10.16687.   AR AR

The symbol of the ocean is a symbol of love, a symbol of what unites everyone, nourishes and is the basis of life.

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10.16683. The ocean.   AR AR

You believe the prophets.  If there are no prophets, make them up.  To invent is to create.  What is the name of the Creator? 
- God!  God is love.  As life came out of the ocean, so life comes from love.

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10.16791. Open people.   AR AR

Good people are like oceans, they take in all who go to them.  Those who shut themselves off from people are like swamps with stagnant water. 

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10.17608. I am love.   AR AR

I am the ocean, the ocean of love.  The more love a person has, the more human they are.  But what is love?  Love is knowledge, order, trust, joy, principles, etc.

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10.17885.   AR AR

The ocean is large.  The ocean is much bigger than you think.  The ocean of sky is truly huge.  The ocean of space is truly incomprehensible.

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10.19440. Harmony of being.   AR AR

A lie is a bundle of energy, a barrier, an object of the real world, and an impassability.  Truth is the ocean, the emptiness between the trees.  Truth is unlimited and knows no barriers.  The unity of truth and falsehood is the forest, where the trees are lies, and truth is the void between the trees.

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10.19493.   AR AR

I am God, God is the ocean, he doesn't try to control anything....  He just is and is happy because he is.  We all live in an ocean of energy, feed on this energy, and are made up of this energy…  Everything is energy, including our illusions about ourselves.

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10.19603.   AR AR

You live in the middle of a blank white sheet, in fact, it is an ocean of energy and time.  You have nothing to fear, nothing to look for, all that is required of you is a taste for life.  It's boring to do nothing.  You have an infinite amount of energy and time.  You need to come up with your life, come up with a game, come up with goals, obstacles, friends and enemies... and then play with passion and achieve goals.

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10.20766.   AR AR

Truth and love are joyful because they allow you to touch the infinite ocean of pure energy and become a conductor of this energy.

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10.20767. It's a joy to be an ocean.   AR AR

The joy of being is the joy of being part of an infinite ocean of energy.

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10.20977.   AR AR

I'm weaker and more stupid  You and therefore the victory will be mine.  The ocean always wins, the one who is lower wins…

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10.21185.   AR AR

He who understands life is like rain…  nothing can stop the rain.  Streams search for crevices, and rivers force their way through the mountains.

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10.21745.   AR AR

Metaphorically, all land life is a dream and an illusion of the ocean.  What is the atmosphere?  Spirit of the ocean!

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10.21654.   AR AR

It is dangerous to consider yourself higher than others who rise high, look down and fall.  Be better below the others.  It's not bad to be an ocean, either.  All rivers and streams flow into the ocean.  Do you think the forest is tall trees?  No!  A forest is a void between trees.

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10.21892.   AR AR

The universe is an infinite ocean of energy, but it is virtually divided into borders, conditionally called their place, time and forms of things.

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10.22037.   AR AR

The whole is the content, that is, the ocean of energy, which is conditionally divided into forms within itself.  Forms in their pride seem to be the main ones and give form to energy, but this is an illusion.

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The beginning of the book

4.1.   AR AR

Yin and Yang are the boundary between the ocean and the sky.  The border between past and future.  The border is called now, at the edge of which living fish is the consciousness of man that is afraid to fall in the sky.  And there live birds that catch fish, these are those who are not afraid of the future and know how to plan it well.  In the depths of the ocean live the demons of the past, sometimes they eat dumb fish, diving deeper into the past than necessary.  And in the past there is a coral Paradise, it is happiness that always lives in the past.

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60.   AR AR

The ocean beats, crawls back and forth.
And in it, as in soup,
poor fish swims, eats each other,
Yes, and someone from somewhere in heaven
constantly to itself drags away...
...maybe the best
taken to heaven?

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4.17.   AR AR

Fish very much dream of Paradise.  Stupid fish are very jealous of a Man living on a Paradise island.  Fish also want to live as human beings.  Fish thrown on the shore, fish jumping in the network.  Pisces are ignorant, they do not know that it takes a long time to evolve and work on themselves to get out of the ocean to the ground.  Fish don't know that Paradise is full of predators.  Fish do not believe that gills and lack of legs is a big problem.  Pisces is extremely stupid.

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428.   AR AR

What  is  the  intention  of  a  team? 
being  singly  we  - 
are  zeroes… 
threes,  sevens,  nines, 
but  in  a  couple  already 

Here  for  instance  11 
or  99  … 
And  what  if  more… 
thousands  …millions… 
even  just 
a  one…with  zeroes 
is  in  essence  enormous... 
like  a  whole  world 
in  the  raging  ocean... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



552.   AR AR

In fact, I'm alone in the ocean.  Plus something I'll eat later.  Plus something for fun.

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787.   AR AR

I'm  trying  to  get  a  new  thought  out  of  making  somebody's  acquaintance.  To  galvanize  a  person  into  doing  something  useful  is  often  a  difficult  thing  to  do.  But  often  enough  people  share  information  easily,  as  well  as  give  fresh  ideas  and  galvanize  into  doing  something  useful. 

Even  really  empty  people  may  provide  me  with  very  interesting  and  unusual  thoughts,  or  make  me  want  to  perform  their  job  for  them,  and  thus  train  well  or  just  do  a  good  thing... 

Even  idiots,  causing  a  lot  of  problems  are  totally  useful. 
Those  problems  that  they  cause  make  you  muster  all  strength  and  make  you  stronger  and  better. 

And  if  you  happen  to  talk  to  a  smart  person,  then  you'll  simply  plunge  into  an  ocean  of  pleasure.  The  main  thing  in  it  all  is  to  have  a  subject  for  discussion,  otherwise  it's  very  difficult  to  get  use  out  of  a  yuk-yuk.  It's  like  fishing  with  one's  hands  in  a  lake... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.63.   AR AR

Forest and trees are in the same dialectical unity as rain and drops of water.  The main thing in this case - why you need rain, what happens to the drops then, what part in this case takes the wind, the ocean and the sun.

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1083. A vicious circle of consolation.   AR AR

Pain  draws  painkillers  and  medications... 
Consolations  soothe  pain  at  once  but  don't  cure  the  disease  and  that's  why  the  worm  of  doubt  keeps  on  eating  the  soul.  And  when  the  pain  relieving  effect  ends,  a  person  plunges  into  an  even  deeper  ocean  of  pain  and  later  it  will  already  take  two  or  three  times  more  painkillers  to  soothe  it.  Thus,  it  leads  to  a  vicious  circle. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2514. Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger.   AR AR

I  like  fighting.  Every  fight  that  I  survive  simply  doubles  my  strength.  I  feel  great  joy.  This  ocean  of  energy  overwhelms  me  and  runs  in  my  veins. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2902. Meaningless reasons of conscience.   AR AR

Love  passion  can  never  be  in  control  of  any  reasons  of  conscience  as  sense  of  vision  and  the  ability  to  think  no  longer  work.  While  a  person  in  love  swims  in  the  ocean  of  pleasure  and  pure  happiness.  It  resembles  a  dose  of  some  drug  that  leaves  a  person  in  the  ocean  of  pleasure. 
Have  you  ever  tried  talking  to  a  drug  addict  who  is  high? 
So  why  do  you  try  to  talk  to  those  in  love? 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2994. First impressions are often misleading.   AR AR

There  are  fireworks  and  there  are  stars.  And  you  should  know  that  the  moon  is  huge  like  an  ocean  while  the  Sun  is  also  a  star,  but  a  tiny  one. 

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3.163. Waiting for life to happen.   AR AR

The   road   of   expectation   is   the   accumulation   of   critical   mass.   If   you   keep   waiting   but   your   strength   goes   down   rather   than   up,   that’s   called   waiting   for   life   to   happen.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.201.   AR AR

Do   good   and   throw   it   in   the   water   is   a   metaphor   for   a   river   flowing   into   the   sea.   Single   things   like   a   stone   thrown   in   the   water   generate   just   a   splash.   Permanent   things   are   more   prominent.

Translate: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.254. Ocean of fear.   AR AR

People live in perpetual fear, exceptions me not known.  "How are you?"  - I drown out your own work, thoughts on the Affairs and purposes.  I live in a bubble underwater.

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3.327.   AR AR

External repeat just.  It is difficult to build an internal.  The outer can be compared to a puddle, and the inner to the ocean.

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3481. Two types of life on Planet Earth.   AR AR

Hydrocarbon   life   form   and   its   main   representatives   -   Water,   Carbon   dioxide,   Air   (including   Nitrogen).
Hydrocarbon   life   form   includes   World's   water,   fresh   water,   flora   and   fauna   (including   human   beings),   and   atmosphere.   It's   all   a   single   holistic   organism.

Silicon-iron   life   form   which   is   based   on   iron,   sulfur,   oxygen.   Information   and   energy   get   transferred   by   means   of   magnetic   fields.   This   life   form   may   also   include   magnesium,   nickel,   calcium.   This   life   form   is   presented   by   the   core,   mantle   and   crust   of   planet   Earth.   And   this   life   form   slightly   resembles   the   silicon   one   that   was   created   by   man   in   the   form   of   microprocessor   (Electricity).   The   Earth   is   like   a   computer   or   an   artificial   intelligence   system   that   may   contain   anything   inside   itself,   even   tens   of   attached   Universes   of   information   type.

Translate: Sodmis


3.573. Universal laws of hydrodynamics.   AR AR

Given that atoms are liquid, we are, in fact, always surrounded by liquid in different States.  Ocean is liquid.  Atmosphere-liquid.  Solid matter is also liquid, and even vacuum and light are also liquid.  And you yourself are more like a fish than a higher intelligence.  Man is the Supreme intelligence, the electric essence existing in the world of water.

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3.574.   AR AR

If  one  sees  the  ocean  as  similar  to  the  brain,  where  plankton  plays  the  role  of  neurons.  Which  role  do  fishes  play  here?  -  Maybe  fishes  are  neutrons  and  plankton  is  nutrients  in  blood.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


3641. The space structured by energy.   AR AR

It   can   be   said   that   there   is   nothing   material   and   the   whole   world   is   just   energy   structured   by   information.   However,   it   can   also   be   said   that   the   whole   world   is   the   space   material   structured   by   energy.   And   this   very   structure   of   energy   is   called   information.   Information   is   a   quality   of   energy.   There   is   some   field   that   gives   energy   its   structured   form.

P.S.   The   direct   analogy   for   flash   drive,   quartz   stones   and   the   concept   of   the   living   planet.

It   occurred   to   me,   just   imagine   that   every   stone   or   sand   grain   may   contain   a   soul   of   some   dead   person   -   it   makes   billions   of   terabytes   of   information   which   simply   stay   under   our   feet.   If   we   imagine   oceans   and   rivers   as   some   kind   of   communication   environment   where   all   information   from   everything   living   flows   into,   then   any   of   the   sand   grains   that   we   see   at   various   beaches,   may   turn   out   to   be   some   archive   unit   that   was   put   aside   for   some   storage   resource.

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3.644.   AR AR

Pride and vanity allow you to live under the pressure of fear and begin to conquer fear, as if surfacing from the depths of the ocean.  As you ascend need to decompress.  The level of vanity must be reduced, otherwise it will break from the inside.  Hell is something like decompression sickness. 

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