10.16885.   AR AR

Circumstances are the main law of existence.

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10.16921.   AR AR

Truth is what is here and now for the benefit of the work that is being done and is the main goal.  What doesn't fit the circumstances and goals is a lie.

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10.16940.   AR AR

If something doesn't happen, it means that there are very good circumstances, and to move things forward, you need to understand them.

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10.17238. Matrix of circumstances.   AR AR

Circumstances are what a person is looking for.  A person can only see the circumstances he is looking for.  Therefore, a truth that depends on circumstances is a dependence on a person's goals, that is, on hopes and love. 

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10.17604.   AR AR

It is not an outsider, or some mythical circumstance or accident that determines what beauty and truth are, but it is the human mind that decides it.  Only reason can love, and love can do anything. 

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10.18766.   AR AR

It is very difficult to go astray.  Circumstances strongly prevent driving off-road.  What you must do will haunt you and will not let you go until you have done your duty.

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10.18889. It's a shame.   AR AR

To break your neck, you don't have to jump into the abyss, you can just slip in the toilet.

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10.19924.   AR AR

The meaning of human life is to learn to kill time with joy and taste, regardless of external circumstances.  Good taste requires a lot of restraint from us, a minimum of overkill kills all joy.

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10.20157.   AR AR

Truth is a self-sufficient entity capable of growth.  You can say that the truth is independent of external circumstances, or you can say that it is able to change them for itself.

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10.20302.   AR AR

We should consider a person as a sub-personality of God, created for each specific circumstances and work processes.

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10.20338.   AR AR

A person can lie for a variety of reasons.  But they, nor these circumstances, nor the lie itself, will have any influence on the case.  For the goal is the main thing, and everything else is nuances.

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10.20566.   AR AR

It is not a shame to submit to circumstances, because truth is dependent and flows from the unity of action, place, and time.

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10.20854.   AR AR

Man is a pure entity, very much dependent on his being.  In fact, it is a blank white sheet on which you can draw anything and anything can be erased.  Beliefs define hope, hope is faith, and faith is love.

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10.21674.   AR AR

Set yourself huge and beautiful goals, but remember that man assumes, and God disposes.  A Marshal's baton in a rucksack is not needed to become a Marshal, but to grow.  Growth is primary, and what will grow will depend greatly on circumstances.  Goals should be semi-transparent, they indicate the direction of growth, but the goal itself is ephemeral.  The goal is hope, your compass is earth, and growth and movement is faith.  Hope is needed to have faith.

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10.21823.   AR AR

Circumstances are the truth, because the real world is the truth.  Ignoring the truth is stupid and dangerous.  Only cowards, liars, and arrogants ignore the truth.

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The beginning of the book

52.   AR AR

Is  it  possible  not  to  let  circumstances  take 
control  over  you?  As  if  they  really 

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125.   AR AR

Life  can  be  seen  either  as 
a  never-ending  string  of  troubles 
or  as  a  string  of  favorable  circumstances 
at  what  some  people  wait  for  the  next  piece  of  luck 
while  others  expect  another  trouble  to  happen... 
I  can  say  only  one  thing-  it's  horrible  to  spend 
half  one's  life  expecting  troubles  and  half  one's  life 
dealing  with  them. 

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3.59.   AR AR

Lie is a shadow of truth, to find gold, you should look for its accompanying minerals and circumstances.

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430.   AR AR

Personal victory of the body over the circumstances.
...I have not yet decided what is more: problems or pride.

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506.   AR AR

Poor people do not have,
there are only difficult circumstances,
there are silly decisions,
Yes.…  …  … 
But now all is good.
God could not create a bad man,
unless defective…
Isn't that God?
Or maybe he created himself…
Here LJ...

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5.28.   AR AR

A child is a reflection of his parents, which is controlled through the management of himself and the external circumstances that surround the child.  With a child who fell into fear and denial of reality (aggression is the main symptom of fear and unpreparedness for real life), you need to work out, communicate, teach him life.  This is not one conversation from the category of "please be an ideal child and then you gingerbread" and not an exorcism procedure for expulsion from the sinner of the devil.  This is a long and painstaking educational process.  There are no problems, just a small and immature soul is extremely afraid of the real world, can not live, can not communicate... from which falls into the rage of a wild beast.  The problem is solvable, it would be on that desire, patience and goodwill.

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5.37.   AR AR

Restraint is firmness.  If you decide to do something, take it and do it, regardless of any circumstances and objections.

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658. [In brevi]   AR AR

The  verity  is  not  found  in  an  argument,  while  arguing 
they  only  discuss  the  circumstances  that  go  with  verity. 

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79.2.   AR AR

As  circumstances  are  usually  inimical  to  something  not  needed. 

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1462.   AR AR

In  the  face  of  hostile  circumstances  it's  rational  to  lie  doggo… 
Take  a  look  around…  Get  ready…  And  only  after  hat  destroy  them… 

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



2160. You got offended and you suffer now.   AR AR

Getting  offended  is  a  dangerous  thing.  In  fact,  it  should  punish  the  one  who  is  offensive  but  due  to  various  circumstances  it's  the  one  who  gets  offended  who  is  at  loss. 

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2214. Miraculous circumstances.   AR AR

We've  already  done  everything  we  could.  It's  only  the  impossible  that  is  left  to  be  done.  Let's  try? 

-  Any  sense  in  doing  it? 

Good  acts  are  often  supported  by  miraculous  circumstances.  So,  we've  got  enough  chances  to  succeed. 

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2220.   AR AR

The  truth  largely  depends  on  circumstances. 

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2519. A wonderful victory despite any circumstances.   AR AR

There's  a  special  courage  to  fight  when  you  know  you're  going  to  lose.  This  courage  works  miracles.  And  sometimes  miracles  happen... 

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2621.   AR AR

The  idea  that  each  one  should  have  one's  own  point  of  view  to  be  respected,  seems  to  be  disputable.  It  seems  to  me  that  first  of  all,  there  will  never  be  such  a  great  amount  of  different  unique  points  of  view.  Secondly,  there's  just  one  truth  even  though  the  circumstances  differ.  But  however,  if  we  considered  the  notion  of  a  "point  of  view"  as  a  perspective  or  a  spatial  attitude,  then  certainly  everyone  would  have  one's  own  point  of  view.  But  it  would  be  so  silly. 

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2991. The whole truth about being late.   AR AR

Being  late  is  disrespect,  being  late  is  an  insult,  being  late  is  ineptitude,  being  lie  is  defiance,  it  can  even  be  a  trick.  And  only  sometimes,  vert  rarely  it's  force-majeur  and

P.s.  being  late  is  traffic.  Being  late  is  a  messed  up  schedule  and  delaying  of  past  meetings.  Ah,  i  forgot.  Aaah,  and  i  remembered,  being  late  without  warning  is  a  mess,  while  being  late  with  a  polite  warning  is  a  little  thing  of  life.

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3112. Eventualities are important.   AR AR

The  most  significant  use  usually  results  from  insignificant  circumstances. 

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3119. And does absolute truth really exist?   AR AR

Like  any  other  perfection,  truth  needs  to  be  unique.  Two  similar  truths  that  resemble  each  other,  will  rub  along  very  unhappily.  As  every  truth  needs  its  special  situation  and  circumstances. 

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3147.   AR AR

Truth  is  something  that  works  while  something  that  doesn't  work  is  a  delusion,  /...or  the  truth  that  works  under  other  conditions.  / 

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3.321.   AR AR

If you do everything well and correctly, you may be lucky, you may not lead.  If you do everything wrong, the same thing can happen.  What's the difference?  What is right and wrong depends very much on the circumstances.  And still value this love, and idolatry - sin.

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