6.995.   AR AR

Feeling the ambiguity, focus on the knowledge and study of the subject until you find clarity. Obscurity is blindness, and you are blind.

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10.803.   AR AR

Fog creates illusions, what does it mean? 
Ignorance and uncertainty give rise to speculation and imagination.  A squirrel can't run through the air, if it doesn't have a wheel, it will invent it or think of it.

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10.938.   AR AR

What is enlightenment? 
"A pure and clear mind. 
How to achieve it? 
- Eat a piece of sugar... 
How to save it? 
"Don't eat sugar."  To maintain energy and clarity of mind, you need to restrain yourself from temptations.

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10.939.   AR AR

What is overkill? 
"We all want clarity.  The clarity of this heat and energy.  Too much is when you've burnt in the sun.  Too much drought and lost crops.  Overkill is a great human stupidity, born of greed and ignorance.

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3.2618. Stone under water.   AR AR

"What is insight?"   
- Clarity of mind.   
"Then what's wrong with firmness?"

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6.2189.   AR AR

Try to remain indifferent to the circumstances, not getting involved in them. So you will save time and clarity of mind to manage these circumstances.

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6.4427. Movement produces clarity, that is, truth.   AR AR

If you search, moving forward, you will find clarity. I mean, if you don't know, but you start digging, you're bound to find out what you're looking for. The movement will allow us to find clarity, that is, truth.

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6.6216.   AR AR

Clarity enlightens, enlightenment is the basis of faith.

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6.6219.   AR AR

Inspire your people with the clarity of your thinking.

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6.6251.   AR AR

Great clarity comes from the clarity of small, but few can attain clarity only when clear goals and a great device.

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6.6351.   AR AR

Clarity begins by clarifying the basics. The harder the support, the higher the tree grows.

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6.6660.   AR AR

Clarity is when you know where to go and why. Clarity is when you look down and don't fall into a hole. Clarity is when you see a guiding star and it is not obscured by fog.

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10.1687.   AR AR

Enlightenment is the clarity of mind that transforms the chaos of the world into perfect order.  Where the muddy, frightened look of the ignorant and the fool sees chaos, the enlightened look of the intelligent man joyfully observes perfect order and strict regularities.

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10.6890.   AR AR

Enlightenment is a state of absolute clarity, when the grain is completing the programming of their DNA under your goal.  Now that everything is absolutely clear, you can start growing.

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10.7869.   AR AR

A paradigm is like a window into the world.  When your window is cloudy and crooked, your ideas about the world are very far from reality, full of lies and fears.  The more pure and real a person's philosophy is, the more healthy his soul and body are.

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10.7890.   AR AR

You will see clearly when you realize that everything is extremely simple.

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10.10638.   AR AR

In order not to doubt, you need to clearly imagine your task.  Clarity will dispel doubts.

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10.12151.   AR AR

Thought should be directed to the future, forward to the very end.  Determination and clarity of purpose are the keys to success.

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10.10719.   AR AR

Restraint, moderation, order, silence, and calmness are essentially the same thing that generates equanimity and clarity in the head.  Clarity is the Foundation of alertness, the source of faith and strength.

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10.12473.   AR AR

Physical activity that accompanies the act of attention contributes to greater clarity of thinking.

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10.14624. The road to nowhere.   AR AR

Your burst of strength and energy, your clarity of mind, and all that sort of stuff that you like so much, it's just a banal overdose that you'll pay ten times more for later.  You simply spend the energy that could last for two weeks in a day.  And it would be fine if you used this mobilization for useful purposes and rarely.  However, you want to use it for fun, just like that and constantly.

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10.17494.   AR AR

Syntalism   is   a   philosophy   that   preaches   purity   and   clarity,   honesty   and   courage.   Syntalism   considers   only   those   causes   that   depend   on   the   person   and   are   known   by   the   person,   because   clarity   is   necessary   in   order   to   understand   the   causes   of   suffering   and   joy,   luck   and   misery,   victory   and   defeat,   disease   and   health,   knowledge   and   ignorance,   power   and   impotence,   lies   and   truth.

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10.16478. Clear will.   AR AR

The mind is like a beacon that points the way to the will.  When the will becomes clear, it becomes very powerful.  Doubts and ambiguities weaken the will.

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5.18. Light of faith.   AR AR

Standing up for your opinion is not when you're whining or aggressive, but when you're light.  Clarity and confidence of judgment, that's what convinces people.

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The beginning of the book

1507.   AR AR

It's  really  easy  to  lose  clarity  while  trying  to  be  laconic.  What's  more,  for  better  understanding  it's  useful  to  express  the  same  thought  several  times  in  different  words.  However,  too  many  words  may  bore...  Where's  the  truth?  –  Certainly  in  a  balance. 

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



2073. The devil wants to delude everyone.   AR AR

Equivocation,  play  of  words,  handwaving,  pure  demagogy  and  ambiguousness,  love  for  form  rather  than  content,  distraction  of  attention,  criticizing  sources  of  thoughts  and  not  thoughts  themselves-  that's  are  several  speech  traits  typical  of  people  who  are  obsessed  by  some  demon. 

A  noble  person  is  clear  and  easy  to  understand. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2358. A morning predator.   AR AR

I  like  the  Light.  When  it's  light  around,  everything  is  clear  and  easily  seen  for  miles  around. 
Light  means  understanding,  in  the  first  place.  You  understand  everything  and  it  makes  you  happy... 

Darkness,  twilight,  fog  –  all  of  them  make  things  unclear.  It  gives  way  to  mystery  and  secrets.  Clearness  and  "I  see"  disappear.  You  resemble  a  hedgehog  in  the  fog  even  to  yourself.  You're  surrounded  by  shadows  and  fears.  And  it's  really  cold  in  the  darkness... 
Darkness  and  fog  are  full  of  misunderstanding  and  deception.  You  don't  understand  anything  and  it  makes  you  unhappy... 

And  even  though  there  are  opportunities  and  nice  perspectives  for  hunting  hidden  in  the  dark,  however,  I'm  not  fond  of  darkness  and  besides  it's  possible  to  hunt  during  daytime  as  well. 
Of  course,  the  light  has  many  disadvantages.  Sometimes,  noonday  heat  may  drive  you  crazy  or  all  potential  meals  hid  themselves  in  their  holes.  You're  visible  to  all  your  enemies  and  they  see  you  perfectly  well  from  afar.  But  daytime  remains  daytime.  And  living  in  the  darkness,  like  a  night  predator,  or  being  a  night  predator  who  never  sees  daylight-  is  a  questionable  pleasure. 

Decent  people  hunt  in  the  morning.  And  generally  morning  is  the  best  time  for  working.  Doing  things  with  a  clear  head  when  the  sun  is  not  too  bright  is  great! 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3582. Soloinc's fifth law .   AR AR

The  clearer  an  instruction  is,  the  sillier  worse  mistakes  all  those  who  follow  it,  usually  make.  A  sketched  out  plan  is  better  than  unnecessary  details. 

The  more  detailed  instructions  are,  the  less  clear  they  seem  to  be.  Details  may  be  deceiving,  brevity  loses  its  clarity.  The  sensible  middle  is  a  necessary  thing. 

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4.604.   AR AR

Own experience is good, but the bad thing is that it is always not enough. Lack of clarity breeds fear and uncertainty, a source of weakness. Add to your experience the experience of your partners and you will increase your strength tenfold.

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5.488.   AR AR

You strive for clarity of mind of the ruler and get his wealth.

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5.502.   AR AR

Motivates and inclines to their side, a phased outreach without military pressure. Clarity is the basis of trust and therefore of love. 

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5.551. Early bird catches the worm.   AR AR

The awakening of the mind is the beginning of the day, the very dawn of greatness will come at noon and then begin to decline. The sooner the mind wakes up, the more time it will have before sunset.

My mind woke up at 39, according to Hinduism – it happened an hour before dawn. Jesus woke up at 3 in the morning the Buddha at midnight, that is why their speeches are so little clarity. They have spoken to those who have lived in dreams, and I will speak to those who are ready to awaken.

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5.552.   AR AR

Abundance comes through clarity.

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5.785. Enlightenment.   AR AR

You will attain enlightenment when you can put together all the pieces of the mosaic of your life and there will be nothing superfluous. And when all this is United into a whole, you will see a picture of amazing beauty and clarity, and understand why it was all and understand where to go next. 

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5.825. The beauty of the soul begins with the beauty of thought.   AR AR

Beauty is a great power. We specialize in removing the ambiguity of consciousness. When you do not know what to do, tormented by fears and anxiety, a headache... Clarity begets truth, and truth is a source of strength and faith. The knower of truth gains self-confidence, which gives him strength to overcome all his problems and addictions, laziness and apathy, fears and sources of suffering. Truth is the beauty of the soul.

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5.864. Services of a psychologist.   AR AR

Achieving the integrity of consciousness through the unity of feelings and thoughts. Specializiruetsya on the clarification of consciousness. Achieving integrity of consciousness and clarity of mind. We specialize in clarifying feelings and thoughts.

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6.978.   AR AR

Perfection is the highest degree of awareness and clarity. Unconsciousness and obscurity are signs of imperfection.

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6.979.   AR AR

The point of focusing on mindfulness and clarity is to achieve luminosity. Luminosity is the state of the flow of truth energy, the basis of the power of the perfect.

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6.985.   AR AR

The wise creates clarity, the light of his mind, snatching out of the darkness of non-existence pieces of being, thus creates the real world.

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6.986.   AR AR

Mind is what creates clarity, fools are always full of doubts and fears, as in a fog.

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7.802.   AR AR

A  mind  is  good  when  it’s  clear  as  day. 
Losing  its  clearness,  it  gets  blind  as  night… 
Emotions  stir  up  the  mind, 
And  nothing  is  visible  any  more.

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10.937. Overdose of sugar.   AR AR

They eat sugar to clear their minds.  At a point in time, it helps, but the tide follows the tide, and drugs are addictive.  The path of chemical clarity produces only a chronic clouding of the mind.

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3.2619.   AR AR

- Clarity of mind and wisdom of this one?   
- No.  Clarity of mind can be just empty, and wisdom is also order.

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5.1464.   AR AR

One who has the truth does not need a plan, because truth is a light that gives clarity and allows one to act on the situation.

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