reception. 

And the situation when an organized group of 10 people (say, a large financial conglomerate, Corporation, group of companies) shock and joyfully kick one unfortunate victim - generally requires public intervention.

Competition makes better only relatively equal opponents, in other cases, it only kills the weak. In General, competition, like democracy itself, is possible only among more or less equal. In the presence of strong and weak-need an external regulator that separates them. 

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9.11. Working time reduction up to 20-30 hours per week.   AR AR

Most  part  of  the  GDP  is  generated  in  the  services-related  industries  and  the  economy  itself  is  hit  by  the  crisis  of  overproduction  and  declining  profitability  due  to  over-increased  competition  and  reduced  demand  in  a  post-industrial  society. 

It  is  necessary  to  reduce  the  working  day,  increasing  productivity  to  revive  such  an  economy.  Working  4-7  hours  a  day,  people  will  have  more  time  to  spend  their  money,  thereby  stimulating  demand  for  services.

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9.17. Video traveler   AR AR


Many   people   want   to   replace   travelling   with   watching   videos   about   travel,   but   it   is   impossible,   these   things   are   different.   The   essence   of   travelling   is   not   that   you   see   something   or   relax   somewhere,   but   what   you   feel.   Once   in   a   new   information   space,   you   get   access   to   new   thoughts   and   ideas.   The   more   information   is   available   to   you,   the   smarter,   more   original,   more   competitive   and   stronger   you   will   be.   Travelling   makes   a   person   smarter.

You   feel   up   to   70%   of   information...   What   you   feel   is   the   result   of   connecting   to   the   information   field.


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9.66.   AR AR

It's  not  that  people  are  silly  or  way  too  weak,  because  if  it  was  true  there  would  be  no  competitive  struggle  and  it  would  be  very  easy  to  get  money.  However,  the  fact  that  the  struggle  for  fire  becomes  more  intense,  speaks  for  some  balance  of  forces.

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9.81. The secret of value.   AR AR

Value  is  the  balance  of  uniqueness  and  perfection.  Totally  unique  things  are  useless  as  nobody  can  use  them.  But  the  absence  of  uniqueness  makes  perfection  and  use  impossible  to  exist,  as  competition  will  destroy  everyone  and  everything.  There  should  be  a  balance  of  singularity  and  standard  nature.  Uniqueness  is  like  spice,  a  cooking  secret...  A  dish  should  be  unique  and  tasty  but  fit  into  the  criteria  of  food.

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10.35.   AR AR

Idiots don't read smart books.  And this, of course, pleases, because it opens up competitive advantages for smart people.

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10.68. Less people, more oxygen.   AR AR

It's good that people don't believe in God...  This greatly weakens them and facilitates competition.  God will have more resources to help the Elect.

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1167.   AR AR

The easiest way to kill competition and trade is to allow big business to take control of trading and advertising platforms…

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2535. Provocation under the mask of heroism.   AR AR

The  problem  of  heroes  is  that  they  get  killed  so  fast  that  there's  nobody  else  to  fight  with  titans.  That's  why  titans  like  to  cultivate  heroism  in  people.  It  helps  them  to  destroy  all  their  possible  opponents  really  quickly. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco



2594. Choose the best.   AR AR

In  a  herd  of  sheep,  all  senior  and  responsible  positions  are  usually  occupied  by  wolves  in  sheep's  clothing.  This  is  due  to  the  fact  that  there`s  competitive  selection  for  the  positions,  the  best  are  selected  and  the  wolves  are  smarter  and  stronger  than  rams  anyways.

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2881.   AR AR

The  more  people  think  that  your  goal  is  unattainable,  the  fewer  competitors  you  will  get. 

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3031. Where others failed.   AR AR

In  order  to  make  money,  it's  necessary  to  thoroughly  study  all  the  things  that  others  failed  to  do.  It's  important  to  study  everything  that  others  found  unnecessary.  It  can  be  something  too  difficult,  too  complicated  or  too  controversial... 

That's  why  our  strategy  is  about  finding  a  super  unique  niche  with  no  one  working  in  it  and  doing  our  part  so  that  very  few  people  would  get  to  know  about  it. 

The  main  problem  of  making  money  is  competitors  -  as  once  they  get  to  know  that  something  is  profitable,  soon  there  will  be  lots  of  them.  The  strongest  ones  will  outbeat  the  weak  ones  and  take  the  place  of  them.  That's  why  money  likes  humbleness,  privacy  and  silence... 

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3076. Uniqueness is the air for the perfect.   AR AR

This  world  belongs  to  the  perfect  and  they  get  almost  all  its  power  and  energy. 

But  it's  only  the  perfection  known  for  uniqueness  that  can  win  this  battle  for  the  resources.  Perfection  without  uniqueness  is  a  regressive  thing. 

Perfection  means  the  best  things.  If  perfect  things  were  similar  to  each  other,  their  fight  for  one's  place  in  the  sun  would  be  an  exhausting  dead  end.  So,  how  to  find  out  the  best  among  the  similar?  Every  perfect  thing  is  vain  and  considers  others  to  be  worse  or  hates  those  who  are  better.  Uniqueness  is  very  necessary  for  perfection  as  it  lets  a  perfect  thing  get  rid  of  similar  things  to  become  the  best  at  something  in  particular. 

The  fight  among  similar  perfect  things  makes  them  exhausted  and  regressive. 
It's  the  strongest  one  who  wins  the  fight  among  the  similar  ones  and  takes  everything  while  others  collapse  or  die. 

It's  only  perfection  that  can  be  aimed  at  success  and  energy  in  this  world.  But  perfection  needs  uniqueness  to  survive.  Similar  perfect  things  share  energy  among  each  other.  The  stronger  the  rivals  and  the  more  of  them,  the  less  energy  every  particular  thing  will  get.  While  uniqueness  lets  one  be  special  enough  to  get  more  energy. 
Uniqueness  lets  one  win  the  fight  even  with  less  original  energy  than  that  of  the  rivals.  The  one  who  is  weak  but  unique  can  easily  beat  a  stronger  rival  who  got  stuck  in  a  fight  with  stronger  rivals. 

Perfection  together  with  useful  uniqueness  are  the  traits  of  a  typical  darling  of  fortune. 

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3087. Use features.   AR AR

Perfection  should  be  useful. 

Useful  things  are  the  ones  that  give  extra  energy,  bring  luck,  save  energy  and  time  (for  example,  comfortable  and  effective). 
Something  that  brings  pleasure  and  joy. 
Something  that  helps  to  survive  and  exist. 
Something  that  gives  strength  to  live. 
Something  that  protects  from  fear  and  causes  fear. 
Something  that  protects  life  and  destroys  life. 
Something  beautiful  is  useful  too. 

Use  should  be  needful,  available  and  timely. 

Useless  perfection  is  not  necessary  for  anyone  and  it  won't  get  energy  for  its  existence.  As  no  one  pays  for  something  of  no  value. 

On  the  other  hand,  the  most  common  mistake  is  not  in  the  creating  useless  perfection  but  in  trying  to  attain  perfection  under  strong  competition.  Something  perfect  but  not  very  unique  has  to  compete  with  similar  things  that  can  easily  become  better.  Such  a  competition  destroys  something  of  weaker  perfection  and  makes  it  useless.  Finally,  it  will  die  of  the  lack  of  energy  if  it  doesn't  know  where  to  get  it. 

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3138. Respect, moral courage and money.   AR AR

Any  strong  person  respects  another  strong  person,  no  matter  what  the  nature  of  their  strength  is.  Strong  people  are  very  different  but  they  are  similar  in  one  thing:  all  of  them  hate  weakness.

A  person  who  feels  oppressed  by  other  people's  hatred,  should  develop  some  power.  It's  easier  to  start  with  moral  courage.  Moral  courage  is  the  base  of  intellective  power  and  bodily  power.  These  three  powers  can  get  the  power  of  money  and  power  of  rule.

The  strong  are  loved  by  good  luck,  beautiful  goals  and  others  except  their  opponents.  In  its  turn,  money  really  likes  good  luck  and  goals.  That's  why  a  person  who  is  chosen  by  a  beautiful  Goal,  gains  special  attractiveness  for  money.

Any  strong  person  respects  another  strong  person,  no  matter  what  the  nature  of  their  strength  is.  Strong  people  are  very  different  but  they  are  similar  in  one  thing:  all  of  them  hate  weakness.

A  person  who  feels  oppressed  by  other  people's  hatred,  should  develop  some  power.  It's  easier  to  start  with  moral  courage.  Moral  courage  is  the  base  of  intellective  power  and  bodily  power.  These  three  powers  can  get  the  power  of  money  and  power  of  rule.

The  strong  are  loved  by  good  luck,  beautiful  goals  and  others  except  their  opponents.  In  its  turn,  money  really  likes  good  luck  and  goals.  That's  why  a  person  who  is  chosen  by  a  beautiful  Goal,  gains  special  attractiveness  for  money.

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3158. It takes great cunning.   AR AR

It's  not  enough  to  go  the  right  way  especially  if  your  rivals  go  by  tank. 

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3458. A stray sheep will be eaten by a wolf.   AR AR

The  propaganda  of  individualism  and  egoism  is  really  profitable  for  some  people.  And  it's  not  even  about  a  stray  sheep.  First  of  all,  they  are  scared  of  young  wolves  packing  together.  And  taking  into  account  the  competition,  even  beavers  who  huddle  together  for  building  a  dam  can  cause  some  particular  beings'  resentment. 

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3.503.   AR AR

He   who   gets   up   early   has   lesser   competition.   Sinners   sleep   long   whereas   the   virtuous   have   a   nice   opportunity   to   get   up   earlier   and   eat   up   the   tastiest   stuff.

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3.518.   AR AR

The   key   to   success   is   to   become   one   and   then   to   find   a   vacant   spot   with   no   ones   but   many   zeroes.   Gravitation   will   help   you   attract   many   zeroes,   thus   incredibly   boosting   your   energy.   In   rare   cases,   you   can   get   together   with   other   ones   and   numbers   in   order   to   create   critical   mass   in   the   face   of   stiff   competition.

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